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12 Crystals for Peace

12 Crystals for Peace - Kumi Oils

There are a few reasons why you should use peaceful stones. After all these items are easy to find and help you achieve the calm you need and deserve. Here are some reasons to use peaceful stones:

There are many feelings we strive for as human beings. One such feeling that we can never get enough of is peace. Inner peace is something that is so special and right at our fingertips if we only look hard enough.

Finding the peace we all crave can be accomplished in many ways. We can take up yoga, go for long walks, or read a powerful novel. We can also use crystals to help us achieve the peace we want.

Crystals for peace help us by providing the inner strength and guidance we need to pursue each day with calmness and insight. There are many peaceful stones that help us to accomplish these goals. If you’re looking for stones for peace, you don’t have to look far to find the options that are readily available to you.  


There are a few reasons why you should use peaceful stones. After all these items are easy to find and help you achieve the calm you need and deserve. Here are some reasons to use peaceful stones:

Easy to Use

When you choose to use healing crystals to achieve peace, you’ll find that these lovely gemstones are easy to use. You can carry them with you, use them in your meditation practice, or have them close by when you balance your chakras. No matter how you use your peaceful crystals, you’ll find that it doesn’t take much time to learn how to use them and put them to work for you.

Beautiful to View

In addition to being excellent tools for pursuing peace, these powerful stones are also lovely to look at in your home or office. You can set the stones on your desk or place a larger peace crystal on your coffee table. No matter how you view them, the end result is an eye-catching stone that is beautiful to view.

Available in Many Forms

You’ll also find that stones for peace are available in many forms. You’ll find peace crystals available in loose form, added to a necklace pendant or designed as a home decor piece. When you decide what type of peace stone you want, you can see if it’s available in your chosen form.


The beauty of crystals is even if you use them for one particular reason, there are so many other ways you can use these stones. You can keep the crystals in a specific spot for daily peaceful vibes or use them for other reasons when you desire.

Before you buy a particular peace stone, see what other uses the crystal may come in handy for in general. Therefore, if you want a multipurpose stone, you can easily choose a peace crystal that covers other aspects.


Now that you know why you should use crystals for peace and that these calming gems can be used for a multitude of reasons, it’s time to highlight some stones for peace. Here are 12 top crystals for peace:


tigers eye crystal

Citrine is the color of sunshine and brings brightness into the lives of those who hold it. Sure to give you a peaceful vibe, citrine is an excellent stone for peace. You can wear this beautiful crystal as your new favorite earrings or place a larger citrine crystal on your desk for optimal peace. Citrine is also a creative energy stone so you can use this crystal to promote peace and also to tap into your inner creative talents.


Another stone that will help you achieve a peaceful feeling is black tourmaline. This protective stone is ideal for grounding and reducing negative thoughts. With the help of black tourmaline you can find your peace by keeping negativity away and feeling secure in your decision-making process. When you’re grounded as you will be with the help of black tourmaline, you can find that inner peace you likely crave. 


Clear quartz is the master healer in a group of crystals. If you need an amplifying crystal, clear quartz is the stone to choose. When you use the clear quartz to realize your good intentions, these thoughts will be amplified. When you invite good things into your life, you’ll find peace in your decisions and journey. Clear quartz also has a soothing energy and this type of vibe is essential for promoting peace. This wonderful stone helps in many different areas and should be part of your crystal collection to use for its healing energy alone as well as with other crystals by its side.


Amethyst is one of the top crystals for achieving peace. This peaceful purple crystal is a stress alleviator and mind calming stone filled with earth energy. When you use amethyst in your chakra cleansing alongside your crown chakra, you’ll find the contentment and calm you so deserve. This magical stone is a crystal that's often in the gem collection of many people.


 so If you like how lepidolite sparkles with its pink and purple color tones, you’re going to love what this crystal offers even more in the way of peaceful components. As a stabilizing stone, lepidolite will take away stress and leave you feeling calm and at peace. This crystal is also a popular one to use with hormonal changes as it will help you find balance and serenity.


Selenite is a beautiful white crystal that connects to the chakras higher up on your body. Offering an angelic vibe, the selenite stone is essential for providing lightness for mind, body, and soul. If inner peace and joy are what you seek, selenite is an excellent crystal to add to your peaceful stone collection. 


