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Sodalite Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties

Sodalite StoneSodalite gemstone, also known as The Poet's Stone, encourages you to see the beauty in life and to express it in the most eloquent of ways. It is referred to as "Princess Blue" in Canada.

This blue gemstone crosses the border between mineral and enchantment; it's not your ordinary semi-precious stone, but rather something exquisite and uncommon. Sodalite has two meanings: communication and poetry.

Learn more about Sodalite’s meaning, unique properties, and how it can make an impact in your life.

Sodalite Stone Meaning

Sodalite is a tectosilicate mineral. It has a waxy sheen and belongs to the cubic crystal structure. It is also connected to other sodalite stones such as lazurite and hauyne. Sodalite is a mineral that forms rocks and has an opaque look. It has a rich appearance with royal blue and purple tones and white calcite.

With sodalite, a mixture of similar hues in blues, violets, and greys— featuring silver, grey moonstone, dumortierite, and blue lace agate—as well as complimentary colors of warm copper, blazing orange carnelian, and sparkling sunstone—appears effortlessly.

Sodalite is frequently confused for a piece of Lapis Lazuli due to its intense dark blue coloration, however, closer examination reveals the white veins that ripple beneath the surface, identifying it as something unique.

Although many Sodalite stones are strikingly white and blue, some stones are yellow, orange, purple, or even completely colorless.

History of the Sodalite GemstoneSodalite

Only in the 19th century was this exquisite blue mineral discovered in the isolated wildernesses of Greenland. It has also been found in Canada, Brazil, India, and Namibia.

The name Sodalite is derived from the Ancient Greek word sodalite, which means "salt stone." It's as if you're holding a piece of the stormy sea in your hand.

Meaning and Symbolism of Sodalite

Sodalite stimulates your survival instinct without making you feel threatened. It raises awareness of the need of trusting your intuition, as well as strategies for maintaining a healthy balance between the heart and mind so that you may always be true to yourself, Sodalite is a stone that fosters artistic expression and inspires creativity, making it ideal for those who wish to live a life that is in tune with their inner self.

Sodalite Healing Properties

Sodalite is one of the most powerful crystals for eliminating such toxic energies as fear and guilt. It allows you to gain confidence, clarity, and emotional intelligence that is needed for increasing self-confidence. Stones like this want you to not only survive but thrive to the best of your abilities.

1. Physical

Sodalite Physical Healing Property

Sodalite crystals communicate with the throat chakra, which makes it a powerful tool for improving communication. Sodalite calms all ailments related to the throat, allowing you to speak your truth. It asks you to stop being frightened to use your voice and to quit second-guessing your instincts as it boosts your self-esteem and inner trust.

It's also beneficial for boosting the immune system, reducing fever, lowering blood pressure, and assisting the body to absorb all of the fluids it requires, as well as aiding in lymphatic system recovery.

2. Emotional

Sodalite Emotional Healing Property

When you use the Sodalite crystals, you can achieve incredible emotional well-being. Because Sodalite is connected to the heart, all those who wear it can experience its calming effects. It opens up the mind to logical thinking and problem-solving, which does not come from a place of despair when the thoughts of the mind are cleared.

It also encourages people to think positively and look for the good in others. Sodalite could be the emotional anchor you've been looking for if the world has become too unpredictable for your soul.

3. Metaphysical

Sodalite Metaphysical Property

This stone has connections with the throat chakra, as well as the third eye chakra and the heart chakra. It's a very spiritual stone that strengthens the wearer's connection to the earth, allowing them to sense the earth's grounding influence.

Sodalite stimulates the pituitary gland, which is the gateway to enlightenment, and raises spiritual perception. This gemstone is rich in crystal healing and can stimulate psychic abilities that have been hidden away for a long time.

4. As a Zodiac Birthstone

Sodalite As a Zodiac Birthstone

Sodalite is an excellent gemstone for persons born under the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarians are forthright and restless, free-thinking, and open to new experiences. Sodalite's soothing properties help to calm their busy nature.

How Do You Use Sodalite

The water element stone helps bring emotional flow to your space. With its easy, tranquil energy, it transforms any place into a breath of fresh air, and it excels exceptionally well in spaces where communication is important. Having Sodalite around the office can help you to remain tactful during tricky work situations without sacrificing your sense of self-worth.

In addition to its calming effects, Sodalite is a great bedside companion for those struggling to get a sufficient amount of sleep. 

1. Home and Office

Sodalite display

The water element stone helps bring emotional flow to your space. With its easy, tranquil energy, it transforms any place into a breath of fresh air, and it excels exceptionally well in spaces where communication is important. 

Having Sodalite around the office can help you to remain tactful during tricky work situations without sacrificing your sense of self-worth.

