Gemstone Meanings

Gemstones and crystals are items with a loyal following. Not only do these stones give off a beautiful appearance, but they have strong energy and important meanings attached to them. Gemstones help your mind, body, and spirit and aid you in various aspects of daily life.

Many early civilizations have used gemstones and crystals for jewelry, good luck, weapons, safety, and more. They’ve also been used as healing crystals and blocking negative energy that hinders us from functioning well.

How Gemstones Help with Energy 

There are energetic vibrations in our bodies as well as within gemstones and crystals. When these items are used for their energy purposes, they can align with our body’s energy and produce healing, calming, and beneficial results.

Specific stones are used for chakra healing and meditation. These precious stones help with one or more personal growth areas related to self-appreciation, self-realization, and other spiritual journeys. When you use the correct gemstones, you can help yourself attain many beautiful things in your life.

Gemstones can also help with the energy of a room when placed following feng shui principles. For example, rose quartz crystal promotes heart healing while black tourmaline offers protective energy.

When choosing a gemstone for its energy, look at the individual qualities of each stone and select the one that will target the issue you want it to.

healing stones and crystals

How Gemstones Help with Healing

Many individuals believe in the natural healing components of gemstones and crystals. From a minor bothersome condition to an ongoing major health issue, those who believe in the healing power of gemstones use these items along with traditional and modern-day medicine.

Certain gemstones offer a healing component. Here are some gemstones that individuals use for healing in various ways:

Lepidolite: Used to aid in helping depression and relieving stress

Amethyst: Used to alleviate headaches and improve blood circulation

Jade: Used as a mood stabilizer

Turquoise: Enhances the immune system and stimulates regeneration of tissue

Snowflake Obsidian: Detoxification stone that individuals also use to help with issues of the vascular and skeletal system

It’s important to note that these gemstones should be used along with traditional medical treatments and not in place of them.

Types of Gemstones

https://gem-3910432.netYou likely know that there are many different kinds of gemstones, such as amethyst, lapis lazuli, and black tourmaline, but there are also various types of gemstones based on how they’re shaped and presented.

Here are some ways that gemstones are available:

Raw Crystals

When you purchase your amethyst or jade as a raw crystal, it will come in a natural form. In other words, it will be “as is” when pulled from the earth. When they are in raw form, you feel closer to the earth knowing they have been touched by very few hands and come to you in their most natural state.

Clusters and Geodes

Clusters and geodes are presented as hollow items filled with crystals. The unique shiny cuts of the clusters and geodes are eye-catching, to say the least. These make excellent displays in your home or office and are sure to be enticing conversation pieces. They also provide a way to disperse their energy while being placed in a room that is often frequented.


Slices are thin-cut polished stone pieces. These items allow you to see the inner part of the crystal, including its marble bands. These, along with the geodes and clusters, also make excellent display items.

Points and Wands

Gemstones that are crafted into points and wands offer a powerful energy force. They are helpful when meditating or any other time when direct energy and cleansing components are desired.

Gemstones and Astrology

Gemstones are used on their own but they’re also used in conjunction with astrology. Astrology is the observation of the position and movement of planets and stars along with how they influence your spirit. When using gemstones and astrology, you can pursue spiritual transformation.

Each astrological sign has one or more gemstones that correlate best with it. When you combine astrology with the use of gemstones, you are taking control of your daily life and pursuing certain goals and life aspirations.

Here are the astrological signs listed with a crystal that works best with it:

Aries - Carnelian: This stone works best for someone with the Aries sign as it is a grounding and soothing stone, perfect for the fiery Aries.

Taurus - Rose Quartz: If you are a Taurus, these precious stones will open up your heart to love and help prevent future heartbreak.

Gemini - Citrine: The Gemini sign is one that craves the pursuit of intelligence and citrine will help with this along with aiding in boosting energy and memory.

Cancer - Moonstone: Individuals who fall under the Cancer sign can have days filled with emotion and the moonstone helps to calm, stabilize, and reduce negative energy.

● Leo - Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s Eye boosts creativity and a positive attitude which an individual under the Leo sign seeks.

Virgo - Red Jasper: The Virgo is one who pursues practicality and has an analytical nature. The red jasper helps with balance, focus and problem-solving.

Libra - Lapis Lazuli: The lapis lazuli is a balancing stone and helps Libra to become centered and obtain internal balance.

Scorpio - Obsidian: The Scorpio is an individual who wants to keep negative vibes away and obsidian helps with this as well as providing prophecy.

Sagittarius - Turquoise: Turquoise provides the Sagittarius with luck and helps them to fulfill their dreams.

● Capricorn - Jade: The Capricorn longs for prosperity and abundance and jade helps the individual in their pursuit of these factors.

Aquarius - Aquamarine: Aquamarine is a physical healer which is good for the individual falling under an Aquarius sign. It’s also considered an inspirational stone.

● Pisces - Amethyst: Spiritual wisdom is something that amethyst offers and what Pisces individuals crave. It also helps to boost intuition and protect one from negative vibes.

You don’t have to be under a certain astrological sign to collect certain gemstones or benefit from their natural components. If you like what the gemstone has to offer, you should add the item to your collection.

Choosing a Gemstone

Collection of Gemstones

Although there is no right or wrong way to select a gemstone, here are some factors to keep in mind when selecting gemstones and crystals:

Meaning: As you review your gemstone options, look into the meaning of each one. See how you can apply these stones to your daily life.

Aesthetics: Gemstones are beautiful to look at and this aesthetic quality may be a driving force in your selection choice.

Shape: Gemstones also come in various shapes. You can choose heart-shaped gems, round stone crystals, and many other options.

Type: As mentioned earlier, there are various types of gemstones and crystals. Some are considered precious stones while others are semi-precious. You can opt to buy them as raw crystals or purchase them as shaped and finished gems.

