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12 Crystals for Motivation


Sometimes in life, we feel a little stagnant. Maybe it’s our personal life that could use a little energy. Or perhaps our professional life is stuck in place. Motivation is something many people crave and a concept we all can use in our lives.

If you’re eager to feel a surge of motivation, you may want to try crystals for motivation. These beautiful earth gems help in many ways and motivation is one way in which crystals may come in handy. Crystals help to promote positive energy and keep away negative energy. This type of beautiful stone also helps clear stagnant energy which can prevent motivation.

There are so many different crystals to choose from when viewing a list of options. Each crystal has its specific meaning and some crystals are better for certain reasons than others ones. With that in mind, there are crystals that are specifically suited to increase motivation and help people get the energy they need to complete tasks and live fulfilling lives.

The beauty of crystals is that they look nice and also have healing energies to them. You can wear crystals, display these beautiful stones, or carry them with you wherever you go.

If you’re looking for some help with motivation, consider starting a crystal collection that features motivation stones.

Why Is Motivation Important?

Motivation is important for many reasons. This energy is a tool that keeps us moving and helps to prevent burnout. When we’re motivated, we’re working to achieve a goal and realize our reason for doing so every step of the way.

However, motivation can come and go. After all, we can’t always be in high speed, as this too can lead to burnout. It’s important to pursue a motivation that’s present yet realistic. Stones for motivation such as crystals can help us boost our motivation and make reaching our goals even more possible.

How Can Crystals Help With Motivation?

Crystals help with motivation by boosting this energy within. By using the right types of crystals, we can focus our energy on things that need to be worked on. For example, some crystals help with a good night’s sleep which will aid in promoting motivation for the workweek. On the other hand, some crystals are best for mental clarity, and with these clear-thinking stones, we can keep on track with our motivation and push forward with the tasks of each day.

The type of crystals for motivation that you choose depends on what type of goals you want to achieve. You can look at the different healing crystals, check out their meanings and purposes, and pick the stones for motivation that give you exactly what you need.

Best Crystals For Motivation and Self-Belief

Ready to see if crystals for motivation work for you? Here’s a helpful list of some of the best crystals for energy and motivation:

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

This beautiful bright white stone is a master healer. Used for many reasons, clear quartz can also help you find the motivation you need to complete your daily tasks.

Clear quartz helps to clear out emotional and spiritual clutter that you don’t need to hold onto. When you become overwhelmed emotionally or spiritually, you’ll find that motivation is less likely to occur. With the help of clear quartz, you can wipe away any blockages caused by too much emotional and spiritual clutter.

This cleansing stone will help you find peace in your pursuit of motivation.



If you want a peaceful stone that helps you cleanse your spirit, add selenite to your crystal collection. This motivational stone is white but may have some yellow color tones to it.

If you find yourself needing a reset and wanting to clear negative energy from your space, selenite can help. After all, when your heart is heavy, you can’t move on with your life. With the help of selenite, you can clear this heavy energy and bring in the light.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye

With the help of a tiger’s eye, you can aim for superior motivation. Tiger’s eye is a crystal that helps with confidence and energy. If you feel like you could use some help in the energy department, Tiger’s Eye is the crystal for you.

You can use the tiger’s eye to help you achieve your dreams. For those who wait for good things to happen to them, put the tiger’s eye to good use by seeking out these good things.



As soon as you see the vibrant orange color of calcite, you’re sure to feel a surge of energy. This powerful crystal helps you to find your strength and embrace your energy. If you want to be motivated, you have to possess the energy to do so. With calcite, all this and more is possible!

Calcite helps to clear the heavy weight of life’s issues from your days and helps you find the lightheartedness you crave. This energy-boosting stone is a good one to have in your motivation supply.



Sometimes motivation is blocked by a lack of focus. If you want to regain the focus you desire, add a fluorite crystal to your collection.

Fluorite has purple and green color tones to it, which makes for a beautiful vision. It’s also a powerful focus stone. If you find your mind wandering or your thoughts to be scattered, hold on to a piece of fluorite for focus. This stone helps you gather your thoughts and motivate you for the day ahead.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

From time to time, motivation may wane if we don’t feel supported and loved. This type of support helps us to go forward in our daily tasks and make good things happen. Fortunately, rose quartz helps provide love’s light and improve our self-compassion.

This beautiful crystal is also a heart healer and encouragement stone. So, if you need either of these things in your life, consider a rose quartz crystal. When you feel good about yourself, you’ll find your motivation will soar!



With its reddish-orange glow, carnelian is a great stone for energy and motivation. This lovely crystal offers a way to keep you grounded, plan your goals, and achieve your dreams.

Carnelian is an excellent creative manifesting stone that will help boost your motivation. For example, if you’ve been working on a set project for a while and feel as if your energy is diminishing, use a carnelian crystal to help you stay motivated. Wear a Carnelian necklace or place a Carnelian stone on your desk. This way, you have the special crystal nearby and ready to help you achieve your goals with gusto!



