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Moss Agate Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties

 Moss AgateCrystals and gemstones have many different meanings attached to them. These stones and gems also have a wide array of healing properties. All of these factors make crystals and gemstones frequently purchased and collected items.

Moss agate is one such gemstone that crystal collectors love adding to their collections. With its mesmerizing green color tones and unique color patterns, each moss agate stone you choose will differ from the others. Plus, its meaning of new beginnings, tranquility, and emotional balance make it an ideal stone for individuals seeking these qualities. 

What is Moss Agate?


Moss agate is a type of chalcedony, which is a member of the quartz family. This stone is the result of weathered volcanic rock that produces fragments that later become moss agate. Oxides of manganese and iron are what cause the stone to have its moss-like lines. The color of moss agate is determined by the number of minerals within it, such as chrome.

Moss agate is a 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is somewhat in the middle of the overall scale. It’s strong enough to withstand certain elements but soft enough that it can still scratch or chip.

History of Moss Agate

Moss Agate Stone

The history of moss agate revolves largely around its uses in the 18th century. Individuals throughout Britain looked at moss agate as a good luck stone. Also, European farmers would hang moss agate pieces from trees for good luck and adorn the horns of oxen with these stones while they were plowing the fields to encourage a successful harvest.

There was also evidence that moss agate was used for healing purposes in different ancient cultures. Today, moss agate is associated with its healing powers and is largely used for ornamentation. 

Meaning of Moss Agate


As previously mentioned, moss agate is a stone known to be ideal for producing tranquility and balancing emotions and mood swings. The stone is also known to promote positive energy in its users.  It is also thought to be a good luck crystal and one that has healing properties. If you’re looking for a stone that signifies luck and peacefulness, the moss agate stone is one you simply must add to your collection. 

Moss Agate Healing Properties

There are many healing properties associated with moss agate due to the stone's metaphysical properties. This stone offers physical, mental, and emotional healing qualities, all of which can be put to good use in your daily life.

Moss agate is good for balancing your emotions and improving frequent mood swings. It’s important to have the emotional stability to help you each day. When your emotions are balanced, your self-esteem improves, and you can face the day head-on in a cool and collected matter. Moss agate helps you to reach that rational point where you clearly see the issues before you.

This stone is also helpful for building new friendships. If you’re looking to start new relationships, friend or otherwise, wear moss agate to help meet new people.

The meaning of moss agate is also connected with certain astrological signs. Those with the Aquarius sign will find that moss agate helps with building new relationships. For Virgos, who usually have quite analytical minds, moss agate can be used to produce a calming effect.

You’ll find that moss agate also helps with physical ailments and brain imbalances as it has anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, if you’re hoping to speed up your recovery from a certain illness or strengthen your immune system, moss agate might be a good stone to use. It’s also been said to help with the circulatory system. Other ailments moss agate holders have used this stone for include colds and flu, hypoglycemia, fungal infections, and more. 

Moss Agate Physical Healing Properties

Physically, Moss Agate is said to speed up recovery from illness. It is often used to reduce fever, treat infections, and detoxify the body, especially the skin. The stone is also believed to help treat colds, flu, and other viral infections. It is also said to help the body heal from bruises, boost the immune system, and lower inflammation. It's also associated with improving circulation and digestion.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Moss Agate promotes mental clarity and emotional balance. It's considered a highly optimistic stone that helps reduce sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants. This gemstone is also known for its ability to encourage trust and hope, which is essential for building self-esteem and easing stress and anxiety. It helps individuals overcome negative emotions such as bitterness and anger, promoting forgiveness and emotional healing.

Metaphysical Properties

In metaphysical terms, Moss Agate is believed to attract abundance in wealth and improve self-esteem. It's considered a stone of compatibility and friendship, and it's thought to enhance concentration, persistence, endurance, and success in one's endeavors. This stone is also used for grounding and connecting with the Earth's energy, making it excellent for stabilizing one's aura and cleansing negative energy.

As Zodiac Birthstone

Moss Agate is often associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo. It is believed to help Virgos to ground themselves and stay connected to the Earth, providing them with stability and patience. The stone's healing properties are especially beneficial for Virgos, aiding their quest for improvement and helping to soothe their worries.


