4 Crystals That Attract Love and Romance

crystals that attract love

One of the most thought of crystals that attract love is a diamond. Considered a precious stone and one of the love crystals it symbolizes love, faithfulness, and purity. As one of the healing stones, diamonds are thought to hold an energy source with high-frequency properties.

Throughout many cultures and centuries, diamonds as crystals for love life were highly prized as an essential stone for many rituals. Its healing energy and properties are said to be invincibility and fortitude that clears emotional pain for a new beginning.

The spiritual essence of the diamond has been melded and reshaped, reapplying a meaning of love, fidelity, and faithfulness. Although some of the properties of the diamond’s inherent energy as a powerful crystal have been reshaped, its original qualities are always present and forceful.

Ancient Rome held diamonds in high regard, to cut one was considered an injury to the gods, as they were considered the tears of the gods.

In the modern world, a diamond is the ultimate symbol of love and fidelity. There are many other precious and semi-precious stones from the depths of the earth that are powerful crystals of love that can bring peace and self-confidence in intimate relationships.

The healing powers and energy emitted from crystals that attract love are forged deep within the earth where they are bestowed with not the tears of the gods but with the energies of earthly and universal love.

love crystals

What are the Crystals That Attract Love?

Crystals are formed from upheaval and transformation. Crystallizing happens when liquids and heat within the earth begin to cool and harden. During the formation of crystals, the cooling liquids rearrange their molecules, atoms, and ions in a unique one-of-a-kind three-dimensional pattern.

Colors are a result of the minerals in the hardening liquids. These are dependent on where on earth the crystal is foAquamarine Agate Gemstone Bracelet - March Birthstonermed. Spiritualists, and healers who study and use crystals believe that each unique variety of crystals receives an energy charge from the earth and universe in their formation.

Crystals for love which emit energies include:


The colorful variations of Agate are a function of where it was formed, and which liquids cooled to create it deep in the bosom of the earth. As a healing gemstone that possesses a beauty reflective of the inner earth and outer universe it energy fields are said to be powerful and encompassing.  This powerful stone soothes, calms, and strengthens relationships.

Its effect on mental health includes enhancing perception, sharper analytical ability as well as improved concentration and focus. The many rich, amazing colors of agate are applied to the energy centers of the body, chakras.

Brown Agate with its many earthy hues exudes comfort and grounding. Fire Agate reflects the burning embers and fiery passion of love. This beautiful powerful family of stones which include Moss agate are exquisitely attracting of love when set in jewelry. All the Agates can be displayed at home and work in a grouping of crystals that attract unconditional love.


Green Aventurine is a crystal with the powers to clear and balance the Heart Chakra, one of the 7 primary energy centers in the body. As a healing stone that mimics the lush green of the earth’s flora. Spirituals and healers use Green Aventurine to balance the whole body, mind, and spirit.

As a protector, Green Aventurine is said to shield against negative energy in the home, garden, and heart. It encourages confidence, self-love. compassion and willpower. As one of the love crystals, Green Aventurine signifies growth and stability as in a mature lasting healthy relationship.

Aventurine set-in bracelets, rings, and necklaces invite balanced hearts to connect. This incredible stone can be displayed in a personalized grouping along with other crystals that attract love at home or work.

Rose Quartz

A highly prized crystal with a pastel hue, rose quartz nickname is the heart stone. As an emotionally healing stone, it is one that affects the energies associated with overcoming lost love while enhancing the powers of forgiveness and compassion. It encourages self-love, the first step in attracting love.

As a protector, it repels negativity. Rose Quartz disguises its power, considered to be among the most powerful of all crystals, with a soft, effeminate appeal. It has been revered for centuries as the stone of all love. Easily crafted into heart shapes for jewelry, when worn rose quartz is a powerful attractor of love and new beginnings.


This fascinating multicolored stone is applied to the Sacral Chakra, the energy center that controls passion and sexuality. Spiritualists and healers use it to balance the Sacral Chakra in hopes of achieving incredible passion and sexual connections with self and others.

Garnet gives a renewed sense of passion into relationships, balances the sex drive, and protects against emotional upheavals. Applied to physical healing, the Garnet is thought to be a general metabolism stimulator. It is used as a purifier of the heart, lungs, blood, and spinal fluid. Its color combinations are reflective of the diversity of the earth and universe.

Colorations of this remarkable crystal that attract love is perfect for a wide variety of jewelry settings. Garnet portrays shades and hues of a spectrum of color that include, blue, blueish green, brown, brownish orange, green, greenish, greenish yellow-brown, orange, peach, pink, purple, purplish-red, reddish-orange, red-orange, yellowish-orange, violet, and classic red.

The available shades, colors, and hues of Garnet reflect the nuances and expansive opportunities of love.

Love Crystals

Crystals for love can be worn, carried, or displayed. Most of the love crystals can be made into hand-crafted signature jewelry. The powers of crystal are up to the task of connecting people, giving inner peace and opening the doors of relationships and love.

Each has its own energy which can complement, balance, or align the Seven Chakras of the Body. It is not just the Heart Chakra that plays an important part in lasting love.

All of the energy sources which are tied to universal forces, like the healing gemstones and crystals are relevant when searching for or attracting love.

Self-confidence, awareness, and balance are all essential beginnings in the quest for love, or relationship. Crystals that attract love are powerful allies in projecting positive energy and protecting against negativity.