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11 Crystals for Headaches - Kumi Oils

11 Crystals for Headaches

Crystals are gemstones that offer powerful healing energies. In addition to their apparent beauty, crystals have energy that helps with physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Each crystal is useful in many different areas, ranging from helping with anxiety to offering stress relief. Crystals are excellent natural tools to use when you want to release negative energies and direct this energy elsewhere.

Crystals are also useful in helping keep headaches at a minimum. Crystals for headaches are widely available. There are many crystals that help with headaches. And if your headaches are severe, you’ll be happy to know that crystals for migraines also exist. Healing crystals work in many ways and you might find that a few different crystals are on your best healing crystals list.

It's important to make headaches go away. After all, debilitating headaches can affect your emotional health and cause sleep deprivation. These painful occurrences can also cause emotional stress.

How Do You Use Crystals for Headaches

You can use crystals for headaches in different ways. The crystals can be used alongside your traditional medical regimen prescribed to you by a healthcare professional. It never hurts to have some added help from the universe and earth. Crystals that help with headaches offer this additional assistance. When you feel a headache coming on, you can grab your powerful energy crystals to help.

Crystals enable you to have a positive energy flow and get rid of stagnant energy. And these stones offer healing properties as well. They can work with your regular health regimen in areas of the nervous system. Crystals offer anti-inflammatory properties, too. When you want to give crystals for headache relief a try, you can use the stones in the following ways:

  • Use the crystals in your meditation sessions for migraine relief
  • Balance your chakras, such as the crown chakra, with the help of crystals and focus on the related ones
  • Keep a specific headache aid crystal by your bedside
  • Wear your stone on jewelry so you have it with you whenever you go out
  • Place a specific stone in your pocket that will help you with headache relief

And you don’t have to choose just one type of use for crystals that help with headaches. You can use the different methods to help make headaches and migraines less of a bother for you. The crystals may work for healing headaches. The stones may also help with clearing energy blockages. When you achieve these goals, you can make headaches go away.

11 Best Crystals That Help with Headaches

Ready to use crystals for headaches? Here are 11 best crystals you can put to good use to help alleviate headaches:

Rose Quartz

rose quartz stone

Rose quartz is a crystal known as a love stone but it’s also an excellent one to have in your crystal collection as a headache reliever. The rose quartz is a true love gemstone that reduces tension which will help with stress headaches and migraines. When you put the rose quartz to work for you, the stress dissipates and with it goes the headache.

Clear Quartz

Another type of quartz to use for headache relief is clear quartz. This lovely gemstone is beautiful to look at and is extremely useful, too. Known as the master healer, clear quartz helps you find harmony and balance and clears your space of energy blockages. Since headaches can be brought on by stress and negative energy, the clear quartz will clear the bad vibes from your life and help you find calm.


The lovely amethyst is a perfect stone to display. It’s also helpful when it comes to getting rid of headaches and to relieve migraines. You can put a piece of amethyst in your pocket or lay it on your bedside table to help alleviate pain from headaches. Amethyst offers access to restful sleep. This serenity gem will help you relax and reduce stress that can cause headaches. The crystal healing power is strong with the amethyst stone.


Agate, specifically blue lace agate, is a crystal that also works to make headaches go away. If you suffer from tension headaches, you can use agate crystals to help the pain from migraines and headaches dissipate. Agate has a calming energy that helps reduce stress and works at relieving headaches. In addition, agate is a beautiful stone to display.


The bright yellow color of citrine will add a cheerful vibe to your home or office. This crystal also helps to prevent negative energy that can cause tension. Since tension causes head pain for some people, having a citrine stone by your side is an excellent option to consider. Think of citrine as vitamin D in crystal form and put this beautiful gem to work for you. This stone has high vibrations!


The pale color tone of selenite sets the scene for a calming environment. Peace and positivity are two features associated with selenite. This eye-catching crystal pulls away negative energy that may circulate throughout your space and replaces it with a calming vibe. If you suffer from tension headaches, putting a piece of selenite in your purse or pocket can help reduce the stress you might feel.


carnelian crystal

With the help of bright carnelian, you can regain your energy and help to reduce the strain caused by headaches. The red and orange colors provide you with a boost of energy and healthy detoxification. When you feel fatigue, the carnelian jumps in and works at allowing energy to emerge. The stone gets rid of stagnant energy, too. All these things can help make headaches a thing of the past.


Amber has many healing energies. This lovely stone is filled with natural oils that help individuals who suffer from a variety of ailments. The powerful energies of amber are helpful ones to put to work making your headache or migraine disappear. Amber has many other uses as well. This stone is useful for healing toothaches and reducing sinus pain. When you have amber in your collection, you have a good amount of healing energy present.


Hematite is a strong spiritual crystal. The powerful crystal is an eye-catching silver color tone and is known as an ancient headache healer. People in centuries past used hematite as a healing stone for headache relief, circulation assistance, and as an inflammation reducer. This stone also offers a good amount of grounding energy. Therefore, if you get stressed easily, the hematite can help you stay focused, maintain a clear head, and feel less tension. Since tension headaches are caused by stress, having this grounding aspect will help to prevent headaches from occurring in the first place.


moonstone crystal

Named after the beautiful moon, moonstone is a crystal that not only looks nice but is a healing stone, too. Associated with feminine energy, moonstone is useful for headaches caused by the monthly menstrual cycle. It’s also a stone that can help with hormonal issues. Moonstone can also be put to good use when you feel stress from daily life and have a migraine or headache as a result thereof. This crystal is a multipurpose stone that will work wonders within your crystal collection.


If you want a crystal that can help with headache relief, add aquamarine to your gem collection. This crystal works to invite positivity, deflect negative energy, and release tension. When you’re able to relax, you may find that your headaches lessen in intensity and frequency. Aquamarine is also an excellent stone for chakra cleansing as it works with many of the seven chakras.

Find the Right Crystals for Headaches Today

As you can see, there are many powerful crystals that work to relieve tension and headaches. When you have to face these daily challenges, it's good to know that options exist to help you with your headaches and migraines. As you go through the list, you might question which crystals are best for you and alleviating your headache. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Do you get headaches frequently?
  • Have you been diagnosed with migraines?
  • Are your headaches caused by stress?
  • Is the pain the result of a tension headache?
  • Have you tried anything to help your headaches in the past?
  • Do you want to use the crystals just for pain relief or other things?
  • Will you use the crystals for chakra cleansing and meditations?
  • What size crystal do you need?

By considering these factors, you can zone in on the right type of crystal. 

Other things that might keep headaches and migraines at a minimum include reducing stress, laying flat to rest when you have a headache, and avoiding direct contact with bright lights. Your doctor can give you professional medical advice on how to ease pain from headaches.

Now’s an excellent time to expand your crystal collection and find crystals for headaches. This type of search is also ideal to locate crystals for migraines. If you try a few crystals that help with headaches, you can combine this natural approach with your usual medical regimen and doctor's advice. 

Find the right crystals for headaches today!