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Hematite Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties

HematiteCrystals and gemstones offer a lot of beneficial aspects. From heartfelt meanings to physical healing qualities, there is so much you can enjoy when you collect and use crystals in your daily life. And best of all, each crystal and gemstone carries with it its own unique meaning and healing qualities. So, if you’re looking for a gemstone that offers certain benefits, you can certainly find what you’re looking for when you peruse the wide collection of these items.

If you’re seeking out a crystal that offers protection and confidence, hematite crystals are good options to explore. 

What is Hematite?

Hematite is an iron oxide mineral found in rocks and soil. This shiny black stone is a deep red color on the inside if broken, which doesn’t happen too easily. As the name hematite comes from the Greek word for blood, the color and name correlation can certainly be seen. Also, due to the approximately 70% iron content of hematite, this stone is a good one to use for blood-related disorders.

Hematite stones are found in Brazil, Canada, Venezuela, and the United States. This mineral is a 5-6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which puts it right in the middle on this scale that runs from 1-10.  

History of HematiteHematite Stone

The mineral hematite has an extremely long history, dating back 40,000 years when it was used as paint on pictographs found on cave walls. The hematite was crushed and then mixed with liquid to produce this paint. It was also used as paint in the later years of the Renaissance era when painters used oil and canvas to create artwork.

But painting wasn’t the only thing hematite was used for in historical times. It was also used by the Ancient Egyptians who carved it into protective medallions. During the Victorian era, individuals would carve the hematite into mourning jewelry that would honor a loved one upon their death.

Today, hematite is used in jewelry, especially men’s accessories such as tie pins and cufflinks. It’s also a wonderful collectible item for its visual aesthetics and powerful energies. 

Hematite Meaning

There are a few meanings associated with hematite crystals. It has protective attributes, as can be seen by historical uses of hematite for protection. This stone also has firm grounding capabilities. The holder of hematite will also feel its calming effects and mental clutter-clearing features.

To sum up hematite's meaning in a few words, protective, grounding, and calming would be some of the main attributes of this powerful energy-filled stone. 

Hematite Healing Properties

One of the first things to look for when choosing a stone for your collection is some of the healing properties that come with it. And there are so many that users are going to enjoy when it comes to hematite. It is almost like taking a protective cloak and throwing it on top of you while grabbing a sword and shield as you head out the door. While we may not do that as much in our modern world, this is the amount of protection that you can expect from this stone. Some of the different healing properties that you can enjoy from the Hematite healing stone will include:

Mental And Emotional Healing

First, we will take a look at how this stone is able to help you mentally and emotionally. This stone is a strength bringer and a stone for the mind. If you often find that you are at the mercy of bad moods and vibes from other people, then you need to keep the hematite stone nearby to prevent you from sponging in all that negative energy. For someone who is a high empath and just seems to absorb and take on all of the negative energy in the room, the hematite stone is one of the first ones you should grab and use.

For those who feel that they are a bit timid and do not take a lot of risks, this is the stone that will give that confidence some of the boost that it needs. This strength of character can be a little bit shocking when you first get started, but it will help you take on the world and overcome everything that life wants to throw at you. All the bad traits that you may have, including addictions, poor patterns, and even being a people pleaser, can be thrown out the window with this stone.

Physical Healing

Thanks to the higher iron content that is in this stone, the Hematite stone is going to connect to the blood in the body. This should help us see that this is a great stone for amping up the healthy circulation that is inside the body. For those who have any health condition that connects to the blood flow, whether it is heavy periods, heart conditions, or blood pressure that is high, this is the stone that you should keep nearby. Hematite will keep the body in top shape and can help you detox along the way.

Many individuals have worked with crystal therapists in order to get some of the physical healing that this crystal is able to provide to them. If you have high blood pressure, leaving the stone near the heart and meditating could be a good option to help. or you can use it to help out just by keeping it near you. Many people will use crystals in order to have a piece of jewelry to give them all the healing powers that they need throughout the day.

Metaphysical Healing

While it may already seem like this stone is doing a lot when it comes to your health and how good you feel, there is more that it is able to do as well. Since this is a strong rooting stone, the Hematite is going to easily connect to both the Solar Plexus and the Root chakra to name a few. These are considered the base chakras where confidence, feelings of security, and belief in self are found.

When both of these chakras are activated the way that they should, it is going to help us make good decisions, ones we can be happy with and align well with our own souls. This is a good soul for balancing out the body, helping provide the yin-yang balancing that we are looking for. This stone can be helpful to the nervous system and the spiritual system, helping to merge both of these parts together into the alignment that we need the most.

How to Use Hematite

There are many ways to put extraordinary hematite to good use. From wearing this beloved stone as jewelry to using it in your chakra cleansing session, hematite is an excellent item to have on hand whenever you need its calming and protective qualities. 

1. Chakra Clearing and Balancing

Hematite for Chakra Clearing

As a strong grounding stone, hematite is an excellent item to use when clearing your root chakra and solar plexus chakra. When you balance and clear these chakras, the hematite will align with these chakras and help to improve your confidence and self-esteem. Hematite benefits, including balance, can be achieved by incorporating this stone into your root chakra and solar plexus chakra practices.

2. Wear Your Protective Hematite as Jewelry

Hematite as Jewelry

Hematite crystals make an excellent addition to any bracelet, ring, necklace, or other jewelry item. When you wear your hematite stone, you don’t have to look far for the protection and confidence features you crave. You’ll have this stone right there with you. Plus, it’s a definite conversation starter due to its unique and lovely aesthetics.

