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15 Crystals for Pain

People experience pain from various health issues from time to time. From headaches to kidney stones, pain comes in many forms. Sometimes the pain is temporary while other times it’s a long-lasting battle. Nobody should have to deal with severe pain, or any pain for that matter.

Fortunately, there are ways to treat pain, both with modern medicine and also with the help of more natural methods to get you to a healthy and comfortable point.

Crystals and gemstones are items that often aid in pain relief through their energy flow. These natural products can be used alongside your traditional medicine regimen and doctor’s advice. Some crystals for physical pain focus on headache pain while other stones for pain are useful for reducing inflammation. In addition, crystal healing can help with chronic pain and also relieve pain that's temporary.

Whether you have kidney stones or suffer from an illness such as a urinary tract infection, you can use crystals to provide relief. If you want to try a natural method for your physical body with your current treatments, crystals for pain offer an option to consider.



Crystals for pain are gemstones that have special healing energies. The pain could be emotional distress or physical discomfort. There are many stones that help with pain issues of a wide array. The healing powers of crystals can help with everything from chronic fatigue to arthritis pain.  

Crystals can alleviate aches and pains by reducing inflammation, offering stress relief, or helping to balance your nervous system. Each crystal has specific meanings and traits associated with it. Therefore, if you’re looking for a crystal that helps with a specific type of pain, chances are good you’ll find the right one you need.



So, why do people use crystals for physical pain? Some individuals like a natural method to go alongside their regular medical treatment. Since crystals are natural substances, people feel adding this pain relief aid to their doctor prescribed medical care is a good thing for them. And people have been using crystals for their healing properties and as natural pain killers for centuries.

Crystals for pain may help with the following:

  • Reduce stress that causes painful headaches
  • Offer PMS relief
  • Boost blood circulation in the body
  • Provide anti inflammatory properties
  • And so much more!

The best way to find out which crystal is right for your needs is to review the different crystal options and see what each one helps with regarding pain.



Ready to explore the stones for pain relief options? Here are 15 best crystals for pain:



aventurine stone

The beautiful color tone of green aventurine offers eye-catching aesthetics but it’s also a powerful healing stone. With green aventurine in your crystal collection, you can enjoy its boost of energy and detoxification attributes. This natural pain reliever is a good option when you want to get rid of muscle aches.



Clear quartz is a master healing stone. This multipurpose crystal offers plenty of energies, including the energy to heal. Use clear quartz to help with your circulation and aid in reducing stress headaches. In general, clear quartz is the one stone everyone should have in their crystal collection.



The purple color of amethyst is sure to draw you in and make you want to add this lovely stone to your collection. However, amethyst also offers pain healing energies. Amethyst is a stress reliever, which is helpful if you suffer from stress headaches and want the pain to go away. You can also use your amethyst stone as a sleep aid, since a good night’s sleep is good for your overall well being.



Howlite is another stress relieving crystal to have so you can reduce pain caused by stressful situations. This stone is helpful for issues with the endocrine system and nervous system.



Malachite is a lovely bright green stone that is a crystal for pain relief. The malachite crystal is often used to boost the immune system and help individuals maintain optimal health. Malachite also offers welcome spiritual healing in addition to helping in the physical realm.



With bloodstone in your healing crystal collection, you have a gemstone that stimulates your blood circulation. Use this healing pain crystal to help with your pain relief and use it with your root chakra for maximum effect.



Amber is another crystal for pain. This stone has a warm yellow and orange glow which is sure to catch your eye. If you need help with pain caused by inflammation, amber is a good crystal to keep close by. Plus, amber will help with kidney stone issues. If you have kidney stones or want to prevent future kidney stones, choose amber.



black obsidian stone

Obsidian is a stone that promotes quick healing and speedy recovery. With the help of obsidian, you can boost your circulation and get back to feeling better real soon.



Black tourmaline is another crystal that falls under the category of stones for pain. This healing crystal helps to clean out toxic energy from your aura. This stone is also a good grounding crystal and can help with various pain ailments, such as arthritis and other types of joint pain conditions.



The brightly colored carnelian is an excellent stone for an energy boost. It’s also a great crystal to use when you have skin issues or menstrual cramps. Plus, it’s an ideal crystal when you need natural relief for kidney diseases and kidney stones. Healing crystals such as carnelian work in many different ways. When you put carnelian to work for you, this will enable you to get on the path to pain relief.



Fluorite is a clear crystal that has a purple color on it. This crystal helps to fight toxins and viruses and is known as a pain cleansing stone. You can also use fluorite to help with arthritis and rheumatism.



With the help of lapis lazuli, you can strive for optimal health. This crystal is a stone that helps with many types of pain healing. From throat issues to PMS, lapis lazuli may be the ideal stone for you to include in your crystal set.



If you suffer from a physical ailment, you’ll want to have selenite close by. This high frequency healing stone works to support the spine, bones, nerves, and more. Selenite has a powerful healing energy everyone can use.



Rose quartz may be the stone of love but it’s also an excellent stress reliever. This crystal works to reduce emotional pain and help you achieve hormonal balance, too. Rose quartz may also help with inflammation pain.



hematite stone

With the help of hematite, you can flush out toxins and improve your strength. If you feel aches and pains from being tired and worn down, add hematite to your crystal collection. As an added bonus, this stone blocks negative energy and helps you stay grounded.



Now that you’ve seen the list of the 15 best stones for pain, you may be wondering how to use them. Fortunately, you have many options regarding crystals for pain uses. From meditating with crystals to wearing them as jewelry, you’ll find plenty of easy ways to put your healing energy stones to use for you. 

Here are some ways to use gemstones for pain:

  • Wear crystal jewelry, such as rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets
  • Use each crystal with the chakra it works best with for pain relief during chakra cleansing sessions
  • Meditate with your crystal with your intentions for pain relief
  • Display the stones around your home or office
  • Carry the loose crystals in your pocket to have your pain relief crystals near you at all times
  • Use your crystals as part of your feng shui placement and put them in specific areas around your home and office

You can use all or some of these crystals for pain relief methods. And remember that specific stones work well for distinct ailments. Therefore, choose the stones you can use for your own personal pain relief.



If you suffer from physical or emotional pain, remember that crystals offer a relief option. You can easily use crystal therapy along with your modern medicine treatment plan. To get started, find your ideal crystal for pain relief by doing the following: 

  • Think of which ailments you want to target with crystal help
  • Consider how many crystals you want to buy
  • Figure out how you’d like to use your crystals once you have them (i.e., meditation, carrying them with you, etc.)
  • Determine your preferred size and shape of crystal
  • Keep your crystal purchase budget in mind as crystals vary in price

Once you know how you want to use your crystals and which ailments you want your stones to focus on, you’ll be well on your way to finding the ideal crystals for pain relief.