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Zodiac Birthstones: A Definitive Guide

Zodiac birthstones

While most people know about the traditional and modern birthstones that correspond with their birth month, they may not realize there are stones that align with their astrological sign too. For twelve zodiac signs, there’s a group of crystals and gemstones that are connected to it. 

The Zodiac/Birthstone Relationship

The zodiac relies upon the interconnectivity of the sun, moon, and planetary alignment on the day you’re born. Similar to how the moon affects the tides, these factors affect your entire being. It impacts the way you live and how you approach life.

Each zodiac sign comes with a list of personality traits that are common among those born within the sign’s timing. Of course, you have the designated birthstone according to your birth month, but there are many other crystals and gems out there that aren’t specifically assigned to any zodiac. Ultimately, the crystal you choose to work with should align with your current goals and your personality.

Being aware of the properties each crystal has and how those properties may affect you based on your zodiac sign will help you find which stone your soul needs at the moment.

What Are The Zodiac Signs Birthstones?

So how can you figure out which crystal would work best for you based on astrology? Your first step is to find your astrological sign and look inside yourself. Do you feel anxious regularly? Maybe you have a big report due and you need some extra courage. Or maybe you need something to keep you focused during exam week.

Whatever the case may be, there’s a crystal out there to match.

1. Aquarius (1/20-2/18)

Birthstones for Aquarius

Aquarians enjoy teamwork but don’t particularly care for authority. Commonly described as free-spirited and eccentric, the Aquarius astrological sign can usually be found by their unique fashion sense, odd hobbies, and non-conformist personality. People born under Aquarius may have problems with regulating their emotions, trying to compromise with others, or being unpredictable. Some of the best crystals for these situations are:

Amethyst: regulates hormones, balances mood 

Garnet: regulates energy, brings courage and hope 

Moss Agate: heals the heart chakra 

Jasper: promotes tranquility and reduces stress

2. Pisces (2/19-3/20)

Birthstones for Pisces

Pisces are well known for their ability to adapt well to new situations. They’re very “go-with-the-flow” and are generally very easy to get along with. They make great friends as they’re empathetic and naturally compassionate.

On the other hand, Pisces may have trouble with being overly sensitive and closed off in stressful situations. Communication issues are a common problem among people born in Pisces. To help with this, you may consider this zodiac birthstone:

Amethyst: mood stability, general protection 

Turquoise: Empathy and positive thinking 

Aquamarine: gives courage, stress relief 

Clear Quartz: realigning your mental space

3. Aries (3/21-4/20)

Aries Birsthstone

People born under Aries are normally always up for an adventure. They have contagious positive energy and are very protective over their loved ones. There’s no question of whether or not Aries is brave because they will jump into action with little to no thought.

That can be both a blessing and a curse to an Aries because impulsivity doesn’t always lead to positive results. Those born under Aries can also be stubborn and unwilling to admit when they’re wrong. To help balance these cons, it’s good to use the following birthstones:

Bloodstone: helps with a general grounding 

Diamond: fearlessness, strength, fortitude 

Red Jasper: emotional protection and courage 

Topaz: promotes truth and forgiveness

4. Taurus (4/21-5/20)

Birthstones for Taurus

Taureans are very well known for their lovable personalities and their ability to make someone feel protected. They’re typically extremely loyal and are dependable friends and lovers. Those born under Taurus are also humble and okay with being alone.

Despite this, Taureans typically don’t do well with change. They can also be stubborn and rigid, much like the bull their sign is named for. In this case, good stones for people born under Taurus are:

Emerald: compassion, love, acceptance 

Sapphire: mental tension and stress relief 

Rose Quartz: self-love and protection 

Green Aventurine: willpower and confidence

5. Gemini (5/21-6/20)

Birthstones for Gemini

Gemini’s greatest strengths are that they’re adaptable, outgoing, and intelligent. They like change and having variety in their lives. This sign is also very easygoing and fun to talk to and they make great friends.

The downfall of this sign is that their intelligence may sometimes get the best of them. They sometimes come off as know-it-alls and it becomes a turn-off to some people. Geminis may also be indecisive and unreliable at times. The following is a list of the Gemini birthstones:

Aquamarine: heart and throat chakra healing 

Citrine: creativity, sharing, happiness 

Tiger’s Eye: focuses the mind 

Agate: anxiety relief, rebalances the chakras

6. Cancer (6/21-7/22) 

Birthstones for Cancer

Cancer are some of the most trustworthy people you’ll ever meet. They’re protective, caring, and ready to go to bat for you if you mean anything to them. This sign is extremely loyal and won’t run away from any relationship problems.