Be also on the lookout for magnetic hematite. Ideally, it's better to get the real and natural hematite stone since magnetic hematite properties have artificial and man-made features. 

3. Acquire Concentration and Protection with Hematite and Feng Shui

Hematite for Feng Shui

Hematite plays a large role in feng shui. Due to its metaphysical properties, protective qualities, and concentration attributes, hematite should be placed in many areas throughout your home and office. Specifically, hematite is ideal by your front door for protection, in the north Bagua area for a career path, and in the west Bagua area for creativity. 

4. Meditate with Hematite

Hematite for meditation

If you practice meditation, it’s helpful to use certain crystals and stones when you do so. These individual stones can help make the meditation session much more successful. Hematite crystals are one stone that is ideal for meditation. You can use your hematite in your next meditation session to become more connected to your inner strength and confidence. 

5. Carry Hematite With You Wherever You Go

Carry Hematite With You Wherever You Go

You may want to carry your hematite in your pocket or purse. This way you can bring this lovely and powerful stone with you wherever you go. You can walk with your head held high, feeling confident and protected. You’ll also feel at ease knowing that you can be empathetic to the needs and feelings of others without bringing in any negative energy that might occur. 

How to Care for Hematite

When you find the perfect piece of hematite, you want to keep it looking as nice as can be. Fortunately, cleaning this stone is really easy. All it takes is a soft, dry toothbrush to do the trick. Just make sure to avoid using water to clean your hematite as that type of cleaning is not advisable for this type of stone.  If you want to recharge your hematite, simply place it on top of other crystals to pull in the wonderful energy that each of these other stones possesses.

How Hematite Matches With Zodiac Signs

Hematite is a great stone to use for those who are Aquarius zodiac signs. These individuals are original thinkers, easy to get along with, and independent. But they also live mostly within their own heads. This floating around can sometimes make them more open to overthinking things and taking on the bad vibes that others send out as their own. Because of these issues, the individual may decide to use this stone to help them to keep their spirit strong and stay chilled and relaxed.

Aries tend to benefit from the Hematite stone too. The earth and firestone that has some unique hues of silver and brown can be a great match for the fire spirit of this sign. And while the Aries usually do not need a lot of courage added to the mix, they can benefit more from the yin energy so they are not so pushy and can find more harmony in their lives as well.

Embrace Protection and Confidence With Hematite

Hematite has many extraordinary qualities that make it an essential stone to have in your crystal and gemstone collection. Everyone can benefit from protection and confidence, which is what hematite offers.

You can also use your hematite alongside other crystals and stones to have this stone work in conjunction with the energies of the other ones. Some other crystals you may want to pair alongside your hematite include bloodstone, amethyst, lapis lazuli, labradorite, and aventurine, to name a few. When you include these stones with your hematite, the benefits will increase greatly.

When the time comes to purchase your new hematite item, consider the following questions:

  • Do I want to wear it or place it somewhere to be displayed?
  • How much do I have to spend?
  • What qualities am I most seeking with the hematite?
  • Will I be using it for Feng Shui?
  • Will I be meditating with my hematite?
  • How can I use this stone with chakra balancing?
  • What other stones do I want to buy to use alongside my hematite?

As you consider these questions, it will narrow down the options when it comes to the type of hematite that you buy. Also, you can buy more than one piece of hematite. For example, you may want to both wear your hematite and display your hematite on a table. Or, you may want a piece of hematite for your home and one for your office as well.

No matter what type of hematite you purchase or how many pieces of hematite you buy, you’re sure to enjoy the mental and physical benefits that this stone provides. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is hematite crystal used for in healing practices?

Hematite is commonly used for grounding and protecting, as well as for balancing the body, mind, and spirit. It's also believed to help with blood-related issues due to its iron content.

Q: Can Hematite go in water?

It's not recommended to immerse hematite in water, especially for prolonged periods, as it can rust due to its iron content.

Q: How can you tell if hematite is real?

Real hematite is quite heavy for its size and should feel cool to the touch. It will also leave a red streak if it's rubbed against a piece of unglazed porcelain.

Q: Does hematite help with sleep?

Yes, many people use hematite to help with sleep issues. Placing it under your pillow or on a bedside table can aid in deeper, more restful sleep.

Q: Is hematite magnetic?

Some forms of hematite are magnetic, but not all. The magnetism occurs after a natural or artificial heating process.

Q: Can hematite help with anxiety?

Hematite is believed to help calm the mind, providing a grounding energy that can be beneficial for those experiencing anxiety.

Q: How do you cleanse and charge hematite?

Hematite can be cleansed with smudging or by placing it on a piece of selenite. It's best to charge hematite by placing it on the earth or near other grounding stones.

Q: Can hematite be worn every day?

Yes, hematite can be worn daily. However, it's important to ensure that it does not come into contact with water frequently and is stored properly.

Q: Does hematite have any association with zodiac signs?

Hematite is often associated with the zodiac signs Aries and Aquarius, providing grounding energy to these signs.

Q: What chakra is hematite associated with?

The grounding qualities of hematite make it often associated to the root chakra.

Q: How should hematite be worn for the best effect?

To keeps its grounding energy close to the body, hematite can be worn as jewelry, like rings, bracelets, or pendants.

Q: What should you avoid when handling hematite?

Avoid dropping hematite on hard surfaces, exposing it to water for long periods, and storing it with harder stones that might scratch it.