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Lepidolite Meaning, Uses, and Healing Properties

LepidoliteGemstones are frequently purchased items for many reasons. They are obtained for the beauty they exude but also for the meaning they hold. Each gemstone has special attributes that make them adored by many individuals around the globe. One gemstone that has a loyal following is lepidolite.

Lepidolite is beautiful to look at but also has powerful components regarding its energy. From anxiety and depression relief to promoting personal awareness and relieving stress, there are many reasons to acquire lepidolite properties and add them to your gemstone collection.

What is Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is a mood-stabilizing gemstone with lilac or rose-violet color. It’s a Mica group mineral that has been stated to have the capabilities to restore balance, harmony, and energy.

Properties of the lepidolite crystal contain lithium, a component often used in anti-anxiety medication. This also acts as a mood stabilizer making it the perfect crystal for those with bipolar disorder. If you’re ever feeling stressed, hold on to your lepidolite gemstone and it will help to produce a calming effect.

History of Lepidolite

Lepidolite was officially discovered and given its name in the 18th century. Originally called lilalite due to its lavender color, this stone’s name was changed to lepidolite which is from the Greek word lipids meaning scale. The term relates to its scaly appearance which is caused by lithium flakes. The popular lilac variety is found in Zimbabwe in Africa.

This gemstone is notable for its part in helping Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff in the discovery of rubidium. Lepidolite is found in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Russia, Madagascar, and other locales whose major in lithium resources.

Lepidolite MeaningLepidolite stone

Lepidolite is often called the peace stone for its calming nature and soothing effects. Its lithium attributes and metaphysical properties make it an excellent stone for individuals who experience stress or anxiety.

This lovely purple gemstone also helps individuals find a purpose in life. With these capabilities, those who collect and display the lepidolite will be able to let go of things that hold them captive and embrace the joy that they seek.

Lepidolite crystal also promotes awareness. If you’re one to act without thinking about it beforehand, this stone will help you to take the time to think before acting. The lepidolite healing properties help you to think about potential consequences before doing something you shouldn’t and then revise your way of thinking and actions.

Spiritual journeys are also aided with the help of lepidolite healing properties. If you’re searching for a higher purpose and spiritual path, using the lepidolite will assist you every step of the way.

With these healing crystals, it’s also possible and advisable to pursue happiness with full force. You can achieve that happiness you desire. And with the lepidolite crystal by your side, doing so will be even easier.

The aesthetically pleasing purple stone also aids in transition. It helps to prevent your life from becoming stagnant and remaining at a standstill. The lepidolite healing properties will offer encouragement to focus on your dreams and then help you get to work achieving them.

Healing Properties of Lepidolite

The healing properties of lepidolite are endless because of its attributes and metaphysical properties. Since a lepidolite crystal contains lithium, these stones are known to lower stress allowing for a calm body and mind.

A piece of lepidolite can also improve mood swings, reduce anxiety and boost positive energy. Also called the stone of transition, the lepidolite crystal also helps people reorganize their behavior and way of thinking bringing about a positive change in the user.

In terms of their physical healing properties, these healing crystals help strengthen the body by allowing the nervous system to relax and remove minor aches and pains. 

How to Use Lepidolite

Lepidolite can be displayed and used in many ways. From wearing your lepidolite on a favorite piece of jewelry to displaying it on your nightstand, you can put your lepidolite anywhere you want. Here are some ways to put your lepidolite to good use:

1. Wear It As Jewelry

Wear Lepidolite As Jewelry

Many fans of lepidolite like to wear it as jewelry. The stone can be cut into beads or pendants and displayed in necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings. When you wear your lepidolite as jewelry, it’s always close to you whenever you need it and with you wherever you go. It will help to soothe your nerves and calm your fears and stress on a continual basis as you wear it.   

2. Use It to Balance Your Chakras

Lepidolite to Balance Your Chakras

Lepidolite crystal is also used in the process of balancing chakras. The stone is ideal for the third eye chakra and crown chakra for a boost in the nervous system. You can use it with your third eye chakra to boost your intellect and awareness. It encourages independence and self-love and trust.

It can also be used to open the crown chakra. By doing so, these healing crystals will clear the blockages and bring about cosmic awareness. This will help the user to look to the future and pursue their daily life with this aspect in mind also gives way to the heart chakra.

3. Display on Its Own

Lepidolite Display

If you want to reap the benefits of its energy and also display it for its beauty and improve the immune system, purchase a larger lepidolite crystal, and display it in your favorite room. You can purchase a display holder that lifts it up off the table and have it be seen by everyone who walks by the crystal healing. Not only will it decorate your home or office but it will be a conversation piece, too. And while you’re doing so, you can feel the soothing energy that the lepidolite healing properties give off.   

4. Use In Feng Shui Practice

Lepidolite for Feng Shui

Lepidolite can also be used in the practice of feng shui. If you’re looking to transform energy in your home or office from negative energy to positive energy, lepidolite can do so. Choose a location where your lepidolite can best be put to good use and place a bowl full of lepidolite stones there.

You can add even more positivity to your room by adding black tourmaline or smoky quartz to your stone display. After all, it can’t hurt to make things as positive as can be!

5. Keep Lepidolite by Your Bed

Keep Lepidolite by Your Bed

If you have a single lepidolite stone energy, keep it next to your bed on a nightstand or dresser. This stone will help you to wake up after a good night’s sleep filled with optimism. You can even place it under your pillow for a more restful night of sleep.   

6. Use Lepidolite in Meditation

Use Lepidolite in Meditation

One of the primary purposes of meditation is to embrace a calming atmosphere and can prevent mood swings. Since this is what lepidolite energy is known for, using this stone in your meditation sessions is an ideal notion. Hold a lepidolite stone in your hand as you meditate. You’ll feel the soothing calmness that the lepidolite produces. Plus, it’s a great way to help you focus on your meditation session.  

7. Carry the Lepidolite in Your Pocket

Carry the Lepidolite in Your Pocket

Since lepidolite comes in many different sizes, you can find one small enough to carry in your pocket or purse. By having this stone in reach at all times, you know that calmness and serenity are never far away. Carrying your lepidolite with you can help you to avoid social anxiety, stress, boost the immune system or mood swings if you’re going through menopause.   

How to Care for Lepidolite

When you have a lepidolite stone, you want to care for it in the best possible way. Lepidolite needs to be handled with care and can’t be wiped with harsh household cleaners. You should also refrain from putting it under pressure or keeping it in high temperatures.

When you want to clean your lepidolite, simply use a soft, dry, cloth and wipe it clean. Once you’ve cleaned your lepidolite, place it in the moonlight to increase its energies.

For lepidolite jewelry, it’s best to store it away from other pieces of jewelry and in a spot where it won’t get bumped by other objects. A jewelry box with soft material on the inside will keep your lepidolite looking great and in the best condition.

Add Lepidolite to Your Gemstone Collection

Lepidolite is a wonderful item to add to your jewelry box or gemstone collection. With its beautiful color tone and unique designs, you can find the lepidolite that appeals to you best. When you’re ready to buy these healing crystals, think of where you want to put them in your home or office or if you want to wear them as jewelry. Keeping these factors in mind will help you to choose the right type of lepidolite item.

Once you have your chosen lepidolite item, you can get started pursuing anxiety relief, and a calming atmosphere, and use this stone in your daily life. You may even want to learn more about feng shui, meditation, or chakras to see how lepidolite plays a role in these activities.