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What Crystals Can Go In Water

Crystals are beautiful stones with many different meanings attached to them. Not only do these lovely stones have certain attributes associated with them, but they’re also aesthetically pleasing to look at and enjoy.

There are so many ways to use your crystals and display your stones. You can wear crystals on jewelry or display them as decor pieces for everyone to see. You may even want to use crystals in all different ways at the same time. And you can!

Crystals don’t need a lot of maintenance but you should take good care of the stones in general. If you select a certain crystal, you may wonder how to care for the gemstone of your choosing. For example, did you know that not all crystals can go in water? This is a mistake some people make with their crystals and wash certain gemstones that may not be best for dipping in water.


Some crystals can be submerged in water and damage will not occur to the stones. In fact, you can clean many crystals by using a little bit of soapy water and then rinsing them off. However, there are some crystals that should not be put in water. Certain crystals should be kept out of water because they could crack, dissolve, or worse! The types of crystals that can, or cannot, go in water often depend on their Mohs hardness scale level. But there are other components as well that determine whether certain stones can go in water, such as their material components which can lead to toxic crystals or crystals with damage.

And you should know that some crystals can go in regular tap water. However, those same crystals might not be able to go in salt water. You should always check each individual stone precaution to know whether regular water, salt water, or no water is advisable.


The Mohs hardness scale shows the level of hardness for each stone and crystal. The scale goes from 1-10. In general, only stones and hard crystals with a Mohs hardness scale rating of 6 or higher should go in water. Usually, the softer the material, the less likely it is that these stones can go in water. All soft crystals and gemstones below that number should be kept out of water. Otherwise damage could occur to the crystal and you wouldn’t want to risk that happening with your favorite gem.

The Mohs hardness scale rating is given by seeing what minerals suffer surface damage when in contact with other minerals. The harder it is to scratch the surface of a particular crystal, the higher the Mohs hardness level. For example, pearls have a low Mohs hardness rating while diamonds are at the top of the scale for hardness level.

Even though the general rule is that crystals with a 6 or higher rating on the Mohs scale can go in water, you should always check water compatibility level with each individual stone, as there are exceptions to the general rule. You want to make sure your stones can go in water when you're interested in cleansing crystals.


It's good to know that not all crystals can be soaked in water, or any type of liquid. If you’re wondering which crystals are able to go in the water, here are some of the stones you can soak in water or rinse off when you’d like to do so. For example, many quartz crystals falls within this category.

When reading the list, you can also learn about the healing energies and meanings that go along with each of these beautiful and durable crystals. Crystals and precious stones that can go in water include:


If you want to align your mind, body, and soul, agate is the crystal to help you do so. Agate provides a calming balance you’re sure to adore. If you want to keep your agate clean, you can put this crystal in water for a light cleaning when you need to do so.


Green aventurine is a luck crystal that offers good vibes. With aventurine by your side you’ll enjoy a type of inner strength that will help you as you go about your day.


Obsidian is the crystal to choose if you want to keep negative energies away. If you want to clear away uncertainty and stay grounded, choose obsidian to add to your stone collection. As an added bonus, you can clean this crystal in water when needed.


Amethyst is a popular stone to collect and enjoy. This vibrant purple crystal helps with stress relief and calms anxious feelings. Connected with the crown chakra, the amethyst stone is an excellent crystal to use when balancing your chakras. If you crave a good night’s sleep, let amethyst guide your path to optimal rest.


People love the fiery color of carnelian with its orange-red tones. Known for its energizing qualities, carnelian is the crystal to choose when you want to bring your creativity to a whole new level.

Clear Quartz

If you’re searching for a multi-purpose crystal, look no further than the master healing crystal, clear quartz. Clear quartz is one of the most popular quartz crystal options. The clear quartz crystal is beautiful to look at and offers wonderful healing energies.


The bright yellow color tone of citrine is sure to bring a cheery feeling to your days. If optimism is what you seek, choose citrine to add to your crystal collection. With the cheerful healing properties of citrine, you'll likely wear this gemstone often.

