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Malachite Crystal Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties

malachiteCrystals, like the malachite gemstones, provide beauty and healing powers to those who hold them. No matter what type of healing powers you crave or what your favorite color tones may be, there’s a crystal available to suit your tastes. Perhaps, you would benefit from a malachite crystal. 

You can collect gems and crystals to add to your collection, both for their lovely aesthetics and their powerful properties. Each stone has its own energy and healing power, so you can choose the stone that’s right for you

If you want a stone that furthers positive change and transformation, malachite is the crystal for you. This gorgeous green gemstone can offer deep emotional healing.  

What Is The Malachite Crystal?

Malachite is a beautiful green stone that’s a copper carbonate mineral. This lustrous stone comes in various green shades, all of which provide eye-catching appeal.

This lovely green stone has a hardness level of 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale, which is more delicate than some other crystals and gemstones. For comparison, the carnelian stone is a 7 on the Mohs scale while another crystal, tourmaline, is a 7.5.

History of MalachiteMalachite Stone

The history of malachite is a lengthy and fascinating one. The stone’s name comes from the Greek word malakos, which means soft. Given the 3.5-4 Mohs scale hardness level, it stands to reason this stone would have a name such as this one.

In addition to the use of malachite by the ancient Greeks, the ancient Egyptians also have a history with malachite. In fact, they would pull malachite from the Suez Canal all the way back in 4000 BC.

Malachite has held many purposes throughout history, such as for use as jewelry and even makeup. During the Middle Ages, people used malachite to protect against evil and negative energy. Healers even used malachite to help with stomach illnesses.

Malachite is found in many places around the globe, including Russia, Australia, and the Amazon.

Malachite Meaning and Symbolism

Malachite is often associated with healing and transformation. It is believed to have a strong connection to the heart chakra and is said to help balance emotions and promote emotional healing. It is also thought to enhance intuition and spiritual growth.

Additionally, malachite is believed to have protective properties and is said to absorb negative energies and pollutants from the environment. It is often used as a talisman for protection and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

Malachite Healing Properties

Malachite has many unique healing properties. The malachite metaphysical properties relate to the physical aspect while others are more mental and emotional in nature. When you’re ready to put malachite to work for you, here are some ways in which this lovely green stone can help:

Physical Healing

This soft stone offers strong healing powers, especially with regard to physical ailments. With its calming nature, malachite has been known to keep blood pressure lowered. As an aid for quick healing, you can embrace your malachite, harnessing its malachite properties, and think of its quick healing components to help with torn ligaments and broken bones.

Malachite has a feminine energy that helps with women’s health issues, such as menstrual cramps and irregular periods. It’s called the midwife stone for good reason, as it can be a calming source for women having labor pains.

Emotional issues may also cause physical symptoms, such as a pounding heart and sweaty palms. When the body is calm with the help of malachite, you can reduce these symptoms that may be caused by phobias and fears. And if you have to travel, keep the malachite by your side to help reduce any anxiety associated with traveling.

Mental and Emotional Healing

This treasured stone is also an excellent aid for mental and emotional healing. Malachite offers powerful protection attributes. This gem will help you push away unwanted negative energies and help you embrace a positive vibe.

The malachite stone also gives you the knowledge to figure out when someone is pushing their negative feelings on you. Once you understand what’s happening, you can block out this negative energy once and for all.

With the inner strength and power to say no to those who may be mentally and emotionally harmful to you, you can move forward in your day with a relaxed feeling and sureness about you.

As the stone of transformation, malachite helps you make the right decisions with calm compassion. You won’t let your emotions get the best of you. However, you’ll still provide a feeling component to the overall decision-making process.

How To Use Malachite

There are many ways to put the healing powers of malachite to work for you. From using it in your daily meditations to wearing it 24/7 on a piece of jewelry, malachite’s magic can work for you in many ways. Here are some ways to use malachite:

1. Wear Malachite as a Jewelry

Malachite pendant

The ancient Egyptians and Greeks used malachite in stone jewelry pieces. Today, you can find malachite featured in many jewelry items. From rings to necklaces, malachite is an excellent gemstone to include in your favorite jewelry piece.

In addition to looking lovely, you can bring the strength and power of malachite jewelry with you wherever you go. With its energy and protective vibes close to you, you can wear malachite throughout the day and feel it working every step of the way. 

2. Carry Malachite as a Loose Stone

Malachite in a purse

You can hold the powerful strength of malachite close to you by carrying the stone in your pocket or purse. When you carry the malachite as a loose stone, you can easily store it away in your pocket and let it work its magic. 

3. Use Malachite for Meditating

Malachite for meditation

Malachite is also an excellent meditation stone. Hold your malachite stone in your hand as you meditate and feel its transformative powers working as you dive into a meditative state. Think of positive vibes, healing energy, and protective forces as you meditate in a quiet, peaceful location.

4. Use This Powerful Green Stone With Chakras

Use Malachite Stone With Chakras

Malachite is an effective stone for use with your chakras. This green energy gem helps with various chakras within the body, but especially the heart and solar plexus chakras. Malachite works with the heart chakra to regulate our interaction with the outside world. As for the solar plexus chakra, malachite helps with confidence and positivity.

This stone is also an amplifier of energies, both positive and negative, so you have to use your malachite in the right way. Use malachite in your chakra cleansing to clear out bad energy and invite in good energy. 

5. Ward Off Negative Energies Around Your Home

Malachite display

This gemstone is an excellent home or office decor piece for its powerful energy and protection from negative vibes. You can put malachite by your front door and keep the negative energies from the outside from entering your home.

Since malachite is also a source of energy and creativity, it makes a wonderful addition to rooms in your home or office where you could use one or both of these items. The malachite pieces will look beautiful in your home and office plus you’ll receive the healing benefits this stone brings.

How To Care For Malachite

Once you add malachite to your gemstone and crystal collection, you want to take the necessary steps to ensure you care for it properly. The good news is that it’s easy to care for malachite.

When you want to clean your malachite, both to make it look great and keep the vibrations going strong, all you need is a dry cloth. Gently clean your malachite with a dry cloth to remove dirt and debris. You can repeat this task every few weeks or whenever you feel your malachite could use a little strengthening, but steer clear of water! 

When Malachite is broken down into small pieces or powder, it is toxic. It is best to avoid solvents, like water, to refrain from breaking down the stone. A soft, microfiber cloth is enough to polish and restore your stone back to new!

If you want to recharge the stone even more so, place it in a backyard garden or allow it to soak in the sunlight or moonlight. Just don’t leave it in the sunlight for too long, otherwise, the stone’s colors could fade.

Add The Energy Of Malachite To Your Collection

When it’s time to add a new gemstone or crystal to your collection, keep malachite in mind. This vibrant green stone brings energy and creativity to your life. It will also offer protection from negative vibes and give you the positive perspective you need as you go about your day.

When you choose your new malachite piece, consider the following questions:

  • How will I use my malachite?
  • Where will I place it?
  • Do I want to wear the malachite as jewelry or display it?
  • How large should the malachite be?
  • How much do I have to spend on malachite?

You can consider these questions to help you pick the right malachite for your collection. You can buy one small malachite stone to keep in your pocket at all times. Or, if you want the energy of malachite to flow through your home and office, buy a few different malachite pieces. With a few pieces, you can let the creative and protective forces of malachite expand in the space around you.

Add malachite to your collection today and embrace all this lovely stone can do for you!