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Diffuse Serenity

Set the mood for sleep, play, or just have your house smelling amazing.

Elevate your mood

Reap the health benefits of the oils

COURAGE Gemstone Bracelet

More than just jewelry

Find clarity, peace, and overall mental, emotional, & physical wellbeing

Learn the meanings

Understand the power behind the stones & crystals

Our Story

Kumi is your one-stop, go-to natural wellness company for products that help you find relaxation and inner peace. From essential oils of a wide array to multi-purpose diffuser jewelry that’s both lovely and useful at the same time, Kumi will help you achieve the emotional wellness and peacefulness you crave.

The Kumi team carefully handpicks the items it sells, ensuring that the products are high-quality items that will see a lot of use once they get in your hands. And the products can be used together so that optimal health and wellness goals are achieved with ease!



Gemstones & crystals are items with a loyal following. Not only do these stones give off a beautiful appearance, but they have strong energy and important meanings attached to them. Gemstones help your mind, body, and spirit & aid you in various aspects of daily life.

Many early civilizations have used gemstones & crystals for jewelry, good luck, weapons, safety, & more. They’ve also been used as healing crystals & blocking negative energy that hinders us from functioning well.

I've had this diffuser for a year now and it really gives a solid vibe. The mist look so pretty and I've had 0 problems with it. For half the price of a very similar looking diffuser, this puppy really does everything it needs to do. Perfect in the bedroom with lavender oil. You will not regret it.
Marisa B.
Super cute! Great price. Love my bracelets.
Kasi S.
This product has helped my migraines. It helps to prevent them and when I do get one it’s not as bad as they normally are!
Michell P.