17 Best Healing Stones for Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Do you know what there are healing stones for anxiety and depression? There was once a time where stress and anxiety were not considered to be real things. Stress was merely something everyone dealt with and there was no use harping on it; you simply moved forward and it was what it was.

Anxiety was not even a recognized thing. Many just felt that it was part of the stress family and that it was something to simply be dealt with and moved forward from.

But that is not the case today. These days, those are two certifiable mental illnesses that need treatment all their own.

Healing Stones

But there’s something that can help: healing stones. That’s right, healing stones are believed to have healing qualities that can assist in dealing with those stresses and anxieties. And there are many stones, like blue lace agate, that can help with these issues.

Healing Stones for Anxiety

If you are on the lookout for the best healing crystals that can help you uplift your mood and energy, we've got you covered. In this article, we have listed down the top five healing stones and crystals with calming energy that can help with anxiety.

Turquoise Stones


Turquoise are calming crystals that are quite versatile. Turquoise is a light blue stone with emotional and physical healing qualities, with the ability to battle a number of different issues for individuals due to their soothing factors. Being able to address so many different issues is highly valuable to anyone.

Physically, this ancient healing stone is believed to be a strengthening stone. For the various physical attributes that it has an impact on there are a few different things. Exhaustion is one of those. We all face exhaustion from time to time, especially with busy schedules and those of us with families.

Depression and panic attacks are also handled by the turquoise stones. These can be debilitating if not dealt with, so having the turquoise stones on hand to help is key. Mentally, they can instill peacefulness and relieve stress. This will help reset and relax you after a particularly stressful week.

Howlite Stones

One of the most popular stones out there, the White Howlite is a powerful stone, and it's one of the go-to crystals for stress relief. It's gentle energy absorbs negative energy. Its ability to help with a variety of different issues is what makes it so popular among those who use stones for health reasons.

There are quite a few things that the White Howlite healing crystals can assist with. Things like sleep issues are big, given that the way we sleep can have a huge impact on our lives overall. Being able to calm an overactive mind can be hugely helpful as well. When our minds are overactive, it becomes difficult to focus.

The stress-relieving factor is one of the biggest. Life is stressful and being able to relieve that anxiety stress and worry can be the difference between a productive, successful day and one mired in stress. Lastly, it is believed to be able to help with anger as well. Stress can lead to bursts of anger and no one wants that to mire their lives.

Tiger's Eye Stones

tigers eye

The Tiger's Eye stone is one of protection. It is often used for focus as well as strength and has an abundance of helpful qualities in a number of different areas. Among the many things that it is used for:

  • It will help with building and manifesting ideas and clearing your mind
  • It attracts prosperity, helping you grow as you develop those ideas
  • It enhances your strength as well as vitality. This is important for developing strength in your core and keeping yourself strong for the week ahead.
  • Spiritually, it grounds you. This helps to keep you even-keel so that you do not get too high or too low during a particularly busy week.
  • It brings brightness, protection, and optimism. These are great qualities to really build on for the days ahead of you. Being optimistic allows you to keep the stress away and focus on the important things ahead of you.

Rose Quartz Stones

rose quartz

The Rose Quartzstone is one of the most popular crystals around. It has healing qualities and is extremely popular in the jewelry world. It makes for a great decorative piece in any outfit and is incredibly popular in that medium. It also has qualities that tie into feng shui.

The Rose Quartz stone is a versatile stone. It helps with a number of different qualities in regards to attracting love as well as healing the heart when it comes to disappointment and pain. Those who have recently had their hearts broken tend to turn to the Rose Quartz stone when they are looking to heal and progress with their feelings and love.

Rose Quartz has such visually appealing properties that it will likely remain popular even if they did not have the healing qualities that they do. In any event, they are versatile and popular and will likely remain so.

Dalmatian Jasper Stones

dalmatian jasper stone

The Dalmatian jasper stone has a wide variety of qualities, giving it value to many different types of people. This stone can help break down those barriers that you may have created as a means of protection around yourself.

It can help to improve your devotion to others. This can help to build the relationships in your life and strengthen them. It can also increase your trust which in turn can help to develop and strengthen those relationships.

