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Tiger’s Eye Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties

 Tiger’s EyeIf you’re an avid collector of gemstones or simply like to pick up a crystal here and there, the tigers eye stone is one item you’ll want to add to your collection. With its gold, brown, and black color tones laid out in exquisite patterns, the tigers eye stone is a unique one you’ll want to collect.

Known for its powerful wealth and success components, the tiger’s eye stone is used for many other reasons as well. 

What Is Tiger’s Eye?

Tigers eye is formed by altering crocidolite when quartz dissolves it. As for the color, iron oxide is what gives it the signature color that makes it easy to identify this stone.

This gemstone is found in areas where heat and dry air are readily present. Some of the locations where tigers eye is mined include India, Australia, South Africa, Namibia, Brazil, Spain, and the United States, to name a few.

Tiger’s eye has a smooth luster to it and is a 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale.  

History of Tiger’s EyeTiger’s Eye stone

Tiger’s Eye has a unique history. The ancient Egyptians adored the tiger's eye for its eye-catching color scheme. These individuals said the tiger's eye crystal is equated with divine vision and used them for the eyes of their deity statues. The Egyptians also used the tiger’s eye in jewelry for its protective qualities.

The Romans favored tiger’s eye gemstones for their protective attributes and healing properties as well. The tiger's eye crystal was put to good use as protection when heading into battle. 

Tiger's Eye Meaning

As you might have gathered, the tiger’s eye is a protective stone that has strength as a main characteristic. As with the tiger who rules the jungle, the tiger’s eye stone represents courage and the wearer can embrace this meaning. The different colors also symbolize strength in varying degrees.

The tiger’s eye crystal has a watchful eye and mystical quality to it. These qualities both work together with the overall strength characteristic of the tiger’s eye.

Tiger’s eye crystal is also helpful with balancing and clearing emotions with its noted healing properties. If you want a mind that’s calm or a disposition full of peaceful qualities, the tiger’s eye is your go-to stone. 

Healing Properties of Tiger’s Eye

Gemstones and crystals are known for their healing properties and tiger’s eye is no different. With its strength components, you can use the tiger’s eye to heal you of the things that bother you and affect you in different ways. Tiger's eye can also provide you courage and self-confidence whenever you need a boost in these aspects.

Here are some ways the tiger’s eye crystal can be used for its healing properties, both for physical and emotional healing:

  • Offering insight into difficult situations
  • Providing focus
  • Protection from negative energies
  • Offering good luck
  • Deepening one’s state of meditation
  • Help with grounding and centering one’s energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Freedom from fear

With all these healing properties, it’s no wonder that the tiger’s eye stone is a popular healing item used often in crystal healing sessions. Add in the fact that the tiger's eye crystal has a vibrant and unique color and you have a gemstone that everyone wants in their collection.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye crystal can be put to good use in many ways. From wearing it as a pendant around your neck to keeping the stone in your pocket, you can embrace the powerful healing components of the tiger’s eye stone.

1. Jewelry

Tiger’s Eye jewelry

If you want to have your tiger’s eye crystal on you wherever you go, wearing it in a piece of jewelry is an easy way to do so. You can buy tiger’s eye pendants, tiger’s eye rings, tiger’s eye bracelets, and many other unique jewelry pieces adorned with this stone. 

2. Feng Shui

Tiger’s Eye for feng shui

Feng shui is the practice of using space and the layout of your home or office to create a balanced energy environment. This can be done by using gemstones and crystals in the practice of feng shui. Tiger’s eye crystal is an especially useful stone for feng shui purposes especially when you want to increase your good fortune.

The tiger’s eye gemstone can be used to keep moods grounded, make fears dissipate, boost self-confidence, and attract good luck. Overall, it’s an excellent stone for providing a safe environment in your home or office. With its protective qualities, you can see why tiger’s eye gemstones are often used for the purpose of feng shui.

If you want to tap into the protective attributes of a tiger’s eye crystal, place it by your front door or by a window. This will add a feeling of security to your home and be an essential part of your feng shui layout.  

