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Black Obsidian Illuminated: Meaning, Uses & Healing Properties

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a unique crystal that you are going to fall in love with due to the safety and the grounding that it is able to provide to you. This crystal comes from the rapid cooling of felsic lava and is usually dark black in color. The texture is almost like glass, giving it a unique shine that you will love. There are different shades that this stone can come in which includes gold (gold sheen obsidian), mahogany, snowflake, and rainbow to name a few. In the past, it was a hard and brittle stone that worked well for tools, but today we use obsidian stones to provide additional safety around us.

A black obsidian stone is a good sword to have when it is time to fight off some of the negative energy that tries to take us down, while also being our anchor when we need to keep grounded in our life. While not as bright as some of the other stones or healing crystals you can choose for your collection, the black obsidian is still beautiful after a close look. This volcanic glass stone knows that one size isn’t going to work for everyone, which is why it is capable of presenting itself in different ways.

The sharp edges found in obsidian stones are a symbol to remind us that darkness can be pierced right through, no matter how thick it is, to help us reveal the light and the truth. The polished surface of the black obsidian stone that will draw you in is like a mirror to look into the future with more clarity than you could imagine and the volcanic roots will speak to a well of raw energy that, when you decide to harness it, can be soul-shaking as well. This crystal has a lot of faces and for those who want to take a closer look, it can be grounding and provide a lot of power.

Are There Different Types Of Obsidian?

There are actually several types of obsidian stone that you are able to work with depending on the kind of power that you would like to add to your home. Some of the different options available include:

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian Stone

This is one of the most common types of obsidian out there. It is as dark as night and can be one of the best tools for those who are seeking out protection, grounding, lots of healing, and the ability to tear through falsehoods in order to find the truth.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

You will be able to see a flurry of wonder with this type of obsidian crystal because there are dancing patterns of white that happen beneath a dark surface. Snowflake obsidian is known to help you shift patterns and can provide a soothing vibe when your nerves are frayed.

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian

This is a rich and vibrant color that can provide a lot of protection to the person who is using it. For anyone who is going through a vulnerable moment, this stone is going to help to ward off all the attacks.

Golden Obsidian

Golden Obsidian

This one will come with a lot of glimmers just like the rainbow obsidian, which provides it with the name of The Wizard Stone. This is the one that you should use to help activate the third eye, shining light on any negativity around to help you dive right into higher living that is so good for you.

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Black Obsidian Healing Properties

This stone is often admired for the colors and shades that show up in it, but it also comes with a lot of healing properties that you are sure to love. The Black Obsidian healing properties are all about stimulating growth, helping you to feel protected, and connecting back to the root chakra so you can feel like you belong in this world. Some of the other healing properties you will love about this stone include:

1. Mental & Emotional

Black Obsidian Mental & Emotional Properties

This is the protecting stone, one that helps everyone to heal deeply. It can keep you free and clear when you have negative emotions and energy all around. While this stone is nearby, it will throw a cloak of protection on top of you, helping you to stay uplifted and feeling good, rather than dragged down into a pit of despair.

This stone is also the truth seeker, helping to drive away from the falsehoods and negative energies that are all around you. You can use this to pierce through the darkness or to help learn what is the truth and what you should ignore or avoid because it is false. The black obsidian stone will give you all of the necessary courage to explore some of the unknown, embrace who you are, and dissolve some of the old traumas so you will let go of the things that no longer serve you. 

This is a powerful stone that will be more useful than you can ever imagine until you get started.

2. Physical Healing

Black Obsidian Physical Healing

As we mentioned before, this volcanic lava stone is a very protective one. Obsidian is there to help the whole body prepare for action and it will help every part of you stay detoxed from negativity and other bad things that may be in the world around you. This is also a good one to use when you struggle with bad circulation or matters of the heart. Since it allows you to do a full detox, you get the benefit of a stronger heart and better circulation than you can do on your own.

This is just the start of the work for obsidian. This is a good option to use anytime you suffer from several digestive issues or issues with the gall bladder. When this stone is around, it is able to help keep the heart beating healthy and can heal the deep tissues of the whole body. When it is used right, especially with the help of a crystal therapist, it can help rejuvenate the body and allows you to feel full of fire, youthful, and fresh.

3. Metaphysical Healing

Black Obsidian Chakra

One of the strongest connections that users will feel with the obsidian crystal is that it helps add more strength to the root chakra. This is an important chakra when it is time to keep the mind and body grounded, even through the various challenges that happen around us. Any time that the root chakra gets blocked, we may feel unstable and untethered, as though there is some danger just around the corner. If you feel constantly on edge or anxious, then this is a sign the root chakra is blocked. Obsidian can step in and help with this problem.

Along with the root chakra, the obsidian stone will be there to help with the third eye chakra. Due to the mirror-like and metaphysical properties of obsidian, you will be able to glimpse into another realm and learn more about the truth and knowledge that is around you all the time. In some cases, this will help with the solar plexus chakra because it can help promote better self-esteem and your personal sense of worth. When this one is blocked, we may feel lost and shy but when it is open, we are able to look for the truth in ourselves and feel at peace.

Cleansing The Obsidian Crystal

All crystals will need to be cleansed and recharged on occasion. This is important since they take on so much negative energy in the hopes of making you feel better and opening up more doors for you. Failure to cleanse the obsidian crystal or any of the other options in your collection, will result in them not working effectively.

You can cleanse this crystal by running it underwater. Since this stone does invite a lot of the other elements into it as well, this is a stone that you can leave out in the moonlight to clean the energy and help recharge it and give it more power. A few hours is often enough, though you can just leave it there overnight.

Other people who are getting into crystals will smudge it with some sage or another strong and potent herb. If you have your own singing bowl to use, you can use sound to cleanse and charge this stone as it seems to respond well to the instrument and the sound vibrations. You can choose the method that works the best for you and that you think provides the best results with recharging your obsidian crystal.

Choosing The Obsidian Crystal For Your Collection

While obsidian is not always the first choice that beginners have when working through their crystal collection, once you learn the obsidian crystal meaning, you will see that it is a powerful tool to add to your collection. It can provide you with all of the protection that you need, fights off insecurities and some of the negativity that may try to take over your life, and allow you to seek out, and find, the truth in the world around you. Don’t let the dark color of this crystal confuse or turn you away.

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