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3 Essential Oil Blends To Cure Anxiety - Kumi Oils

3 Essential Oil Blends To Cure Anxiety

With so many things to deal in life--work, family, community and self—it's no wonder why you sometimes feel burdened with anxiety. It comes, even to the best of us; you get overwhelmed with the different things that clamor for your attention. When your emotions reach a toll, you suddenly feel the lowest of lows. Anxiety, one of the first signs of depression, is an invisible enemy that weighs you down, making you worry and weakens your body. If you suffer from this, you might be experiencing fatigue, moodiness, fear and anger. This is the kind of baggage you don't want to carry all throughout your life, and luckily, there are natural remedies to sooth your emotions and ward off those dreads.



Aromatherapy Versus Anxiety

On 2014, The American College of Healthcare Sciences held a study. 58 patience from the hospice were given sweet almond oil hand massages, one day per week. Comparing them with the other patients in their respective hospices, these patients were reported to have endured less pain and anxieties.

The feeling of care, matched with the relaxing fragrance of natural oils, helped alleviate anxiety, at least, for these patients. Other than its soothing properties, some scents trigger happy memories that helps motivate the patient, imbibing them with a positive outlook. If you're feeling down, a bit of aromatherapy might just be what you need!

Below are 4 blends which can help soothe anxiety:

Bergamot. Borne from a naturally citrus family, Bergamot is an element found in your favorite Earl Grey and offers a distinct floral scent. Among its healing powers: induce relaxation for those suffering with agitation and insomnia. It also aids in reducing blood pressure, and even throbbing pulse rate, helping patients calm down and feel more relaxed. This essential oil is best applied to the skin, but take note, it has phototoxic properties that might cause burns when under the heat of the sun. At best, use it indoors, or refrain use within 10-12 hours of sun exposure.

Ylang ylang. A cheerful, exotic plant, Ylang ylang exudes a sweet, floral fragrance used in the world's most loved perfumes. Its name, despite the funny sound, actually means "flower of flowers." For centuries, this essential oil has long been used for its healing properties on the skin, and on the mind. It is an effective antidepressant and sedative, offering calming effects to the body by calming palpitations and heart agitations. A natural mood uplifter, the romantic scent of this oil soothes one's soul. It is a perfect fragrant remedy for anyone with anxiety.

Lavender. One of the most commonly used essential oil, Lavender is known for its calming properties. But other than that, it is also rich in antioxidants, which wards off free radicals (toxins and pollutants which weakens your immune system). It is also a potent pain reliever, alleviating tension and headaches when combined with other essential oils, such as peppermint. Strengthening your body from the inside out, you can bid those anxiety woes away with the help of this sweet scent.

Brighten your day and rejuvenate your mind and body with the help of these powerful essential oils. Visit our store and discover ways to carry your favorite fragrances!

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