3. Meditation

Tiger’s Eye for meditation

The tiger’s eye can also be used for meditation purposes. When you meditate, use your tiger’s eye gemstone to help you connect to your purpose and path. As you meditate, hold the stone in your hand and let the healing powers and focus be the result of using the tiger’s eye with your meditation.

You can also wear your tiger’s eye as jewelry or place a tiger’s eye gemstone on the table next to you as you meditate to let its powerful energy guide you in your spiritual meditations. 

4. Chakra Cleansing

Tiger’s Eye Chakra Cleansing

The tiger’s eye gemstone is used in conjunction with the root, sacral chakras, and solar plexus chakra. Tiger’s eye can be used to dispel negative energy when used with the root chakra. When used with all three chakras, a tiger's eye crystal will help to provide safety and strength to the holder as well as enable them to feel grounded.

This gemstone can also be used with the third eye chakra for enhancing psychic abilities as it’s known for its mystical qualities.

Use the tiger’s eye gemstone when engaging in a chakra cleansing and you will feel better in many different ways and reap the benefits listed above. 

5. Table Displays

Tiger’s Eye Table Display

Sometimes you might want to display your tiger’s eye gemstone right out in the open. With a larger tiger’s eye gemstone, you can display this beautiful item in your home or office for all to see. You can place the gemstone on a table by itself or add a few other crystals and gemstones to the collection for a decor item with added powerful energy. 

6. Carry the Loose Stones

Carry the Loose Stones

You might find that keeping a tiger’s eye crystal in your pocket or purse as you go about your day is an ideal notion. By doing so, you can carry this good luck, focus-oriented stone with you wherever you go. If you need some added energy throughout the day, simply take out your tiger’s eye and hold it for a minute or so to recharge your strength. 

How to Care For Tiger’s Eye

When you purchase your new tiger’s eye gemstone, you want to be sure to keep it looking as lovely as possible.

Caring for your tiger's eye is easy as can be. Simply let it sit in the water with a little bit of soap for a short while. Then, rinse off your tiger’s eye and you’ll find that it’s clean, recharged, and ready to be put back to good use.

For a more in-depth energy cleansing, place your tiger’s eye outside at night every so often and let the moonlight cleanse your beloved gemstone. This will provide excellent recharging qualities for your stone.

When you want to put your tiger’s eye aside, such as safely storing a piece of tiger’s eye jewelry, make sure to place it in a small felt bag or separate jewelry box compartment so it doesn’t get damaged if put in with other items. You want your tiger’s eye to be in the best shape possible for years to come. 

Pursue Success with Tiger’s Eye By Your Side

Tiger’s eye is a gemstone with excellent meaning and wonderful healing qualities. When you have a tiger’s eye necklace or loose tiger’s eye gem to take with you wherever you go, you’ll feel confident and protected as you face each day.

When it’s time to buy a tiger’s eye gemstone, consider the following:

  • Do I want to wear it or carry it?
  • Do I want a small stone or a larger display?
  • What color scheme am I looking for, more yellow or more brown?
  • What jewelry items do I often wear that I could add a tiger’s eye stone to?
  • What is my gemstone budget?
  • Do I want to collect other stones to display beside my tiger’s eye gemstone?

As you consider these items, you’ll be able to choose the right type of tiger’s eye gemstone to add to your stone collection. You might even want to collect a few different types of tiger’s eye stones, especially if you’re really interested in this type of gemstone.

When you buy your tiger’s eye gemstone, think of the many ways you can use your new item. You can take up meditation or engage in chakra cleansing and watch the tiger’s eye work its powerful energy magic. You’ll find that having this gemstone by your side gives a new outlook and helps you in various areas of your life to achieve what you’ve been looking to do all along.

Explore the tiger’s eye products and choose the one that is most suited for your lifestyle. You’ll find that adding this lovely stone to your collection is not only a good idea for its powerful energy but lovely aesthetics as well.