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Can Rose Quartz Go In Water?

 charging distilled water with rose quartz stone

Crystals are lovely stones many people adore. From healing crystals to crystal jewelry, there are many ways to use and appreciate these beautiful stones. Quartz crystals are extremely popular stones to collect and enjoy. Clear quartz crystal is popular and so is the lovely rose quartz. Here's some information on the beautiful rose-colored gem.


About Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a light pink stone. Its use isn’t a new idea. This crystal has been used since 7,000 B.C.! In fact, rose quartz used to be used by ancient Egyptian women as part of their beauty regimens in the form of face masks. The beauty and usefulness of this type of quartz crystal were also a part of the lives of ancient Romans.

In current times, rose quartz still has a popular following, although many of its uses are different. Lovers of rose quartz use this crystal for meditation, chakra balancing, and home decoration.

Rose quartz is actually a mineral that’s composed mainly of silicon dioxide molecules. The rose quartz forms at high temperatures, ranging from 752 degrees Fahrenheit to 1,292 degrees Fahrenheit. The end result is a lovely pink stone that’s treasured by many.

Can You Clean Rose Quartz In Water?


You may know that certain stones are water-safe crystals. However, other stones are crystals that should not go in the water. Some crystals dissolve when wet or have other elements and certain minerals which make them water-unsafe crystals. And some crystals can go in tap water but not salt water.

Rose quartz can be cleaned in water and some people like to clean crystals to get rid of negative energies. However, you shouldn’t keep your rose quartz in the water for an extended period even to get rid of negative energy. Some crystals can go in water but shouldn't be soaked for an extended amount of time, only brief periods. Water tolerance varies by crystal.

Quartz stones are on the harder side of the crystal list. Rose quartz is a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. The Mohs hardness scale shows how hard a particular crystal or stone is. In general, the softer the material on the Mohs hardness scale, which goes from 1-10, the less sturdy and durable the stone is overall. Hard crystals on the mohs scale tend to be more durable than soft crystals.

Even though rose quartz is a 7 out of 10 on the Moh’s scale, long soaks when cleansing crystals can enable water to get into any cracks in the crystal. Even harder crystals such as rose quartz and clear quartz can crack. Over time, these cracks could get bigger and your rose quartz sustains damage due to these cracks. Therefore, you can clean this quartz by wiping it down with a wet cloth or running it under the water for a few seconds, but you shouldn’t leave it soak in the water.

There are other factors that make it best to keep your rose quartz out of water. When you keep your rose quartz in water for too long, the finish can become dull and less vibrant. You might even find that your rose quartz rusts if it has any metal components in it. And this will lead to a less than beautiful stone that looks quite different than when you first bought it.

Therefore, it’s good to not put your rose quartz in water too often. When you keep your rose quartz out of water, you can prevent cracks from occurring and widening. You'll also keep your rose quartz crystal looking shiny and bright.

Keep these factors in mind but always remember to do your own research with each individual crystal. Many stones have do's and don'ts you should know about. You may have to use an indirect method to clean your crystals. You can cleanse some crystals under the full moon with lunar energy or other methods. Each crystal has its own best use requirements.

Meaning of Rose Quartz


Rose quartz has various meanings. In general, the rose quartz stone is a crystal of love. People add rose quartz to their crystal collection when they want a joyful stone that gives off vibes of unconditional love. This stone counteracts negative thinking.

This type of love meaning can relate to self compassion and love for oneself. It can also give off vibrations when it comes to attracting love from others. If you want a crystal where love is the main meaning, rose quartz is the stone to choose.

How To Use Rose Quartz

If you find that rose quartz is a stone that really speaks to you, the next step is figuring out how to use this crystal on a daily basis. There are many ways to use rose quartz and put its crystal energies to work for you.

Here are some top ways to use rose quartz:

Rose Quartz Jewelry

Rose Quartz Bracelet

Rose quartz is beautiful to look at and easy to wear. You’ll find plenty of options with this type of crystal jewelry. You may like wearing rings, including crystal rings and jewelry with precious stones. A rose quartz bracelet is an ideal option. Or, perhaps you like to wear eye-catching pendants. You can easily do so with an exquisite rose quartz pendant necklace around your neck. 

Meditation and Chakra Sessions

Rose Quartz Meditation

Rose quartz healing properties go along with the heart chakra. Therefore, people like to use this type of crystal when they balance their heart chakra or during meditation sessions. You can use your loose stone rose quartz during your chakra balancing session or wear your rose quartz necklace while you meditate for your well-being.

Carry Loose Stones

woman holding rose quartz

You can also find rose quartz in the form of loose polished stones. You can place rose quartz, one of your favorite quartz stones, close to you in your pocket or place it in your purse. When you carry the loose stone with you, this light pink crystal is always right there beside you.

Home Decoration

Rose Quartz Decor

Crystals also make wonderful home decor pieces. You can buy a larger rose quartz display item and show it off on your coffee table or office desk. When you display your quartz in this way, not only do you have an excellent home decoration item, but you’re getting its energy simply by having it close by. Other crystals also make excellent decor items.

Add Rose Quartz To Your Collection


Now that you know about the meaning of rose quartz and whether this crystal can, or should, go in water, you may be ready to add this stone to your collection. As you start reviewing your rose quartz options, ask yourself these questions:

  • How do you want to use rose quartz?
  • Will you wear your crystal as jewelry?
  • Do you meditate with crystals?
  • Will you balance your heart chakra with rose quartz?
  • Why do you want this particular stone?
  • How much do you have to spend on a new rose quartz piece?

Rose quartz makes a lovely addition to crystal collections. The crystal offers beautiful aesthetics and wonderful healing energies. And now that you know how best to care for your rose quartz, such as keeping it out of the water and not soaking it for long periods, you can enjoy your crystal for many years to come.

Find your ideal rose quartz crystal today!