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Labradorite Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties


Gemstones, with their colorful attributes and signature meanings, are popular keepsakes. Whether wearing your favorite gemstone as a necklace each day or gazing at it on your living room coffee table whenever you pass by, gemstones are wonderful items to have.

One gemstone that may not be as well known to the casual gemstone purchaser is labradorite.

A Labradorite crystal is known as the magic stone and offers a deep connection to the universe has metaphysical properties. This stone is a pearly and iridescent gem with bluish and pale green tones. This whimsical stone is perfect for the dreamer in all of us and, when used alongside other more grounded stones, has the ability to provide for the perfect balance.

What is Labradorite?


Labradorite crystal is part of the feldspar family and known for its lovely array of colors. From gray to pale green to blue-green to gold, the colors you’ll see when you turn the labradorite around in your hand are sure to amaze like the northern lights. And, with the signature shimmering attributes, it’s easy to see why individuals become quick fans of this gemstone when they discover it. As for the hardness level of labradorite crystal, the gemstone is a 6 to a 6.5 on the Mohs scale, so it’s harder than apatite but not as hard as quartz.

History of Labradorite

Labradorite stone was discovered in 1770 in Labrador, Canada, by Moravian missionaries and named for the place in which it was found. And although it was named labradorite in the 18th century, there have been much earlier sightings of this gemstone by the Inuit people and the Beothuk individuals of Labrador and Newfoundland. Labradorite was also favored in the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe.

Many gemstones have a unique legend or story behind them and the labradorite crystal is no exception. Legend of the labradorite stone is that it had fallen from the dazzling frozen fire of the awe-inspiring aurora borealis. It was an average stone that suddenly transformed into a magical one. This stone of magic is one that is favored by healers, shamans, and knowledge seekers.

Labradorite Meaning

Labradorite gem

Labradorite crystal has many meanings associated with them. As a magical stone, this gemstone offers a wealth of healing features and welcome attributes. With regard to its magical attributes, the labradorite provides help with mental and psychic abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance.

Another labradorite meaning is that it also offers spiritual awareness, wherein you can expand your consciousness. Just be sure to also have a piece of smoky quartz by your feet to keep you grounded at the same time.

Labradorite healing properties have a large role to play with shamanism. It’s the pathway that connects heaven and physical reality. Healing is achieved via parallel planes of existence and at consciousness at different levels.

This powerful gemstone also helps with creativity. When you open yourself up to unique thoughts and mind wandering, you’ll find that the possibilities are endless. And when you allow yourself to dream and expand your mind, you’ll find that you’ll open up an inner world where your creative thoughts are abundant.

Labradorite Healing Properties


Because a labradorite crystal has metaphysical properties, this stone is also known for its powerful healing properties, especially in regulating blood and calming the mind.

If you experience anxiety, depression, or stress, the calming and healing properties of labradorite can help lower blood pressure and protect you from emotional pain. Labradorite stone can also be used with chakra cleansing and helps you to achieve relief in these areas with its healing properties.

Labradorite is also used for crystal facials since these stones are known to address skin issues such as acne and breakouts.

With labradorite in your possession, magical experiences, spiritual awareness, and a calming vibe can be yours. 

How to Use Labradorite

There are many ways to put your lovely labradorite crystal to good use. Since this stone is most powerful when it’s close to you, you want to make sure that you and your labradorite are never too far apart.

Here are some ways to use labradorite:

1. Wearing Labradorite As Jewelry 

labradorite as jewelry

The easiest way to keep your labradorite crystal close to you is to wear them as jewelry. When you put labradorite on a necklace or wear it as earrings or rings, you’ll always have this gemstone with you. Wearing labradorite as a necklace is ideal as it works best when it’s up at the highest point of the body.

Labradorite works well in other areas of the body, too. For example, if you’re a healer, such as an individual who practices reiki, wear a labradorite ring and the energy you have will be sent through your hands to the person receiving the Reiki treatment.

2. Place a Labradorite Stone Under Your Pillow

labradorite stone under your pillow

Labradorite can also work its gemstone magic while you sleep because of their metaphysical properties. Place a small labradorite stone under your pillow and you will reap the benefits of its energy as you rest. And, the energy of this stone won’t just be with you through the nighttime. The energy will continue long into the day so you’ll feel it during this time as well that's why it's sometimes called stone of transformation.  

3. Keep It in Your Pocket

labradorite stone

You want to make sure you have your labradorite with you wherever you go. Since you might not wear jewelry but still want it close to your body, keep a small stone in your pocket. You can also store the labradorite in your purse if that’s more comfortable for you. This way, whenever you want to feel its healing properties or help you enhance your psychic abilities, labradorite never too far out of your reach.   

4. Display Your Labradorite in Any Room

labradorite display

Labradorite comes in many different sizes. In addition to small gemstones to wear as jewelry or to place in your purse or pocket. This item can be placed in any room of your home or office and you’ll be able to feel its powerful vibrations and psychic abilities whenever you pass by it.  

5. Feng Shui

labradorite for feng shui

If you practice feng shui, you’re going to want to add labradorite to your home. This gemstone is associated with water energy. For it to work to the best of its ability in feng shui, you should place the labradorite on the southwest side of your home. When you do so, you’ll open up your mind and connect with your spiritual side. This can also help with any anxiety or stress you might be experiencing.  

6. Chakra Use

labradorite for chakra use

Labradorite works with various chakras, specifically the ones nearest to the top of the body. Meaning you can use this gemstone when clearing your throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra. It will stimulate the throat chakra and allow you to have a voice. When it’s used with your third eye chakra, it will heighten your intuition and enhance your psychic abilities. For use with the crown chakra, you’ll find that the labradorite calms the mind, eases stress and anxiety, and balances your energy flow within the body.   

How to Care for Labradorite


You want to make sure your treasured labradorite is looking its best at all times. In order to do so, you might have to give it a light cleaning now and again. All you have to do is wipe it clean with a dry, microfiber cloth. Make sure you don’t use water, ultrasonic, or steam cleaners when cleaning your precious labradorite. A soft, dry, cloth will do the trick!  

Embrace the Magic of the Labradorite Stone

If you’re a collector of gemstones or simply want to have a few in your possession, the labradorite is a good one to choose. Everyone needs a little magic in their lives and the labradorite can help with this. Plus, add in the fact that it deals with stress and anxiety reduction and you have a stellar stone to obtain, whether it’s in jewelry form or as a freestanding display. Enhance your spiritual awareness with the help of a labradorite gemstone.