If you want to be a force to be reckoned with in the workplace, make sure you have a bloodstone crystal nearby. This crystal will provide you with energy and strength so you can recharge and tackle your duties with ease.

In addition to being a powerful protective stone, bloodstone is beautiful to look at when you catch a glimpse of this lovely dark-colored stone with flecks of green and red.



Garnet is a stone of passion. And when you have passion for something, you’re likely motivated to finish the task. With the help of this crystal, you can put any doubt aside and complete your tasks with confidence.

This lovely red stone can be worn on a pendant necklace so it’s always nearby. You’ll also find loose garnet stones that you can hold in your pocket or purse.



The blue and green apatite stone resembles the beautiful ocean water, and its lovely color is an excellent motivator in and of itself. In addition, you can use this crystal to put apathy on the shelf and embrace inner ambition.

When you carry an apatite stone with you, there’s always a powerful energy vibe nearby that will help take your motivation levels to all new heights.



With the help of amethyst, you can find your clear thoughts. When your mind is clear, you can embrace motivation and get things accomplished.

Amethyst is a guidance stone that will help you contemplate possibilities and then choose a clear path. With this motivation aspect, it’s no wonder that many people choose amethyst as a helpful crystal to accomplish goals.



Aventurine is a beautiful green-colored stone that helps with leaving the past behind. Sometimes people feel stuck in the past which prevents them from embracing motivation for the future. Once you leave the past behind, you can move forward to bigger and better things.

This crystal for motivation provides a way to move ahead with your plans and achieve great things.

How To Use A Crystal For Motivation

Wear Your Crystal

woman wearing amethyst pendant

If you want an easy way to take your motivation crystal with you wherever you go, try wearing your favorite energy crystal on a piece of jewelry. You’ll find many different types of crystal jewelry, ranging from carnelian necklaces to amethyst earrings. When you keep your crystal close by wearing it as a jewelry item, you can rest easy knowing your motivational vibe is right there with you every step of the way.

Carry Your Crystal

woman holding crystal

If you’d rather keep your stones for motivation close to you in a different way, you can always carry loose crystals with you. Store a small motivational crystal in your pocket. Or, if you carry a purse, simply pop this lovely gemstone into your bag so it’s with you wherever you take your purse. You can carry around one of your favorite energy stones or put a few in your bag…the choice is yours!

Display Your Motivation Stone

Motivation Stone Display

Crystals also come in larger sizes. Therefore, you can display your favorite crystals for energy and motivation by placing a large stone on your desk or putting the motivation crystal on your living room table. When you display your stone for motivation, you can show off its beauty as well as enjoy the energy it provides.

Meditate with Crystals

woman meditating with crystal


You can also use your crystals with your meditation practice. Meditation sessions offer an ideal way to find your inner peace and strength. You can also gain motivation through meditation. When you use motivation stones during your meditation sessions, you are boosting your success rate a bit. Not only are you embracing motivational intentions while meditating, but you’re holding a motivation crystal while you do so.

You can place clear quartz or amethyst next to you while you meditate. Or you can even wear one of these meditation crystals on a necklace or ring as you pursue your intentions during meditation. Meditating with motivation crystals will likely yield wonderful results for you!

Chakra Cleansing with Motivation Crystals

Chakra Cleansing with Motivation Crystals

If you like to balance your chakras from time to time, you can add a motivation crystal into the chakra cleansing sessions. Use a motivation stone, such as garnet with the root chakra to promote a firm foundation, or blue apatite with the throat chakra for communication and third eye chakra for mental focus and concentration.

When you practice chakra balancing, these sessions will help clear many of your chakras and boost motivation as well as help in various other areas.

How To Pick The Right Crystal For Motivation

So, with so many motivation stone options, how do you choose the right one for your needs? Here are a few ways to narrow down the options:

  • Consider your main motivational goal and pick the crystal that best aligns with your needs
  • Choose a color crystal that makes you happy and provides you with radiant energy
  • Think about whether you’ll be using your motivation stone for other reasons as well, such as crystal healing or physical health or to ward off negative energies
  • Consider the style of crystal you want, such as jewelry or loose stone, and pick the one that you like best
  • Select a motivation stone that’s the best size for your needs
  • Keep a budget in mind and pick a crystal that fits within your desired price range
  • Decide how many motivation crystals you want to add to your collection

When you consider all these factors, you can pick the motivation crystal that’s right for you.

Increase Your Motivation With Crystals Today

Now’s the perfect time to increase your energy and motivation by adding a new crystal to your incredible stone collection. You can start off your motivation collection with one stone or buy a few crystals to increase your special crystal inventory and achieve personal power. Whichever motivation stone you choose, rest easy knowing you are picking a type of crystal that has motivational energy surrounding it.

Start the search today for a motivation crystal that helps boost your productivity as well as serves other important purposes which healing stones are known for in general. Choose one motivation crystal or a few options for optimal energy and healing power!