In addition to its calming effects, Sodalite is a great bedside companion for those struggling to get a sufficient amount of sleep.

2. As Sodalite Jewelry

Sodalite as Jewelry

Its deep blue color always looks stunning and its regal beauty complements any outfit perfectly. In addition to its beautiful fashion qualities, wearing Sodalite is an excellent way to benefit from its powerful healing properties. 

Wearing sodalite bracelets or sodalite pendants and necklaces allows the body to absorb the energy and vibrations of the stone. This stone can be worn against the skin to activate dormant energy and bring about relaxation and self-acceptance.

How Do You Cleanse and Charge Sodalite Stones?

To maximize your crystal healing, it's crucial to keep your Sodalite stone clean, clear, and ready to transmute the best energy from it. In some cases, the color of sodalite can become cloudy, a sign that it is time to cleanse and recharge.

To cleanse the stone, gently rinse the stone with running water and dry it with a cotton cloth. It also enjoys being wrapped in silk for a magnificent recharge, and you can place it in the sun for around ten minutes.

If you wish to give your Sodalite stone a thorough charge, submerge it in water with charged rock crystals for twelve hours. This will fully remove all of the harmful vibes it has accumulated.

Final Thoughts on Sodalite

This truly poetic stone is the perfect choice if you are seeking calm, higher thinking, and a boost of creativity. Sodalite serves as a beautiful example of how crystals can enhance your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Sodalite's physical healing properties?

A: Is closely associated with the throat chakra. In turn, it helps support any issues relating to the throat and allows you to speak your truth in a positive way. Sodalite can also be a great boost for your immune system and assist your body in absorbing the nutrients it needs to function at its best.

Q: What are Sodalite’s emotional healing properties?

A: Sodalite is the stone of honest communication. With others and with yourself. It opens your mind to see things from different perspectives and to have logical problem-solving skills. Sodalite is also great for remaining emotionally grounded when surrounded by harsh energies from others.

Q: How to energetically cleanse Sodalite

A: Using sage or palo santo is a great way to cleanse your Sodalite. You can also run it underwater for a few minutes to release any excess energies that have built up.

Q: How to tell if my Sodalite is real?

A: Sodalite is often confused or mislabeled as Lapis Lazuli. To help tell the difference, Sodalite will have a white streak, whereas Lapis will have light blue or gray streaks. You can also use acetone on a cotton swab to see if the stone has been artificially dyed. If no color is left behind on the swab, you likely have a real piece of Sodalite.

Q: Should Sodalie be placed in the sun?

A: Sodalite is a very pigmented stone. While its makeup is very resilient, long-term exposure to sunlight could affect its color.

Q: Is it normal for Sodalite to break?

A: Sodalite is a very tough stone, but can crack or break if it's dropped onto a hard surface. As with all crystals, handle them with care.

Q: Is Sodalite toxic?

A: Sodalite is non-toxic and safe for personal use.

Q: What does Sodalite look like?

A: Sodalite is easily recognized by its vibrant blue and sometimes almost violet color. Sodalite often has white veining and is completely opaque.

Q: Why does wearing Sodalite make me feel ill?

A: As with all crystals, they have their own unique energies. Sometimes these energies can be intense at first. If it makes you feel anxious or jittery, it may help to cleanse it with sage or palo santo or pair it with clear or smoky quartz to help soften the effects.

Q: How to attune and set intentions with your Sodalite

A: To activate and attune to your Sodalite, you need to charge it with your own energy. Hold the stone in your hands while closing your eyes. Visualize your goals and intentions and picture these feelings absorbing into your stone.

Q: Does the size or placement of Sodalite matter?

A: Not at all. No matter how big or small, Sodalite will have the same benefits. You can wear it anywhere on the body or keep it in your pocket. It can be placed anywhere in your home to enjoy its grounding and supportive energy.

Q: What crystals are good to pair with Sodalite?

A: Other crystals that correspond with the Throat Chakra that can be paired with Sodalite are Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone. For communication, pair your Sodalite with blue lace agate, Larimar, or Turquoise for support during difficult conversations or when you struggle confidently speaking your truth.

Q: Who should wear Sodalite?

A: Everyone! Especially those who are working towards empowerment, honest and clear communication, and owning your power in stressful situations.

Q: Does Sodalite help with depression and grief?

A: Absolutely! Sodalite is about honest communication. That could be with others and with yourself. It empowers you to be honest with yourself and express the feelings and thoughts you have with confidence and a sense of calm. Sometimes during heavy emotional experiences, we tend to clam up and bottle things up. Utilizing the energy of Sodalite will help you express yourself in a way that is positive and healthy.