Tiger’s Eye

For intuition and ease in making decisions, keep the tiger’s eye crystal close by. You’ll enjoy looking at this intriguing stone as well as embracing its healing energy.

Rose Quartz

If you want to embrace self-compassion as well as love for others, another member of the quartz family, rose quartz, can help you do so. This beautiful pink crystal goes with the heart chakra and will help you with all your meditation and chakra balancing sessions if love is what you seek.

These are some of the many water safe crystals that you can put in water with peace of mind!


You’ve seen some of the crystals that can go in water in the list above. Now it’s time to list some crystals that shouldn’t go in water. Crystals dissolve or may become damaged if you do put these into water. In order to prevent damage, keep the following crystals away from water and charge your stones in a different way:


The clear fluorite crystal provides calmness and strength to those who hold it close. If you want to get rid of toxic thoughts and outside negative energy, fluorite is the crystal for you. Just don’t put your fluorite in water as it is a water soluble stone.


Selenite is a feminine energy stone ideal for purification and helping you to clear out any negative energy. It’s also the perfect stone to use when you want to cleanse your other stones. You can by a crystal charging plate in selenite and place your other crystals on the selenite stone to cleanse them.


The beautiful purple lepidolite stone helps you obtain emotional balance. If you strive for inner peace, look no further than the lepidolite crystal to help you achieve this goal. If the past is holding you back from moving forward, lepidolite can clear this blockage away for you so you may head into the future with optimism.


If you want to use a crystal with your third eye chakra, labradorite is an excellent one to choose. Known for its mystical qualities, labradorite also helps with intuition and wisdom.


For a stone that helps with blood circulation and overall strength, choose hematite for your collection. This silver stone is an iron ore component and provides a grounding feature that offers you confidence and strength.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli will bring clarity and creativity into your life. You can gather your thoughts with ease with the help of lapis lazuli. Plus, you’ll be able to express your feelings when the time is right to do so.


With turquoise in your crystal collection, you can achieve a positive outlook. You’ll also find that turquoise helps with immune system benefits. In addition, this gemstone is lovely to look at and wear as jewelry.


So, now that you know some of the crystals that can go in water and others that should be kept out of this liquid, you’re probably asking yourself one question. How do you cleanse crystals that can’t be charged in water? A few different ways! Just always make sure that each individual crystal and the cleansing method you choose are compatible before charging your crystals.

Here are some ways you may want to charge crystals:


The moonlight is a powerful charging component. You can place your favorite crystals on a window ledge and let the moonlight bathe over to them to rejuvenate their healing energies.


The direct sunlight provides another powerful way to charge your crystals, especially those that can’t be cleansed in water. Leave your crystals out to bathe in the sunlight. When the sun goes down, bring the crystals inside and put them to good use once again.

Garden Soil

Since crystals come from the earth, it only makes sense to charge them in their original area. Place your crystals in your home’s garden soil and let the natural elements work their magic.


As mentioned above, selenite is an excellent crystal to use to charge other stones. You can often buy a selenite charging bowl to do so. Place the crystals in the bowl for a short while and let the energetic charge run through them.

Sound Healing

If you’ve ever been part of a sound bath ceremony or witnessed a sound bowl event, you know that sound can be a cleansing and recharging component. Gather your crystals alongside you and listen to the calming sounds throughout this healing session. The vibration will help to charge your crystals. 


Now is an excellent time to find your best crystals! Whether you want crystals that are safe to go in water or you want to choose ones that can be you can cleanse in many different ways, you have plenty of options to choose from in your search.

When the time comes to shop for a new crystal, or a few different crystals, consider the following factors:

What are your favorite types of crystals?

• What crystals do you already have in your collection?

• What are common crystals to collect?

• Does it matter if the crystals can go in water?

• What type of crystal item do you want, i.e., jewelry, display piece, small stones, etc.?

• Will you meditate with your crystals?

Will you cleanse your chakras with your crystals?

How much do you want to spend on crystals?

The options are wide and varied with regard to crystals. You can find stones in all different colors, shapes, sizes, and prices. And if you want crystals that can go in water, you can find these options, too.

Good luck in your search for the perfect crystal for your needs!