Geological Properties

Property Description
Mineral Composition A form of chalcedony, composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2) with inclusions of green minerals, often chlorite, hornblende, or other minerals.
Color Translucent to semi-translucent with a base color ranging from white to gray, and the presence of green moss-like inclusions, which may resemble plant life.
Hardness 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale, making it relatively hard.
Luster Waxy to vitreous (glass-like).
Transparency Translucent to semi-translucent.
Cleavage None.
Fracture Conchoidal, with smooth, curved surfaces.
Density 2.58-2.64 g/cm³.
Formation Process Moss Agate forms when silica-rich groundwater infiltrates cavities in host rocks and deposits layers of chalcedony with included mineral inclusions. The "moss" patterns are created by these inclusions.
Common Locations Found in various regions globally, including the United States, India, and Brazil.
Geological Significance Moss Agate is treasured for its aesthetic and ornamental value, often used in jewelry and decorative carvings.

How To Use Moss Agate

Moss agate can be used in many ways, especially when you want to strengthen your immunity with its anti-inflammatory features. You can wear moss agate as a pendant so it’s close to your heart wherever you go or you can carry the stone in your pocket so it will always be near. However you choose to display your moss agate, you should know about each of the options and pick your favorite way to show off your meaningful gemstone.

1. Add Moss Agate to Jewelry

Moss Agate As Jewelry

Moss agate is such a lovely gem that it exudes beauty no matter what type of jewelry you add it to. Turn your favorite moss agate stone into an eye-catching pendant or buy a moss agate ring to wear all the time. The choice is yours as to how you want to display this exquisite stone. 

2. Feng Shui Inclusion

Moss Agate for Feng Shui

Feng shui provides a way to set up your home or office space that gives off good energy and balance. From the placement of furniture to the addition of gemstones, feng shui takes many forms and all are important ways to find balance in your personal space.

Moss agate can be added to your home or office for the purpose of feng shui. The color green you’ll find with moss agate is a good item to add to your space when seeking a healing and refreshing vibe for your mind and body.

Place the moss agate in one or more rooms that need a little gentle healing and nurturing of self-expression.

3. Use Moss Agate While Meditating

Moss Agate for Meditation

Meditation is an activity that uses gemstones and crystals for maximum healing results. Moss agate can be used during your meditation sessions when you need to open your mind to hidden truths and deeper types of thoughts. It will also help with your meditation goals by providing you with enhanced concentration.

As you meditate, hold the moss agate in your hand or place it somewhere nearby. You can also wear your favorite piece of moss agate jewelry if you like. No matter how you bring your moss agate into your meditation session, you’re sure to feel the energy that this beloved stone offers.

4. Carry Your Moss Agate on the Go

Carry Your Moss Agate on the Go

Sometimes you just want to collect stones in their natural form and moss agate is no different. You can purchase a moss agate stone and take it with you wherever you go. Put it in your pocket or keep it in your purse for maximum energy benefits when you’re out and about. 

5. Balance Your Chakras

Moss Agate to Balance Your Chakras

Moss agate can also be used as you balance your chakras. This stone has a relation to the heart chakra. The moss agate makes it possible for us to be ourselves in an ever-changing environment.

When used alongside the heart chakra, moss agate will help with the interactions between ourselves and the outside world. The energy from this green stone will help to unblock the heart chakra and open it up to emotional clarity once again.  

How to Care for Moss Agate


Moss agate is quite easy to take care of and you can easily keep your precious stone safe and sound when not in use. To clean your moss agate, use a soft brush or cloth to lightly clean your stone in warm, soapy water. Dry your moss agate and store it away safely if you’re not currently using it.

Since it’s on the medium level of hardness according to the Mohs scale, you want to put your moss agate jewelry in a safe spot when you’re not wearing it. Place it in a soft felt bag or in a divided-compartment jewelry box for extra safekeeping.

