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Howlite Meaning, Uses, and Benefits

HowliteHowlite is a beautiful white stone that can help you achieve peace and calm. It will help in alleviating stress and attuning you with pure and infinite energies. Learn its meaning, benefits, properties, and everything else you need to know about it here.  

Howlite Meaning and Symbolism

The word Howlite was derived from the scientist who discovered its deposits in Nova Scotia in 1868, Henry How.

It also has other names, with the most recent one being Snow Leopard Stone, derived from the beautiful fur of the large cat from Asia.

Howlite properties resemble magnesite (magnesium carbonate) in appearance and often require a chemical analysis to distinguish one from the other. It melts into a gel-like form under the action of hydrochloric acid, while magnetite is reactive to gas evolution.

Howlite’s common appearance is dull white to ivory with brownish or blackish veins. Its surface is glossy, while the fracture surfaces are matte.

When Howlite is used for meditation, you may feel like you’re being taken to a place where spirits and nature become one. It brings peace and harmony to your mind like all sacred stones do, while the black lines help your mind focus. Because of its close relation to snow, it’s called the crystal of winter months, when the bodies of mammals are entering into either full or partial hibernation. 

Spiritually, the hibernation process is essential in providing our spirit the energy that it needs to proceed with important transformations. In a nutshell, Howlite White helps in slowing you down physically while keeping you spiritually and mentally alert.

Howlite General PropertiesBlue Howlite Stone

Howlite creates nodules that have a strong resemblance to cauliflower heads. It’s a stone consisting of hydrous calcium borate and is usually white porous or light grey opaque, with veining patterns that look like a spider web in black, brown, or grey. It’s oftentimes dyed blue or green to look like turquoise or red to look like coral.

This stone is also called by many names, such as White Turquoise, White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, Silico Boro Calcite, Kaolinite, Blue Howlite, and Lapis lazuli Howlite.

Howlite was first found in Canada however, it can also be found in other countries, such as the USA, Turkey, Namibia, Germany, Mexico, Pakistan, and Russia. It’s commonly used for therapy due to its soothing effect on emotions, slowing of agitated minds, and helping provide a deep and restful sleep. While deeply asleep, it may also help in regaining wisdom and put it forward to awareness upon waking up.

Keeping a piece of Howlite in your pocket helps absorb anger, excessive emotional expression, and negative energies. It brings into consciousness issues in your current and past life, helping connect these issues. Using it while meditating can connect with the higher realms, which then allows you to gain higher communication with the higher frequencies of higher chakras.

Howlite Benefits

1. For Wealth and Abundance

Howlite Bracelet

Howlite can help you improve your focus and concentration on wealth and abundance and also has healing properties. It is one of the calming stones. The energies that it brings you will keep you inspired in generating new and awesome ideas and will continue until you’ve made progress with your goals. 

With the help of Howlite, you can reach the highest dimensions of yourself, which will open your mind to possibilities instead of impossibilities. On the other hand, it will also help you keep your feet on the ground to follow only realistic dreams.

2. For Health and Healing

hand holding healing crystals

When used as a gem elixir or if the stone is placed under the pillow right before going to bed, Howlite can help in treating insomnia. As a very earthly stone, it can save you from an ill temper caused by sudden emotional outbursts. It can also aid in the treatment of anxiety and other related bad emotional expression and stress, due to its calming effect on the mind, which soothes the overactive mind.

3. For Love and Relationships

white howlite heart

Howlite’s energies may teach you the value of patience. Not everything you want will happen at the time and way you want it to. It doesn’t mean you’ll never have it. You will learn how to wait until it happens.

Howlite can help you have better self-assurance and peace with your relationships and your life in general, as it helps you in alleviating your anger, frustrations, your fears, and your pains through its healing properties. Its calming effect on strong emotions can help you get through a difficult relationship. Using Howlite can keep calm and reasonable, which enables you to handle your conflicts better, or even let go of the person you love without being so gravely wounded.

How To Use and Care For Howlite

You can use Howlite as a component for jewelry design, beads, small carvings, decorative items, or cabochons. Dying it in a different color, as is always the case for Howlite, doesn’t change its healing effects. Simply placing it in your pocket or purse can help absorb negative thoughts and emotions, such as anger, jealousy, fear, etc. Placing it under your pillow can help you get better sleep and can even encourage lucid dreaming.

Cleaning Howlite jewelry is pretty simple. Just use soapy and lukewarm water and dry it with cotton or a soft cloth to ensure that there will be no soap or water residue left on it. An exception applies for dyed Howlite though – don’t submerge it in soapy water or its color may fade. Always wrap your Howlite jewelry in a soft cloth and keep it free from being scratched, crushed, or bumped by storing it in a clean pouch or box.  

Final Thoughts

In a world full of chaos, Howlite is the best stone to give you peace and comfort to calm you down when things seem to be going out of hand. It’s always great for people who may have difficulties calming their minds. It may even be just the help that you need to relieve you from daily stress or anxiety. It helps you keep positive thoughts, therefore creating a chain to help you improve your intelligence, both mental and emotional. Its energies help you bring out the best in your creativity, understanding, and harmony. Some people say that having a piece of Howlite near you is like spending time in your favorite wellness spa. It's because it can help in the healing of your mental, physical, and emotional health.