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Fluorite Crystal Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties

Fluorite crystalFluorite is also known as the Genius Stone because it is a magical mind clearer.

Fluorite crystal is one of the most popular aura cleansers, helping you make decisions with truth and clarity. Fluorite brings healing properties to your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

A Fluorite stone improves mental clarity and excites your soul with spiritual energy. It promotes self-love, confidence, and direction.

Find out all you need to know about the Fluorite gemstone, including its meaning, symbolism, and how to use it in your daily life.

What is Fluorite?

Fluorite is a calcium fluoride mineral and belongs to the halide mineral family. This stone develops in various colors, including purple, green, yellow, black, clear, pink, and rainbow hues. Its fluorescent light changes colors depending on the angle and light it is seen in.

Fluorite Meaning and Symbolism

Fluorite is a softer stone and a wonderful show-stopper because of its capacity to develop in a stunning array of colors and patterns. You might be enamored with just one look, but it's also a stone that appears to alter every time you gaze at it.

Fluorite has a mystique about it, which is why it is so revered. It interacts with the human body and energy fields, providing the user with soothing peace, deeper sleep, as well as a slew of other physical, emotional, and metaphysical benefits.

History of Fluorite

Originally named Fluorspar, this gem was first discovered in the tropics of Mexico and warm Brazil, so it's no surprise that it provides a ray of sunshine.  Fluorite derives its name from the Latin word flux, which refers to the gem's propensity to flow in flux and harmony with a variety of different elements. If we take that word in a more spiritual sense, it sums up Fluorite's mood perfectly: it's all about finding balance, joy, and harmony.

Fluorite Crystal Benefits

Fluorite crystals are renowned for their numerous benefits and have been used for centuries in various practices. Let's explore the top five benefits of using fluorite crystals:

  • Boost Mental Clarity: Fluorite crystals clear mental fog, stimulate intellect, and enhance focus, aiding decision-making and problem-solving.
  • Emotional Stability: Fluorite crystals bring calm, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, fostering emotional healing and inner peace.
  • Enhance Learning: Use fluorite crystals to boost concentration, memory, and learning abilities, whether you're a student or a lifelong learner.
  • Protect Against Negativity: Ward off negative energies and psychic attacks with fluorite crystals, creating a harmonious, protective environment.
  • Support Spiritual Growth: Fluorite crystals enhance intuition, connect with higher realms, and aid spiritual awakening, ideal for meditation and spiritual practice.

These are just some of the many benefits that fluorite crystals can provide. Whether you are seeking mental clarity, emotional stability, spiritual growth, or physical healing, incorporating fluorite crystals into your life can be highly beneficial.

Fluorite Healing Properties

Fluorite has powerful healing properties that will benefit the mind and body:

1. Physical Healing Properties

Fluorite Stones

Fluorite’s healing crystals are also renowned as powerful antiviral due to their limitless clean energy. When administered at the onset of viral symptoms, they may assist in flushing the body of infection.

Fluorite can also help with any bone-related disease as well as joint and tissue problems. It is known to be especially useful with rheumatism and arthritis, and it is here to help you regain movement and return to the beauty of full and flourishing health.

2. Mental Healing Properties

Fluorite Mental Healing Properties

The Fluorite stone is all about being in sync with yourself and finding your flow (or Flux) in terms of mental well-being and spiritual awakening. It is an excellent detox stone because its energy flushes out negative thinking, patterns, and behaviors, as well as addictive tendencies. We can think more clearly, have positive energy, be honest with ourselves, and make judgments based on this clarity of thought. 

3. Metaphysical Healing Properties

Fluorite Metaphysical Healing Properties

The Fluorite stone's remarkable capacity to wave off any lingering negative energy is one of its most powerful characteristics. It also encourages you to not limit your capabilities, think outside the box, and embrace your creative side.

4. Fluorite Crystals For Chakra Healing

Fluorite Crystals For Chakra Healing

Here are the following Fluorite crystal meaning for each different Fluorite color:

Clear FluoriteClear Fluorite

Clear Fluorite, which connects to the crown chakra, is all about mental clarity. It is also known for its ability to operate in tandem with other crystals, making it a popular choice for chakra alignment and boosting the energy of other stones.

Blue FluoriteBlue Fluorite

Blue Fluorite, is a wonderful throat chakra healer. The Blue Fluorite stone's tranquil blue energy meaning is clear thinking, spiritual enlightenment, and efficient communication.

Green FluoriteGreen Fluorite

Green Fluorite, a heart chakra performer, gives a powerful dose of purifying energy. The Green Fluorite stone provides a dose of creative thinking so you can discover your true life purpose.

Purple FluoritePurple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite embodies pure calm by tapping into that third eye chakra, offering bands of protection. Purple Fluorite radiates light and love, making it the ideal gem for individuals seeking a deeper spiritual connection.

Yellow FluoriteYellow Fluorite

Yellow Fluorite's golden tones are a good fit for those who desire to clear their solar plexus chakra. This Fluorite gemstone works wonders with balancing and healing group energy.

Rainbow Fluorite Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite is an astounding crystal and emits strong pleasant energies. This versatile stone inspires creativity, connects you to your intuition, and makes way for a more positive mindset. It brings you rainbow moods and leaves you with a rich, liberated feeling and glow.

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5. As A Zodiac Birthstone

Fluorite As A Zodiac Birthstone

Fluorite is celebrated as the birthstone of those born under the zodiac sign Capricorn. However, people born in Pisces may also benefit from its balancing and healing energy.

How Do You Use Fluorite?

Here are some of the ways you can use Fluorite:

At Home

Rainbow Fluorite is a wonderful crystal to bring divine happiness and positivity to your home.

In the Office

Rainbow Fluorite is known to inspire a positive mindset, so it’s always best to carry it with you, even in your office.

If you want to achieve a specific degree of success in your workplace, green fluorite is known to attract prosperity and inner wealth.

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As Jewelry

Wearing fluorite jewelry is one of the best ways to absorb the brilliant healing energy of Fluorite crystals. Having this stone near your skin will send those chakra-cleaning energies exactly where they're needed. There's something about coming into direct contact with crystals that boosts their potency as they tap into your energy.

How Do You Cleanse and Charge Your Fluorite Crystal?

Leaving your Fluorite in a soft slant of moonlight or sunshine and letting nature's rays do the work is one of the best and easiest ways to keep it cleansed and energized at the same time.

Smudging and using sage sticks to burn away bad feelings and keep things nice is another approach to cleansing your Fluorite. Smudging is a simple approach to cleansing negative energy by waving the smoke over a crystal and allowing good intentions to settle in.

Final Thoughts on Fluorite

Fluorite is a fantastic stone for anyone who needs a little more clarity in their life. Making decisions can be difficult, and the mind can easily become clouded by tangled webs and a plethora of options. Fluorite is aware that humans have a difficult time staying in touch with our deepest feelings and helps by clearing our chakras and doing a deep cleansing.