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9 Crystals for Luck - Kumi Oils

9 Crystals for Luck

Crystals are beautiful stones that have eye-catching qualities. The gemstones are also known for their strong healing energies. Each individual stone has its own meaning attached to it and is used for specific healing functions.

You can find gemstones to help in various situations, such as crystals for grief and good luck crystals. If you’re eager to find gemstones in the latter category, you’re in good fortune, as there are many crystals for good luck.

We all need a little extra luck and having a crystal that helps in this category is definitely a positive aspect. Best of all, you can choose specific stones for luck and have them be useful in other energy areas as well. 

Why You Should Choose Stones for Luck

Luck comes in many forms. Maybe you’re interested in finding new job opportunities. Or perhaps you want to be lucky in love. Whatever the reason may be, having a little extra luck on our side doesn’t hurt! And this can be done with the help of a lucky stone.

Fortunately, there are crystals for luck that can help us in our goals to improve our good fortune. In addition to being known for luck, the crystals we’ll mention are also helpful in other ways and beautiful to look at, too.

How Do You Use Crystals for Luck?

There are many ways to use crystals for good luck. You can use these types of gemstones when you meditate in your favorite quiet space and set your intentions. Meditation is an excellent way to bring in good fortune and attract good luck.

You can also wear stones for luck as jewelry and have an energy item with you wherever you go that also serves as a lovely accessory. Some people who are eager to attract good luck want these powerful gemstones with them at all times. You can wear the lucky stone in the form of jewelry or put the good fortune stone in your purse or pocket.

Crystals are often used when aligning one’s chakras to get rid of energy blockages. You can do this with these types of fortune gems as well. You can use the luck gemstone with the chakra that it pertains to and this crystal will help open that specific chakra. When you open your chakras, you’re working on the physical and emotional areas of your body.

You can also grab the good vibes of lucky gemstones by placing them near you in your home or workspace. Put these types of stones on your bedside table or office desk so they can work to their maximum potential when it comes to attracting luck.

And you don’t just have to use these types of crystals in one set way. You can have a beautiful crystal sitting on your desk and have a different crystal in bracelet form on your wrist.

9 Crystals for Good Luck

So, now that you know the options for using luck crystals and why these gemstones come in handy, which stones fall within this category? Here are nine crystals for luck to add to your gem collection:

Tiger’s Eye

tigers eye crystal

The Tiger's Eye crystal is an eye-catching gemstone that’s also a good option for luck. With the help of this crystal, you can open yourself up to opportunities that may be around the corner for you. When you’re open to new opportunities, your access to luck will improve as well. The positive energy of the tiger’s eye crystal is something you can use in all areas of your life.

Green Aventurine

If you seek financial stability, the green aventurine gemstone is a good choice for crystals to add to your collection. Green aventurine is the stone that gives you energy as you strive for success. With abundance and attraction of fortune as traits of green aventurine, if luck is what you crave, this stone can help you find it. 

Red Jade

Red jade is known to help people reach success with creativity. If you want to improve the creative area of life, add some red jade to your accessory collection. Red jade will also keep you grounded as you intently follow your path to success.


citrine crystal

With the help of the citrine crystal, you can improve your luck and do so with a big smile on your face. Known as the joyful stone, citrine is also a good luck stone that encourages people to follow their dreams. Citrine gives off good vibrations and wards off negative energies. The gem is an excellent stone to carry with you whenever you need a fortuitous result.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a master healer and helpful multi-purpose crystal. Therefore, it’s no wonder this gemstone is an excellent helper in the luck department. With clear quartz by your side, you can exude good energy and attract fortune. This good luck charm is sure to please!

Green Jade

Green jade, like its lovely red jade counterpart, is an ideal stone to have for good fortune. Green jade is also known for its multifaceted healing powers. The gemstone boasts the ability to attract wealth as a money stone and protects the holder from bad investments. Play it on the safe side. Keep a piece of green jade in your pocket and increase your chances of having luck on a daily basis.


carnelian crystal

Carnelian is a great stone that serves many purposes. One thing the carnelian gemstone is known for is dream achievement. If you dream of getting a specific job or achieving a certain goal, wear some carnelian as jewelry or put a carnelian stone in your pocket. This lucky gemstone is a good item to have with you at all times. If luck and fortune are what you crave, then the carnelian is a good stone to have

Rose Quartz

Luck doesn’t just involve getting a good job or winning a specific prize. Luck can also pertain to being lucky in love. And with a rose quartz crystal in your possession, you are doing what you can to bring love into your life. This heart chakra healing stone helps you open your heart to others, even if you’ve been hurt in the past. It's also a self love stone.

Let the rose quartz make you lucky in love. You can use this very powerful stone as you align your chakras. It's also a powerful crystal to meditate with as you set your intentions.


malachite stone

When you have a malachite crystal in your home or office, you can gain the confidence you need and leave your comfort zone. Once outside your comfort zone, your luck chances increase as you’re taking a risk to achieve a certain goal.

Malachite is a beautiful green stone that helps you suppress negativity within yourself and any bad luck you might receive from others. You can take on a positive attitude and know that anything is possible. With malachite, attracting abundance is possible. And with its ability to suppress negative energy, it's always a good idea to have malachite in your possession whenever possible.

How to Pick the Right Crystals for Luck

To give you more insight into lucky crystals, here is a list of the main features of the nine crystals listed above:

  • Tiger’s Eye: Open to opportunities
  • Green Aventurine: Financial stability
  • Red Jade: Success
  • Citrine: Dream follower
  • Clear Quartz: Attract good fortune
  • Green Jade: Money attraction
  • Carnelian: Dream achievement
  • Rose Quartz: Attract love
  • Malachite: Gain confidence

Since you know a few gemstones that help with luck, the next step is to choose one. How do you pick the right crystal for luck or crystals for double the luck? Here are a few different factors to consider when deciding which luck crystals should be new collection additions:

  • What type of good luck am I trying to attract?
  • Will I be using the crystal for other reasons, such as stress relief, negativity deflection, etc.?
  • Will I be using the crystals to align my chakras?
  • Do I want this crystal for my love life?
  • Do I want this crystal for personal growth?
  • Will I be meditating with the stones and what are my intentions?
  • What color stones are best for me?
  • What budget am I looking to stay within?
  • Do I want to wear the crystals, keep them in my pocket or purse, or display them?
  • What size gemstones do I want?

As you shop around for crystals for luck, keep these factors in mind. You may also find other crystals in addition to the ones listed above that help you in various areas of your life. There are many uses for crystals as well as for achieving luck.

Find Your Lucky Crystals Today

Now that you have all the information regarding crystals for good luck, it’s the perfect time to look for new gemstones for your collection and get to work increasing positive vibes. You can pick one or many of the crystals above and add them to your current gemstones. After all, it never hurts to have too much luck!