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11 Crystals for Focus

It’s easy to get off track sometimes and feel our minds wander. After all, with busy schedules, social media activity, and all other activities that might make us feel less than focused, it’s easy to lose clarity along the way. And when we lose focus, we’re less productive. Fortunately, there are crystals for focus that help with this issue.

When you choose a crystal for focus, you can bring mental clarity back into the spotlight and embrace personal power. You can stay on task and complete your work in a focused, diligent manner. In addition to providing focus, these types of crystals offer other healing energies, too.

As you start the search for gemstones for focus and mental clarity, you may wonder which healing crystals are best suited to help with this task. After all, there are many options. So, which crystals for focus are best, and how do these beautiful gems help us gain clarity and stay on task? We’ve got the answers you need and the list of best healing crystals!



Crystals for focus are stones that help us stay on our path. These gemstones keep our minds clear and help us pursue our projects from start to finish. When we use crystals to help with mental focus, we’re taking a natural path to clearer thinking and clarity in general.

Some gemstones for focus help us with our problem-solving skills while others aid in productivity. Whatever you might need your focus crystals to help with, you can find the answers you seek with a wide array of gemstone offerings.



There are many ways to put the powerful energies of the focus crystals into motion. You can use your healing stones in a variety of ways including:

  • Place the crystals in certain areas of your home or work space in accordance with feng shui principles
  • Meditate with your focus crystals and put your intentions into motion
  • Balance your chakras and use the stones that help with one or all of the seven chakras
  • Place your crystal in your purse and take the healing energy with you wherever you go
  • Wear your focus-based crystal in a jewelry item and have it on you whenever you need some extra motivation and clarity in your life

With so many ways to use focus crystals, it’s easy to see how these gems can help you gain clear thinking in your life.



Ready to grab a new type of focus in your life? Here are 11 best crystals for focus you can add to your gemstone collection and let the healing energies start working for you:



red jasper stone

Red jasper is an intriguing gemstone with colorful aesthetics. You can find red jasper in orange and red tones with various patterns throughout. This crystal is an endurance stone which gives you the motivation and determination you need to complete any task with focus. Your self confidence will soar when you have red jasper on your side.



Another excellent focus crystal is hematite. This polished silver stone is known for its inner strength and stability attributes. You can use this crystal with all seven chakras and it will help you stay grounded and connected. All of this will help you achieve the focus you need on a daily basis and help your mental abilities overall.



The lovely blue and green aspects of amazonite are sure to make you stop and stare. But, in addition to being a beautiful stone to look at, this healing crystal is also essential for promoting clarity and focus. Amazonite is a communication stone that goes along with the throat chakra. This stone also helps with clear thoughts which leads to proper communication skills. In addition, you can wash away self doubt with the help of amazonite.



The rose quartz crystal is often associated with love and emotions. This member of the quartz family is also a useful stone with positive energy that helps with focus. Since rose quartz is best used with the heart chakra, you can use this stone to heal your heart and achieve inner peace. This will bring clarity and focus in the area of relationships and emotional aspects of all types. 

The rose quartz is an emotional balance stone you'll likely want to add to your collection. And there are other beneficial quartz stones, too. You can also add smoky quartz and clear quartz to your gemstone collection for added healing benefits.



The rainbow fluorite crystal is an eye-catching stone. This crystal features intermingling colors of pale and bright shades. With this stone by your side, you can release any creative blockages and let your creativity shine. This crystal is also a good intuition stone where you learn to trust your thoughts and keep your mind clear as you tackle your daily tasks.



Obsidian is a multi-purpose stone that works well for both the heart and mind. As a protective stone, obsidian guards you and provides you with protection. Once you know you’re protected, you’re free to set upon your path and keep focus at the forefront of all you do. It also helps protect you from negative energy.



amethyst stone

Amethyst is a calming stone that helps you maintain your focus, even more so when you’re relaxed. Amethyst is often used with the crown chakra which connects the spiritual world with the physical world. It’s important to be both spiritually focused as well as focused in the physical world. Amethyst helps to keep both areas clear of blockages which will help us maintain focus and clarity. You can also use this stone when you want to ward off negative energy.



Malachite is a crystal that has a lengthy history. In fact, this beautiful green stone was used back in ancient times by the Greeks and Egyptians. Malachite is useful for releasing behaviors that are no longer needed and attaining a deep focus. The clarity you’ll get from malachite will help you to achieve focus and lead a productive life.



When you see the citrine crystal, you’re sure to feel bright and sunny simply by looking at it. This yellow stone has a cheerful appearance and positive energy to it. When you add a citrine stone to your collection, you’ll feel energized and ready to tackle any tasks that come your way. You’ll also say goodbye to brain fog and hello to clear thinking with the help of citrine!



With the sodalite stone in your pocket or purse, you can take clarity and focus with you wherever you go. This bright blue stone often has subtle black, gray, and white color tones throughout the crystal, giving it a unique aspect and beautiful color scheme. Best for use with your throat chakra and third eye chakra, sodalite enables you to use your intuition and communication skills collectively to make things happen. When you have the thoughts and communication skills set to go, you’ll be focused and know exactly what to say.



tigers eye stone

The lovely tiger’s eye crystal is not only exquisite in appearance but it’s powerful in its focus capabilities. This stone helps to promote mental clarity and keep the mind focused and on task. Tiger’s eye is also a useful aid for dispelling anxiety and fear. And when you’re less anxious you can keep a focused mind.



Now that you have a list of focus-centric crystals, which stones are the best crystals for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you buy a particular clarity crystal as doing so will help you pick the right gemstones:

  • How difficult is it for me to focus and gain mental clarity? 
  • Do I have certain areas of focus that I want to improve upon?
  • How will I use my focus crystals?
  • Do I need a particular stone for specific chakras, such as the root chakra or third eye chakra?
  • Where will I display my crystals?
  • Do I want to get rid of negative energy?
  • Am I looking for a specific crystal?
  • What is my crystal buying budget?

When you consider all these questions, you can choose the right crystal for focus. And remember, you don’t have to choose just one crystal. You can pick a variety of crystals for focus and enable these stones to work together to help you with your clarity goals.



Now is the perfect time to help improve your mental clarity and focus with healing power crystals. Add focus crystals to your collection and use them to promote clarity as well as take advantage of their other healing energies as well.

Start out with one or two best crystal options for focus and build your emotional healing crystal collection from there. You may find other powerful gemstones and crystals in your search that help you with other energy healing goals as well!