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The 8 Crystals for Love and Attraction


The best crystals for love have been used for centuries and generations because of their natural healing properties and the importance it plays in our history. Gemstones are available to help you attract anything that you want in life and this includes love and attraction. Crystals for manifesting love are very popular because everybody needs love in their lives and without it, we have the tendency to feel empty.

Recommended Crystals for Love And Attraction

Read along as we talk about the 8 crystals that will help you with love and attraction:

1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This type of Quartz is characterized by a pinkish hue that signifies love and the power of attraction. Known as the gemstone used to bring out the best in the heart chakra, Rose Quartz is a popular choice for individuals who want to bring in love and attraction in their lives and remove any negative energy. This gemstone will help you build trust and unconditional love. 

If you have been hurt before, this healing crystal will help you try to heal and pick up the broken pieces so that you can be whole again. Finding closure is important and this love crystal will help you with this goal and find new romantic love.

2. Aventurine


This gemstone helps activate the heart chakra and will help you increase your chances of good luck when it comes to finding new love.  Aventurine will not only help you in the love aspect but also all facets of your life, resulting in a better you who is ready to give herself to that special someone and fully commit. Opening up the heart chakra is also important because it will help you attract the person that you like.

3. Garnet


Considered a passion stone, Garnet is symbolized by improving your courage levels and harnessing positive thinking. This gemstone is instrumental in activating your root chakra which will help you feel balanced and secure with yourself by having inner peace. It is a reflective stone that has a lightness and a sense of sexuality that has no bounds – both perfect elements for someone who is looking to get into a relationship or boost their love life. 

4. Moonstone


Moonstone is one of the gemstones that exude and exemplify feminine energy. Like the moon that is always constant and we see it no matter what happens in life, this gemstone is a great reminder for individuals that things are going to be okay even if we are faced with challenges and personal battles. Moonstone is instrumental in a person’s spirituality and helps lost lovers reunite with each other so that they can be better matches physically and emotionally.

5. Ruby


What is a more perfect stone for attracting love than Ruby, which is considered a heart stone? This love stone is instrumental in building up self-confidence and gives you the ability to be steadfast in any relationship and not lose yourself. Ruby is a perfect gemstone that matches with the root chakra and it ensures that you have all the sensuality needed to carry on a relationship.

6. Citrine


With the bright and radiant color of Citrine, it comes as no surprise that these healing crystals are helpful when it comes to attracting positivity in our lives which is the first step in attraction and love. This gemstone will help you release the inner warmth that you have inside so that you can attract love in no time.

7. Amethyst


Attracting love is not just trying to find the right person to attract and build a relationship with, it is also important to be the best version of yourself before you seek out another person to be in a relationship with. Amethyst is a powerful stone that will help you with exactly this intention.

The purple hues of this gemstone symbolize the importance of self-worth and self-love. After all, who will love us if we can’t love ourselves? This gemstone is also instrumental if you are trying to get over someone or heal through a breakup, with its emotional healing properties. 

8. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

This crystal healing gemstone emphasizes the power of communication which is important in any relationship. Lapis Lazuli can help open up the throat chakra so that you can speak up and speak your truth, making it one of the best crystals for emotional balance. Speaking up is important because it enables you to open up to other people so that you can be your authentic self.

Now that we talked about love crystals, it is important to know that the best way to use them is to wear them and have skin-to-skin contact for the best effect. Gemstone bracelets are a perfect way to get that constant contact and receive the benefits of each of these stones. 

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