Jade Meaning

jade gemstone

Gemstones are lovely eye-catching items that have powerful components attached to them as well. As if the aesthetics weren’t enough already to draw you in, you better believe the healing and supportive qualities of gemstones are sure to make you a big fan of these unique items.

One specific gemstone that is adored for both its beauty and healing properties is the jade crystal. Jade crystal comes in various shades of green, but it is highly regarded by many for its beautiful emerald green color.

This crystal also has many beneficial features associated with it regarding the energy it produces and has come to be known as the “lucky charm” gemstone.

Jade is a stone that consists of two separate minerals; nephrite and jadeite. These items differ in composition as jadeite is a sodium aluminum silicate while nephrite is a calcium magnesium silicate. Jadeite is slightly harder than nephrite and is a 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale compared to the 6 to 6.5 of nephrite. When comparing the two based on availability, jadeite is rarer than nephrite, so the former is more of a precious gemstone than the latter. However, each is a beautiful stone in its own right.

Many might think that jade stones are only found in China, but that’s not the case. Although jade crystals are found in large quantities in China, jadeite and nephrite are also found in Russia, Guatemala, and the United States. In addition, nephrite deposits have also been discovered in New Zealand and the Swiss Alps.

In addition to being beautiful crystals to look at, jade stones are also excellent gemstones with many meanings and use. It’s especially helpful when you want to overcome any self-limitations. With jade on your side, you can push aside anything that holds you back from realizing your goals and get on with achieving many wonderful things in your life.

History of Jade

Jade crystal has a lengthy history, appearing long ago in the Stone Age and then throughout the Chinese, Maori, and Meso-American cultures. Jade was also valued greatly by the Aztecs. The symbolism of jade crystals in the past revolved around the ideas of virtue, harmony, and eternity, and it still does to this day.

The Maori of New Zealand used jade stone for tools, weapons, and heirloom pendants referred to as hei-tiki. The Meso-American and Chinese cultures used to bury jade with their deceased loved ones as green stones represent the heart. Jade stones were also considered to be the protector of both living and deceased generations.

Meaning of Jade

There are many meanings associated with a jade stone. One very important jade meaning relates to purity or purification in the body. It will purify your energy field and address feelings such as acceptance, love, and wisdom and gives Jade Healing Properties.

Another meaning of jade is its symbol of gentleness and nourishment on the human body. Jade helps the holder feel nurtured and elevated, which translates its Healing Properties. In addition, it supports the heart energy, so it’s no wonder that green jade would have a nurturing component to it.

Jade stone also addresses harmony and self-sufficiency. It is a gemstone that operates on the premise of loving and accepting oneself.

Green Jade

Jade is also known as the dream stone. It helps the body to access the spiritual world and encourages creativity and dream solving. It aids in taking your thought processes to a whole new level and encourages you to know that nothing is out of your reach. It can also help treat the nervous system, eliminating stress and counteracting our everyday stress.

It’s also a symbol of good luck and friendship, which any of us can appreciate and use. So if you want a gemstone that unites individuals and creates a welcoming environment, jade is the gemstone for you.

With all of these meanings associated with jade, it’s easy to see that this is a gemstone that speaks to self-worth, self-appreciation, and overall kindness. And, really, what is better than that?

How to Use Jade

Now that you know the multiple meanings of jade, you’re probably wondering how to put all of its beneficial features to work for you. Since jade's Healing Properties comes in many forms and has many uses, you have plenty of options to choose from concerning your jade gemstone.

Here are some of the ways to display and use jade:


Jade is used in various types of jewelry. You can set this gemstone in many different jewelry pieces, from gorgeous jade necklaces to dazzling jade rings. When you wear jade in your jewelry, you have this heartfelt gemstone close to you at all times.

With the popularity of jade, many jewelry makers include this gemstone in their jewelry collections as it not only looks great, but it has a harmonious vibe, too.

And jade comes with various price tags attached to it. So whether you are on a limited budget with your future jade purchase or have some extra money to spend on a new jade jewelry piece, the options are definitely out there.


Jade Carvings

Jade is also constructed into many unique and beautiful carvings. From animals to flowers, you can purchase jade carvings which will look excellent on your shelf and also distribute its soothing energy throughout the room.

And with its exquisite shades of green, your jade carvings are sure to be conversation pieces wherever they’re placed in your home or office.

Jade Buddha Statues

Jade is also a frequent component of Buddha statues. Buddha statues aren’t just carvings that display the Buddha figure. Every Buddha statue has a meaning behind it, based on what the statue looks like, how Buddha is seated and posed, and more.

When jade is used to construct the Buddha statue, the result is even more amazing!

Jade Stones

You don’t have to display your jade in a jewelry piece, prayer beads, or a statue form. Instead, it can work its powerful energy simply in stone form, whether polished or natural.

Jade stones also come in many different shapes and color tones. Collect a variety of jade stones and place them in a protective small cloth bag. You can carry this bag in your pocket or purse or simply keep it tucked away in your bedroom nightstand drawer.

For those who want to display their jade for all to see, you can do so on a handmade wooden display with each jade stone perched perfectly on top of it.

However, you choose to store or display your jade stones, know that there really is no bad way to do so.

Jade Gemstone

Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng shui, or the art of striking a balance between our living and working spaces and the natural world, is a practice where jade plays a large part.

Known as the harmony and balance gemstone and one that protects and offers good luck, jade is a frequently used gemstone in feng shui.

Jade is an earth element in the feng shui practice, so a piece of jade should be placed in an area that's nourished by the earth element. Basically, you can place your jade in all Bagua areas except for the north and south, and it will work its soothing energy.

When you select a piece of jade for feng shui, you can choose anyone that works best for you. As long as you place your stone correctly, it will produce calming results from stones to statues.   

Chakra Balancing

Since jade is associated with heart energy and healing properties, it’s also an excellent tool to use in your chakra meditations.

Green jade is a gemstone that provides harmony and balance with the heart chakra. This pertains to physical as well as emotional wellbeing.

To use the jade in your chakra meditations, place the gemstone over your heart or wear a necklace with jade in it that falls right at that level. As you work on your heart chakra meditations, the jade item will help with the process.

Jade can also be used with third eye chakra meditations for help with dreams. Place the jade in the third eye region during meditations and let it work its energy.

chakra chart

Caring for Jade

You want to be certain to keep your jade in the best possible condition and looking as lovely as possible. Here are some tips for caring for jade:

● Do not use jewelry cleaner or household cleaners to clean your jade.

● Use mild soap and water to gently clean jade.

● Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the jade as this will prevent scratches and give the stone a vibrant sheen.

● Store your jade jewelry or another jade item away from other objects to prevent scratches.

● Prevent hitting your jade against hard surfaces as this can cause it to crack or break.

Jade is a Beautiful Gemstone to Add to Your Collection

Jade Stone Collection

Jade is a lovely gemstone to add to your collection. Whether you’re craving a new piece of jewelry or have your eye on a jade statue that would warm up your home’s interior and create good vibes, now is the time to purchase jade.

You can use this gemstone in various ways and feel its vibrations, whether it’s located on a necklace and kept close to your heart or sitting on the shelf in your office. Jade has many wonderful benefits that you can enjoy.

Harmony, gentleness, purity, good luck, love, and wisdom are all features associated with the stone jade and all ones that we can put to good use in our lives.