Whichever type of gemstone you choose and for whatever reason, if the gem speaks to you then it’s the right one to select.

Build Your Gemstone Collection Today

Whether you want to start out slow, buying one gemstone at a time, or purchase quite a few to get your gemstone collection started, now’s a great time to do so. From lovely obsidian to beautiful amethyst, there are so many wonderful stones available.

Gemstone Intros

Amazonite natural gemstone


The amazonite crystal, known as the stone of hope, is a beautiful stone to set your eyes upon. With its emerald and light green color combination, along with aquamarine tones, the aesthetic beauty of this item is sure to be seen. But, did you know that amazonite also has an extraordinary meaning attached to it as well as beneficial healing properties?

Amethyst Gemstone


Amethyst is a popular gemstone that has long been used for multifaceted purposes as well as worn for its beauty. With its various tones of eye-catching purple, this gemstone is one that is readily available and eagerly purchased. Found in a wide variety of areas, including Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Africa, Russia, Canada, Europe, and the United States, the supply is definitely high as is the demand.

Aventurine gemstone


From glimmering aesthetic qualities to healing powers, precious and semi-precious stones are greatly appreciated items. There are many options when it comes to choosing the right gemstone to fit your mood and spiritual needs. Each gemstone has its own meaning and healing energies attached to it.

Turquoise gemstone


Crystals and gemstones offer many wonderful benefits to people who use them and wear them. From physical and mental healing powers to the overall lovely views they provide, crystals and gemstones are items to collect and enjoy.

Clear quartz gemstone

Clear Quartz 

The beauty of gemstones is unmistakable. These stones hold such wonderful aesthetic qualities that it’s no wonder individuals love to collect these items and wear them as jewelry pieces. But, did you know they offer a wide array of healing powers? They also have extraordinary meanings attached to each. All this is true with clear quartz stone as well.

Black tourmaline gemstone

Black Tourmaline

There are many gemstones that individuals may not be as familiar with as other well-known gems, such as amethyst and jade. One such crystal that is powerful and lovely yet may not be as easily identifiable as some stone is black tourmaline.

Hematite gemstone


Snowflake obsidian is the emotional growth stone. Formed from the felsic lava of a volcano, this gemstone symbolizes rebirth and emotional awareness. With its shiny black color tone accented with white or gray patches, snowflake obsidian is easy to recognize and each stone is unique, similar to snowflakes. Snowflake obsidian can also help the holder obtain balance, reduce negativities, and achieve clear thinking.

Jade Gemstone


Jade is the luck stone. If you want good luck on your side, make sure you add jade to your gemstone collection. Whether you’re in pursuit of wealth and success or even want to obtain wisdom, this lovely green stone can help you achieve your goals. Used along with your third eye chakra, jade will help you achieve a new outlook and open you up to the possibility of prosperity. Jade is also a spirit-guiding stone that will accompany you on your path to abundance and success while instilling peace in your mind and spirit.

Labradorite Gemstone


Labradorite is the magic stone. With its multicolored shimmering tones of gray, blue, green, and gold, the beauty of labradorite is sure to draw you in. This stone is for the curious who are seeking their destiny and craving cosmic forces. Labradorite will propel you to a higher state of consciousness while keeping you grounded at the same time. This stone is excellent for clearing all chakras and will work its magic differently with each one.

Lepidolite Gemstone


Lepidolite is known as a peaceful stone. These stones are for individuals seeking tranquility, peace, and a good night’s sleep. Lepidolite is a transformational stone and is ideal for one who sees a certain future and wants to do all they can to obtain that goal. This beautiful purple gem helps individuals with their respective transitions and makes the journey a tranquil one.

Moss agate gemstone


Malachite is a beautiful green stone that’s a copper carbonate mineral. This lustrous stone

comes in various green shades, all of which provide eye-catching appeal. This lovely green stone has a hardness level of 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale, which is more delicate than some other crystals and gemstones. For comparison, the carnelian stone is a 7 on the

Mohs scale while another crystal, tourmaline, is a 7.5.

Moss agate gemstone

Moss Agate 

Moss agate is one such gemstone that stone collectors love adding to their collection. With its mesmerizing green color tones and unique color patterns, each moss agate stone you choose will differ from the others. Plus, its meaning of tranquility and emotional balance make it an ideal stone for individuals seeking these qualities. 

Rose Quartz Gemstone

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the love stone. This eye-catching pink stone will help the holder to embrace love of all types and also help the heart to heal from past heartbreak. Used to unblock your heart chakra, the rose quartz has strong energy based around love and affection. Rose quartz can also help release toxic negativity and help the individual to move forward in life.

Tiger's eye gemstone

Tiger’s Eye 

If you’re an avid collector of gemstones or simply like to pick up a stone here and there, the tiger’s eye stone is one item you’ll want to add to your collection. With its gold, brown, and black color tones laid out in exquisite patterns, the tiger’s eye stone is a unique one you’ll want to collect.

Snowflake Obsidian Gemstone

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake obsidian is the emotional growth stone. Formed from the felsic lava of a volcano, this gemstone symbolizes rebirth and emotional awareness. With its shiny black color tone accented with white or gray patches, snowflake obsidian is easy to recognize and each stone is unique, similar to snowflakes. Snowflake obsidian can also help the holder obtain balance, reduce negativity, and achieve clear thinking.

Turquoise gemstone


Turquoise is the master healing stone. Noted by cultures as the connection between heaven and earth, turquoise enables you to be your best self. Offering health, protection, and wisdom, this eye-catching blue-green beauty provides so much to its holder. When used alongside the throat chakra, turquoise aids in open communication and honesty. It also provides overall strength to one’s mind, body, and spirit.