The moonstone peaceful crystal is a vital stone for when you’re going through changes. Since changes can cause us to feel restless and longing for peace, it’s important to have moonstone in your collection. This stone offers a feminine energy that will help if you experience symptoms of PMS or hormonal changes. Known as the guiding light gem, moonstone is a stone for peace you won’t want to be without. 


The pale blue and white colors of angelite make it angelic to say the least. With this crystal in your pocket or on a pendant around your neck, you can take the spiritual powers of this stone with you wherever you go. This connection to your spirit guides offer you a way to find peace no matter what’s going on in your life. 


The unique purple and green color tones of fluorite make this a beautiful crystal to look at and display. It’s also a wonderful peace stone. This crystal helps you clear clutter from your mind and find peace in your thoughts. When you have clarity that the fluorite provides, you can find the peace you desire. 


Rose quartz is a stone of love and emotions. This beautiful crystal provides you with a deep sense of peace and is a wonderful crystal for helping you to find calm. As far as calming crystals go, rose quartz is one of the top peaceful stones. If you use this peace crystal for chakra balancing or meditation, you'll find that it aligns well with your heart chakra.


Now that you know about some of the peace crystals you can put these items to work for you. Here are some ways to use your peaceful stones:

Wear As Jewelry

You can wear all your favorite crystals in the form of jewelry. You can put on your favorite amethyst earrings or opt for a lovely citrine pendant necklace. Also, you can pair many of your best crystal jewelry pieces together and have them work their peaceful magic collectively. If you like to change up your crystal jewelry, you can buy a crystal holder pendant. This type of pendant allows you to put in a different crystal whenever you wish to do so. Therefore, if one day you want to wear a rose quartz necklace and the next day you're feeling like showing off your citrine stone, you can do so with this type of jewelry.

Meditate with Your Crystals

Crystals are excellent meditation accessories. You can place a peace stone next to you as you realize your intentions and enjoy a fulfilling meditation session. You can even wear crystal jewelry with peaceful meanings attached as you sit quietly and meditate in your favorite spot. These calming stones will come in handy as you pursue crystal healing through meditation. 

Balance Your Chakras 

Peace stones go along with many chakras. Therefore, including these peaceful crystals in your chakra cleansing sessions is a wise idea. You can focus on the specific chakras that the stones connect with or work on all your chakras in one cleansing session. Find a quiet spot to sit and work on your chakras with peaceful stones by your side when you do so. 

Display Your Peace Stones 

You may like larger crystals and you can use these items to bring peaceful vibes into your home or office. Place your favorite peace stone in any room in the home and allow it to work its peaceful energy throughout the space. These peace crystals are not only powerful energy stones but wonderful home decor pieces as well. Your friends and family members are sure to enjoy the lovely visions your peace stones provide. 

Feng Shui 

Crystals are also helpful accessories to have in place for your feng shui. If you want to have balance and harmony in your space, feng shui is an excellent way to do so. You can place peace crystals in certain areas of the home and allow them to exude their energy. For example, placing an amethyst by your bed will bring peaceful sleep your way. Feng shui includes the placement of crystals and this is something you may find extremely calming and peaceful. 


When the time comes to choose your peace crystals, you may not know how to do so. After all, there are so many wonderful crystal options. Do you base your decision on the visual aesthetics of the stone? Or do you look at the meaning associated with each crystal? All of the above!

When you choose a peaceful stone, you want to consider the following factors:

  • What will I use the crystal for, just peace sentiments or other things?
  • What colors of crystals make me happy and provide me with peace?
  • Will I use the crystal for display or wear it as jewelry?
  • How large of a crystal should I choose?
  • How much do I have to spend on the peace stones?

Answering these questions will help you focus on the best crystals for peace and add these favorites to your collection.


When the time comesNow’s the perfect time to build up your crystal collection with a peace stone. Add crystals for peace to your stone collection and invite calm and serenity into your life. Remember, you can start out slow and add one peace stone to your crystal collection. Then you can build on your collection as you learn more about what you seek in the way of inner peace. And always remember you can use each crystal for different purposes in addition to achieving this peace!

Meta description: Finding inner peace is easy to do when you have crystals for peace by your side. Find out more about peaceful stones and why you need them.