Can Rose Quartz Go in Water | Kumi Oils

Can Rose Quartz Go in Water

Crystals are lovely stones many people adore. From healing crystals to crystal jewelry, there are many ways to use and appreciate these beautif...

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Crystals for Strength | Kumi Oils

Crystals for Strength

Crystals provide many different healing energies to those who hold them. From offering stress relief to enhancing communication skills, crystal...

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Crystals for Intuition | Kumi Oils

Crystals for Intuition

Crystals are items that offer many helpful benefits. These powerful and beautiful stones aid in everything from promoting sleep to helping peo...

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12 Crystals for Peace | Kumi Oils

12 Crystals for Peace

There are a few reasons why you should use peaceful stones. After all these items are easy to find and help you achieve the calm you need and ...

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Sometimes in life, we feel a little stagnant. Maybe it’s our personal life that could use a little energy. Or perhaps our professional life is ...

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9 Crystals for Friendship | Kumi Oils

9 Crystals for Friendship

Crystals have many powerful energies and healing qualities. Not only do these beautiful stones help in various mental, physical, and spiritual...

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15 Crystals for Pain | Kumi Oils

15 Crystals for Pain

People experience pain from various health issues from time to time. From headaches to kidney stones, pain comes in many forms. Sometimes the p...

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11 Crystals for Health | Kumi Oils

11 Crystals for Health

Crystals have many powerful energies which make them popular items to collect. From opening our chakras to improving our meditation sessions, w...

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11 Crystals for Headaches | Kumi Oils

11 Crystals for Headaches

Crystals are gemstones that offer powerful healing energies. In addition to their apparent beauty, crystals have energy that helps with physica...

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11 Crystals for Focus | Kumi Oils

11 Crystals for Focus

It’s easy to get off track sometimes and feel our minds wander. After all, with busy schedules, social media activity, and all other activitie...

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