However, Cancer's greatest strength is also its biggest weakness. Cancer wear their heart on their sleeves and have a tendency to get overly emotional when things go wrong. They crave control and when things feel even slightly chaotic, they usually panic. The best stones for this sensitive astrological sign are:

Moonstone: soothes mental instability and stress 

Opal: strengthens intuition 

Labradorite: strengthens mental health

Pearl: integrity and focus

7. Leo (7/23-8/23)

Birthstones for Leo

Leos love to take the lead in all aspects of life. They’re easy to intellectually connect with and love cheering up anyone who is in a bad mood. Most people classify Leos as the life of the party and the friend who is always positive in every situation.

Leos don’t accept failure and work hard until they reach their goals. Leos also tend to be very rigid and set in their ways. Once they’ve made up their mind about something, it’s virtually impossible to change their mind. Leos love attention and don’t like sharing the spotlight either. The best gems for Leos are:

Amber: absorbs pain and negative energy 

Citrine: creativity, intuition, sharing 

Onyx: clears focus, offers protection 

Ruby: encourages passion, improves motivation

8. Virgo (8/24-9/22)

Birthstones for Virgo

Virgos love the details. They’re very attentive and pay attention to every word, regardless of importance. They keep their expectations realistic and are gifted at resolving issues in a practical way. Virgos are rational and reliable and should be the go-to any time you need advice.

However, this sign tends to be very critical of others. They like to find and point out flaws in themselves and others and this can make for negative relationships with others. They also tend to be perfectionists which can be troublesome in work and school. If you’re a Virgo, consider working with:

Blue Sapphire: relieves depression and mental tension 

Carnelian: helps with mental grounding 

Zircon: for general chakra healing

Green Aventurine: helps with past life work, compassion

9. Libra (9/23-10/23)

Lapis Lazuli

Calm, cool, and collected are three words to describe Libra. They’re known for their good charm and ability to win others over with their words. Quality over quantity is their motto in life and they’re loyal, caring, and dependable friends.

Despite this, they tend to be obsessive over the positives and negatives of every situation. They tend to be very indecisive and have a hard time telling others no. They’re trusting but jealous and they don’t like being alone either. Good gemstones for Librans are: 

Opal: strengthens intuition 

Lapis Lazuli: self-awareness, compassion, morality 

Peridot: brings peace to relationships

Sapphire: releases mental tension, depression, and unwanted thoughts

10. Scorpio (10/24-11/22)

Birthstones for Scorpio

As one of the more energetic and active signs, Scorpios tend to be very passionate and intense. They’re extremely protective of their loved ones and are the first to seek revenge when someone they love gets hurt.

Their protectiveness can sometimes veer into overbearing territory. They may get jealous easily and are vengeful when someone crosses them. They can be melodramatic and unforgiving when someone gets on their bad side which can make for complicated relationships. The best gemstones for Scorpios are:

Amethyst: Purification, Protection, Spirituality

Agate: calms anxiety, strengthens relationships 

Obsidian: draws out mental stress and tension 

Aquamarine: courage and general wellness

11. Sagittarius (11/23-12/20)

Birthstones for Sagittarius 

Known as the optimistic and adventurous one, a Sagittarius loves adventure and spontaneity. They’re very open-minded and outgoing and tend to have a free-spirited outlook on life. In other words, this sign is the best road trip partner of the entire zodiac.

Sagittarians do tend to get bored of those who aren’t as adventurous as they are and they won’t hesitate to walk away when they do. They don’t typically like needy people and have a hard time with commitment as well. The best stones for Sagittarians are blue topaz, turquoise, amethyst, and beryl.

Blue Topaz: recharges body where most needed 

Turquoise: promotes sensitivity and creativity 

Amethyst: cleanses negativity 

Beryl: general body detoxifier

12. Capricorn (12/21-1/19)

Birthstones for Capricorn

Capricorns are normally very career-oriented and have great self-control. This sign tends to have an easy time succeeding in all aspects of their life. They’re typically empathetic and emotionally supportive in relationships which makes them great friends too. However, they also tend to be very stubborn. They have a hard time learning from their mistakes and tend to be materialistic as well.

Capricorns love having control and calling the shots and don’t like when others have power over them. The best Capricorn Birthstones are ruby, garnet, black tourmaline, and agate.

Ruby: heals the heart chakra, encourages open-mindedness 

Garnet: purifies and balances energy 

Black Tourmaline: mood booster 

Agate: heals anger and anxiety 

Which of these speaks to you the most? Was your zodiac description accurate to your own personality? We’d love to know!