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Sagittarius Birthstone: Your Complete Guide

 Sagittarius Birthstones

The Sagittarius is one that is free-spirited, optimistic, intellectual, and spontaneous. They live in the moment and leave a spark behind wherever they go. This comes in part due to the element of fire and the ruling planet of Jupiter that make up their sign's foundation.

Sagittarius Dates and Personality 

The Sagittarius is born between November 23rd and December 21st, right as the world starts to get colder and darker. The dates are representative of the fiery elements that are found within each Sagittarius, as it’s an element that keeps one warm for the winter. Their warming spirits give love and optimism to all of those around them, soothing them during the time of natural deep rest. 

Sagittarius Strengths

Their spontaneity shines through with their energy, with many Sagittarius that love to travel and open themselves up to new experiences. Their curiosity makes them great learners, and avid travelers, always searching for something new and out of the ordinary. You'll likely find them surrounded by large groups of people, spreading their cheer wherever they go.

But, don’t let that make you think they’re always up for company. That fiery element lights up at times and the Sagittarius becomes extremely independent. They like to help others but do not like that help extended to them. Finding their way out of bad situations and attempting to raise themselves up is a fun task and one that they're good at.

Sagittarius Weaknesses

Just like all signs, the Sagittarius is not without flaws. Though they have a positive and spontaneous nature, they do have a tendency to stretch themselves thin and end up biting off more than they can chew. In these situations, they can come off as undependable, sometimes not keeping their word.

Because they are positive by nature, they are constantly getting themselves into situations that they can’t get out of and, instead of making it known, they leave others neglected and unsure without an explanation.    

Sagittarius Symbol 


The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is the archer, represented by a mythological centaur that’s half man half goat. As the centaur points his bow and arrow up to the sky, he’s attempting to bring the earth and the heavens closer. Upon analysis, many researchers claim that it’s representative of the Sagittarius way of always living in the moment, needing to take off first no matter what the outcome.

Their ruling planet, Jupiter, is also representative of their character, filled with storms and lightning all around. While the Sagittarius has what it takes to weather the storm, they are still going to do whatever it takes to make it through in a very positive way.    

What is the Birthstone for Sagittarius?

The soothing sea-green color of turquoise is the perfect birthstone for the Sagittarius, representative of wisdom and tranquility. It’s the perfect stone to balance out the fiery element within, adding a soothing gentleness to those carrying it.

The colors and the ancient healing powers of the turquoise stone help to balance emotions and work directly with the throat chakra to promote clear and open communication. When the Sagittarius carries around a turquoise stone, they are welcoming the world around them and immersing themselves into a state of balance with the universe around them.

The Sagittarius birthstone color is representative of all of the things that they need to improve their weaknesses and hone in on their strengths. The powerful energy of turquoise helps them become their best selves, absorbing into all the most needed areas and helping them live and more positive and meaningful life.

Sagittarius Birthstones 

Gemstones offer a number of good things for those who carry them. For the Sagittarius, the presence of calming and soothing gemstones is a great way to bring out the best features while keeping negative energies away. Apart from the turquoise, the Sagittarius should keep these gemstones close to their heart.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz

Topaz is representative of December, known for its beautiful bright blue color with gold fiery flecks within. It’s representative of strength and generosity, bringing those who hold it near waves of positive energy. It’s said to emit powers that increase the presence of truth and wisdom, encouraging those who hold it close to think rationally and harmoniously.

Because the Sagittarius lacks the ability to communicate strong or negative feelings, the blue topaz can help, calming down the throat chakra and opening it up to better and more soothing communication. It’s the perfect element to keep the Sagittarius grounded and thinking before they speak, keeping them from saying things they don’t mean.



The amethyst is said to help those who carry it unlock their spiritual side and experience deeper unison with their thoughts. Because the Sagittarius is often disconnected from their inner spirit, the amethyst is the perfect gemstone to promote reconnection and perhaps strengthen it. The amethyst ignites the crown chakra, known to produce deep thoughts and promote mindful thinking.

The calm and soothing nature that comes along with the amethyst is a perfect pair for the Sagittarius, helping them strengthen their weaknesses and get in touch with a deeper spirit, and unleash a side of them they might have never known they had.



The deep crimson color of the Ruby is filled with warm vibes, representing the warm, deep, and passionate energy that Sagittarius has within. Especially in the winter months, this fire helps to increase motivation and will help the Sagittarius hone in on their goals. The ruby provides clarity and will help to increase confidence, two things that could help tame the Sagittarius and keep them grounded when they need it the most. 



Beryl is calming, with a soothing blue seemingly transparent look with flakes of energetic copper or gold. It's a powerful gemstone, known to activate the entire body, helping the Sagittarius channel their energy and use it to help them get themselves out of tough situations. The soothing nature of the stone can help restore energy to the Sagittarius, especially after a period of widespread spontaneity or of spreading oneself to think attempting to help all of those around them. 

Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli

The spontaneous nature of the Sagittarius means that they often do things without thinking them through. Without a level of deep understanding and awareness, the Sagittarius can get themselves into situations they don’t want to be in, searching for ways to crawl themselves out. Lapis Lazuli is a stone renowned for its powerful properties, igniting the need to turn within to find the answers to puzzling questions.

When the Sagittarius gets overrun with life, this stone can help them focus their energy inward, listening to a deeper more telling voice found within. The moon-inspired colors are also representative of feminine energy, making it perfect for the female Sagittarius looking to unleash her goddess power.



The beautiful and vibrant yellow tone of Citrine is just the thing to match Sagittarius' energy. The positivity that one feels when holding this stone close is indescribable, bringing about smiles and joy and a boost of warm energy on those cold and starry winter nights.   



The unique glimmer that a zircon gives off is stunning, encompassing those who hold it close with protection and peace. This is a great gemstone for the Sagittarius who is still learning to think before they leap, especially when it comes to love. It provides those who wear it with a sense of self-love and respect, helping them see their own qualities and needs before attempting to share them with others that might not treat them the same. 

How To Use Sagittarius Gemstones 

As humans, we are always changing and interacting with the things and situations around us. We are not static in the way that we feel and can sometimes become confused with our own emotions. Having different stones nearby can help the Sagittarius get in touch with and understand their emotions, understanding how to deal with them when they come up.

Having a set of powerful gemstones nearby can help to improve spiritual connection with oneself, serving as a reminder to be positive, calm, and collected. Keeping these stones at home with an altar and coming to them daily to feel their energies is a good way to use them, recharging your mind, body, and soul after a day full of stress and emotions. The release is powerful and will be absorbed by these beautiful gems, making them a powerful spiritual companion.

Sagittarius and the Stone

The Sagittarius is a strong-willed and spontaneous being that blazes through life. Gemstones can help them slow down and enjoy the moment, helping them communicate more clearly and feel more deeply.

Using a mixture of stones and connecting feelings with the subconscious as you hold them close is a great way to connect with your inner voice and receive more clarity from the world and energies around you. Some things can be confusing but, life is beautiful and worth every second and every emotion that comes up and shows us we are all human.