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11 Best Crystals for Grief - Kumi Oils

11 Best Crystals for Grief

Crystals are stones that have many meanings and serve many purposes. People use gemstones to help improve their emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing while others collect crystals for their aesthetics alone. Gemstones are also ideal for people who are dealing with grief. Crystals can help dispel negative energies and aid with the healing process, such as when you experience grief.

Grief is a strong emotion that comes in many forms. When you experience this feeling, you likely want to try as many ways possible to work through this emotion. Plus, you probably want to do so quickly. After all, the sadness that persists can really weigh you down and prevent you from moving forward in your life. 

You may have suffered a loss of a loved one. On the other hand, you may have parted ways with a longtime love. No matter what causes the grief you feel, the pain is heavy and burdensome. And regardless of what causes this grief, you likely want to get rid of it as soon as possible and start feeling like yourself again. With that said, this sentiment doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your recent loss. It just means you shouldn’t suffer this pain forever and there is a time to let go and move on with your life.

Fortunately, crystals provide a way to help with grief and sadness. And there are many healing crystals that help alleviate the pain and suffering that goes along with grief.

Why Use Crystals for Grief?

Many people find that the healing powers and energy of crystals are helpful for working through periods of grief and sorrow. If you’re looking for a stone for grief, rest assured that you have a wide array of choices. 

Each crystal aids in many different healing areas. And some stones work to alleviate the grief its holder feels. Best of all, you can use your chosen stone for grief and then also use it to help with other physical, mental, and emotional areas.

How Does a Crystal for Grief Work?

There are many ways to use a crystal for grief. You can meditate with your crystal or use it to align your chakras. Some crystals help with sleeping and dreaming. Therefore, if your grief persists during these events, the stone can come in handy here. 

You may also want to place your crystal on your bedside table or carry the tumbled stones in your purse or pocket so you have it with you wherever you go. You can also wear crystal jewelry with your designated crystal so it’s kept close to you at all times. Whichever option you choose, know there are many ways to use your crystal to help with your feelings of grief.

Top 11 Crystals to Aid With Lessening Grief

If you suffer from sorrow or are currently grieving a loss, now is a good time to explore the use of crystals to help you get back to your old self. You want to make grief a thing of the past and crystals can help you with this process.

Here are 11 crystals said to help with lessening grief:

1. Amethyst

amethyst stone

Amethyst is a natural calming stone that can help you soothe your soul and put your mind at peace. This lovely purple stone provides exceptional emotional comfort. It also helps with the anxiety and stress that those who are grieving likely feel. 

In addition, this gemstone is a sleep aid. When you place amethyst by your bedside, you can get a better night’s sleep and help to keep bad dreams at bay. 

2. Carnelian

Carnelian provides comforting and supportive energy. The warmth of the carnelian will help to lessen the grief that overcomes you and give you the energy you need to move on. This crystal is also a spirit stone and helps connect us to those who have passed. The safety and strength of the carnelian make this a popular gemstone with those who are experiencing sorrow. The support you'll feel when you hold the carnelian hand is sure to provide you with a calming energy.

3. Rhodonite

With Rhodonite, you can improve your self-love and get through your sadness. Rhodonite clears the heart and helps you let go of sad emotions that have been holding you back. With the help of rhodonite, you can accept the past, overcome grief, and move on with the future.

4. Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is an ideal gemstone for providing you with grounding and stability. When sad emotions pull you in different directions, the smoky quartz helps you find your footing. Plus, smoky quartz will turn negative emotions into positive energy. This powerful grounding crystal is one to add to your collection.

5. Moonstone

Moonstone is a crystal that brings light to our current darkness. This gemstone is helpful through all stages of grief but particularly useful during the depression and anger stages. Moonstone reminds us that there is light ahead and we will make it through the grieving process.

6. Rose Quartz

rose quartz

Rose quartz is a pink stone that represents love and compassion. This gemstone also has a calming energy. With the rose quartz, there's a soothing quality that helps us get through our grief and find love and compassion on the other side of the darkness. Rose quartz is beneficial through all stages of grief and helps promote self-love. And with its calm energy components, rose quartz is a wonderful stone to have in your collection.

7. Lepidolite

The beautiful purple hues and hints of pink associated with lepidolite will bring warmth to us as we go through the grieving process. The lithium component of lepidolite gives us the surge of energy we need to continue on with our daily schedule as we work through the grief. Lepidolite helps to release the suffering and has healing properties that help as we overcome feelings of grief and sadness

8. Pyrite

Pyrite is an excellent stone for individuals experiencing grief as it helps to absorb anxiety and negative energy. You can also use the pyrite crystal to bring balance into your life. With pyrite by your side, you can find balance and peacefulness as you come to terms with your loss. You'll experience conflicting emotions in your life and pyrite helps you to heal emotionally.

9. Black Onyx

Black onyx helps bring light to a dark situation, such as grieving the loss of a loved one. This gemstone helps you fortify your inner strength and look towards the future, not dwell in the past once the mourning period is over.

10. Sugilite

When you’re overcome with sadness and grief, you may not feel the love at the moment. However, sugilite will help you to do so. This gemstone brings light and love into a person’s life. And after dealing with grief and sadness, light and love are two helpful things for individuals to experience.

11. Amazonite

Amazonite is a heart gemstone and will help your heart to heal from the grief emotions you experience. You can meditate with this stone or use it with your heart chakra. It may help you to have a cathartic release that will put you on the path to healing from your loss. Amazonite is an excellent crystal for emotional healing.

amazonite crystal

Which Grief Crystal is Right for You?

With so many options regarding crystals for grief, you may wonder which gemstone is right for you. Here’s a recap of the crystals above and the main healing properties of each one:

  • Amethyst: Stress relief
  • Carnelian: Supportive energy
  • Rhodonite: Release of emotions
  • Smoky Quartz: Grounding
  • Moonstone: Brings light
  • Rose Quartz: Love and compassion
  • Lepidolite: Energy surge
  • Pyrite: Balance and peace
  • Black Onyx: Future thoughts
  • Sugilite: Light and love
  • Amazonite: Heart healer

If you want to choose a single crystal for grief, look for the gemstone that possesses the main healing feature you desire. If you’re going to choose a few different healing stones, consider your stage in grief.

The main five stages of grief include:

  • First Stage: Denial
  • Second Stage: Anger 
  • Third Stage: Bargaining
  • Fourth Stage: Depression
  • Fifth Stage: Acceptance

Are you angry? Are you sad? Do you feel helpless and not in control? Think of the intense emotions you have at the moment and select the crystal that will help you with the current stage of grief. You can also choose other healing crystals to help you with the grief stages that follow. Whether you're dealing with emotional shock or are mending a broken heart, these gemstones and other crystals can help.  

Whichever crystals you choose to help you with your grief, rest assured that grief is a fleeting emotion. How long grief and sadness persist varies depending on the individual. However, it’s good to know that crystals provide a way to lessen these overwhelming feelings and help us to feel emotions that counteract, lessen, or hasten episodes of sadness. 

Think about what emotional goals you’re trying to achieve and choose the crystals for grief that can help you along the way.