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Our essential oil diffuser bracelets all have porous lava stone beads that easily absorb the essential oils, they’re fabulous at absorbing essential oils and slowly releasing the scent throughout the day.

You can find diffuser bracelets made simply of lava or wood beads, and others combined with natural gemstones and black lava stone or wood beads. Wearing bracelets with natural gemstones has an added bonus , you can choose stones that have a special meaning to you. For example, the lava rocks are known as stones of grounding and protection. They help in finding your focus, bringing balance to your life, and grounding scattered energy. Amazonite gems are wonderful balancing stones – they promote kindness and confidence and soothe your worries and fears.



No matter which brand of essential oils you use with your diffuser bracelet, applying them is quick and easy.  Simply choose your favorite single oil or blend, add a drop to the lava stone and rub gently to encourage the oil to absorb. Now you’re ready to take your favorite scents on your wrist while running errands, hitting the grocery store, or dropping the kids at school!
We often get asked how long the scent lasts and it really depends on the oil. After trying lots of oil combos, we've found that cinnamon and minty oils tend to last a bit longer, sometimes the whole day. The citrus scents have to be refreshed after a few hours.