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Leo Birthstones: Your Complete Guide

Leo Birthstones: Your Complete Guide

leo birthstone

The birthstone connected to the Leo zodiac sign is the Peridot stone. This gemstone is characterized by its green color and it means focus and purpose. Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac. Individuals who are born between July 23rd to August 23rd carry this sign. People connect this sign with the lion.

The Personality of a Leo

Because it is symbolized by the lion which is synonymous with strength, Leos are deemed to be strong people with dominant personalities. Leo is also characterized by the fiery sun which translates to a bright personality. People with the zodiac sign Leo display a sunny disposition but don’t take this lightness for granted because you will be met with a strong determination to be right.

Because it is a fire sign, Leo zodiac signs are fiery, passionate, and warm especially when it comes to people that they care about. The best thing about lions is that they are not complicated creatures at all, with lions what you see is what you get and that holds for Leos.

Leos have self-confidence that is bigger than life, they can sometimes be prone to being show-offs but at the same time, they have the biggest hearts which is why a lot of people are attracted to their personalities. A typical Leo personality means that the person is loyal, a lover of life, and a natural leader who is not scared to lead the pack.

They don’t have time for drama or for beating around the bush. Leos are straight to the point and they are not shy in letting people know what they want. If they see an opportunity, they will pounce on it before somebody beats them to it.

The fact that Leo’s are big-hearted makes people gravitate towards them. This strength comes like a double-edged sword because it will come across as an admirable trait but at the same time can crossover as arrogant or stubborn. Like a true King of the Jungle, Leo’s are used to being the center of attention and they can be threatened when somebody new comes along.


Healing gemstones and crystals have been around for centuries and were used in ancient times as a healing instrument when a person was suffering from a physical or spiritual illness. There is the great importance of matching a crystal to your astrological sign because it will make your strengths stand out and at the same time make your weaknesses balanced so that it won’t be a disadvantage to you.

Healing crystals can help balance emotions which is essential to becoming your best self and having a positive attitude with everything that comes your way.

The list of gemstones below will not only complement the personality of a Leo but will also help overcome the traits that they are lacking or need to be strengthened. These gemstones have healing capabilities that will enhance the passion and warmth that is innate in a Leo. The chosen Leo birthstones will also make them more grounded, more willing to share their warmth with others, and be a better person altogether.

Read along as we further discuss the different lucky gemstones that will complement Leo's personality:


The main birthstone of Leo is the peridot stone, which is a gemstone characterized by a green hue. Coupled with a warm sparkle, this stone symbolizes the warm heart of a Leo but at the same time will try to enhance the playful side. Also known as the study stone, Peridot will strengthen your ability to focus and this is important because it will help you reach your goals.

The peridot stone will help you concentrate so that you can finish the task at hand, but that doesn’t mean that it only brings about seriousness to all matters. The study stone is seen as radiant which will lead you to open your heart and try to eliminate the possessiveness that a Leo is known for.


Known as the sunset kiss, the Carnelian gemstone is a warming and bright stone that is the stone used the most for artistic expression and courage. If you are a Leo who is struggling to get your creative juices flowing, this lucky gemstone is a match made in heaven because it will stimulate creative thinking.

Even though the energy that this wonderful stone carries is known as sublime, it will complement the Leo go-getter attitude by getting things done right away. This gemstone will also help Leos stay within the course and commit fully. The best thing about this stone is that it will help moderate the temper of a Leo. This doesn’t mean that this stone is used to diffuse the fiery passions that Leos have, but rather it will seek a balance between the two extremes.


Ruby Birthstone Jewelry

The famous Ruby gemstone is fiery and is a perfect partner to any Leo zodiac symbol and those who are in the Leo moon sign. This does not come as a surprise because this fiery gemstone is a perfect match to a fiery Leo who will not back down. Ruby is known as a regal stone and will bring about love and passion. This stone oozes self-confidence is also used for battles in ancient times because it reinforces the strength found within warriors.

Bursting with confidence, the ruby stone is a great tool in balancing uneven chakras, specifically the solar plexus chakra and heart chakra. You can also use this gemstone in keeping courage at bay and holding your sexuality in a positive light.

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Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye

What is a better companion to a Lion than a Tiger? The similarity between these two powerful creatures is the reason why the Tiger’s Eye gemstone works well with the Leo sign. The Tiger’s Eye brings immeasurable strength and immense power. 

Sounds familiar? It is because these are the same traits that are in the Leo astrological sign. This gemstone will increase your confidence ten-fold but it will hold you in balance and will not cross over to being obnoxious or too arrogant.


Since Leo is a fiery sun sign, it is not a surprise that Amber goes well with this astrological sign. Amber is considered a golden fire which brings the self-control that a Leo needs to be able to finish tasks and overcome obstacles. Amber helps with cleansing the mind, body, and soul. This gemstone will ensure that you are guided by wisdom and balance.

Because Leo natives can have a dominant wild side, the Amber gemstone will help them find a balance so that they can be calm, happy, and healthy.


red jasper

The Jasper stone is rich and radiant, and it exudes the energy needed so that you will feel safe, stable, and loved. Stability is something that a Leo woman or man needs to thrive in their element, which is why a Red Jasper is a good match for this fiery sign. If you are feeling lowering levels of confidence, this gemstone will help you reinvent that and find hidden sources of confidence within you.

Red Jasper will also take the harshness out of criticisms which will attribute to Leos downfall. Powered by this stone, Leos will have the ability to take on any criticism thrown on their way and take it so that they can be better versions of themselves.


Although Leos are deemed to be strong individuals, they are also humans that have complex emotions. Harsh criticism can play with Leos mind and send them on a free dive to despair. To combat this feeling, Aventurine will help find the inner strength needed to withstand any criticism or insult.


Considered as the August stone, the Sardonyx gemstone is stable and soft with beautiful orange and white hues. This stone is used primarily for enhancing communication, listening skills, and positive charisma. Sardonyx encompasses happy-go-lucky attitudes and will provide the optimism that is sometimes missing in Leo’s.

Blue Topaz

The Blue Topaz is a perfect match for a Leo who is looking to have more luck on their side. This gemstone will help you to be hyper-focused and not to take your eyes off the prize even if there are many detractors and distractions along the way. Blue Topaz will help you align your needs, wants, and desires so that you will land in a place that you have been dreaming of, just like the Golden Topaz.

Leos can sometimes be prideful people which makes them have difficulty opening up to people. This stone will help with this specific satiation by balancing the emotions and having the courage to say how you feel.


Another fiery gemstone, Garnet will help enhance power, passion and will keep you grounded at the same time. Leos can have powerful emotions at times which will make you feel like you are on a rollercoaster but this gemstone will help temper and balance the strong emotions that you might be feeling.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz

This gemstone has natural healing powers and is a great companion to Leos because of the sign’s loving tendencies. The Rose Quartz will bring balance to Leos fiery passion by bringing more compassion, gentleness, and authenticity. This stone will help overcome trust issues and be a more generous lover.