Find Your Emotional Balance with Moss Agate

When you use moss agate, you can find the emotional balance you’ve been seeking all along. In addition to being a beautiful stone to look at and wear as jewelry, the helpful healing powers associated with moss agate are additional reasons to buy and keep this lovely stone.

To help you choose the right moss agate product, answer the following questions:

  • Do I want a moss agate piece that is easy to transport and take with me wherever I go?
  • Will my moss agate stone be a healing tool as well as a home or office decor item?
  • How many moss agate pieces do I want?
  • How much do I have to spend on this gemstone purchase?
  • Will I be using this stone for chakra and meditation purposes?

By answering these questions you can narrow down the options of moss agate items and find the type of moss agate product you want and need in your daily life. If you’re going to be using the moss agate in your chakra and meditation sessions, you may want to purchase a piece of jewelry with moss agate in it, such as a pendant necklace. This will ensure you can wear your moss agate easily and you won’t have to find a place to set this gemstone during your chakra and meditation practices.

When you purchase moss agate, make sure you use this stone for a wide array of purposes. Not only does it make an excellent decor piece to place on your office desk or coffee table in your home, but it’s also a powerful natural healing tool. With the help of moss agate, you can find a good balance for your emotions, zone in on rationality, and even forge some new friendships. You can even use moss agate’s healing power for a wide array of physical ailments and see how this stone provides relief in this type of situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Moss Agate’s physical healing properties?

A: Moss Agate is a powerful anti-inflammatory and helps cleanse the circulatory system while giving an extra boost to your immune system. Moss Agate has also been used to provide pain relief during childbirth and ensure a healthy delivery.

Q: What are Moss Agate’s emotional healing properties?

A: Moss Agate is known as the stone of new beginnings! It encourages calm and tranquility and emotional balance. By balancing the masculine and feminine energies, anyone struggling with emotional regulation or aggression will benefit from it.

Q: How to energetically cleanse Moss Agate?

A: Using sage or palo santo is a great way to cleanse your Moss Agate. You can also run it underwater for a few minutes to release any excess energies that have built up.

Q: How to tell if my Moss Agate is real?

A: Moss Agate is easily identified by its distinctive dark green patterns and earthy banding. The easiest way to tell if it's real is if it is translucent. Fake Moss Agate will be opaque.

Q: Should Moss Agate be placed in the sun?

A: Yes. Placing your Moss Agate in direct sunlight will not have any negative effects.

Q: Is it normal for Moss Agate to break?

A: Moss Agate is a tough and durable stone and will not scratch or break easily. It can be chipped if something hits it hard enough or if it's dropped. With all crystals, handle them with care.

Q: Is Moss Agate toxic?

A: Moss Agate is non-toxic and safe for personal use.

Q: What does Moss Agate look like?

A: Moss Agate can be clear or milky white, with different shades of green banding. It gets its name from the dendritic deposits that resemble the appearance of moss.

Q: Why does wearing Moss Agate make me feel ill?

A: As with all crystals, they have their own unique energies. Sometimes these energies can be intense at first. If it makes you feel anxious or jittery, it may help to cleanse it with warm, running water or pair it with clear or smoky quartz to help lessen the effects.

Q: How to attune and set intentions with your Moss Agate

A: To activate and attune to your Aventurine, you need to charge it with your own energy. Hold the stone in your hands while closing your eyes. Visualize your goals and intentions and picture these feelings absorbing into your stone.

Q: Does the size or placement of Moss Agate matter?

A: Not at all. No matter how big or small, Aventurine will have the same benefits. You can wear it anywhere on the body or in your pocket. It can be placed anywhere in your home to enjoy its soothing presence.

Q: What crystals are good to pair with Moss Agate?

A: Moss Agate has strong manifestation properties and enhances positive energy. It is paired well with Amber, Fuschite & Green Aventurine.

Q: Who should wear Moss Agate?

A: Everyone! Specifically, those who are looking to attract abundance and find emotional balance.

Q: Does Moss Agate help with depression and grief?

A: Absolutely! Moss Agate is a great support for finding balance with your emotions and regulating masculine and feminine energies. Moss Agate will help you process your emotions with a clear perspective and assist you on your journey forward.