The Dalmatian jasper stone can also help you discover a sense of purpose. When you are struggling with a project or a goal, having that reinforced purpose can be essential to your success. Perhaps best of all is the ability to build loyalty in your mind as well as your body and soul.

Loyalty in your life can be a huge thing. It ties into the ability to trust and show devotion to others and it can greatly affect the kind of relationships that you have.



This particular gemstone is quite popular because of the many uses and advantages that it provides to the user. With its purple hue, this gemstone is particularly known for its soothing and calming properties. If you need protection and cleansing, this is the best crystal healing stone for anxiety that you can incorporate into your daily life.

Amethyst can give off positive vibes that can bring calm regardless of whether you are going through a tumultuous time. It can fully clear your mind so that you can get rid of doubts and negative energy, leading to a clearer understanding of what is happening around you.



Also known as the compassion stone, Rhodonite is one of the crystals for anxiety and stress that you can use. This gemstone will help you get rid of things, people, and relationships that no longer serve their purpose and that is to make you happy. These toxic things can bring stress and anxiety to your life and by removing them, you will feel lighter and happier by having mental clarity.

If you are still holding on to a traumatic event that happened in the past, Rhodonite can help release these feelings and make you feel more secure with yourself.


With its yellow and bright demeanor, Citrine is also a healing crystal that will enable you to reach clarity and lightness. Stress and anxiety can anchor us down emotionally and spiritually and it doesn’t give us the ability to grow and spread our wings. 

With Citrine as calming stones, you will feel a renewed sense of brightness and purpose that you might be missing. This gemstone will also help you experience warmth within you and be at ease with your emotions and feelings.


This gemstone is not quite as popular as the previous four that we have discussed above, but that doesn’t mean it holds less power when it comes to releasing stress and anxiety. Known as the crystal that will keep you in touch with angels or other celestial bodies, you will experience a lightness in your life and put trust into a higher being.

Celestite is the best stone for stress and anxiety because it will help release obsessive behaviors that can cause anxiety and stress. The common behaviors that come with stress are nervousness, stage fright, or shyness. Celestite can help with all these stressors and enable you to bring out the inner peace and deep relaxation that you have hidden inside you.


Also known as an anti-depression magical healing stone, Bronzite brings soothing hopefulness and healing energy to the soul and generally will make you feel better and more positive. This gemstone can take our minds off things that are not important or those that we cannot control, allowing us to be in the present moment. It is also helpful when it comes to feelings of fear, indecisiveness, fatigue, and restlessness.

Bronzite healing crystals are also used by people who need to be grounded and centered in their lives. Our mind is oftentimes the greatest obstacle when it comes to achieving things, and this gemstone helps in overcoming negative thoughts about yourself, feelings of doubt, and insecurity.

Using this gemstone will help you get a clearer focus, improve self-belief, and have the courage to see things from start to finish. When you are faced with challenges, this is one of the best crystals that will help you get rid of distractions and will present a clearer mind so that you can make informed decisions that are the best options for your specific situation.

Pink Opal

If Bronzite is seen as the more masculine of healing stones, its feminine counterpart is the Pink Opal. With the feminine touch that it brings to any situation, Pink Opal can help lessen the emotional pain and trauma that you might be experiencing. Like Bronzite, this gemstone is calming and can give centering vibes that are needed to lessen anxious thoughts and minimize emotional moods and negative energies.

Characterized by a beautiful pink hue just like the Rose Quartz, Pink Opal brings love, forgiveness, and generosity into your life. If you are still feeling the effects of trauma and need help, this gemstone can help reduce feelings of resentment and range with its powerful healing properties. 

Yellow Quartz

Powered by the energy of the sun, Yellow Quartz is a radiant stone that can bring lightness and positivity in your life that is needed to reduce depression and anxiety, especially if you happened to be diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder. This crystal for depression enables you to experience increased amounts of joy, love, and happiness in your life.

The positive outlook and radiant energy are increased using this stone and positivity will help you achieve clarity of mind and soul. Like the sun which is considered a source of life, this gemstone will nurture your inner spiritual self, clear your thoughts and improve overall brain function.



If you need increased vitality in your life, Carnelian is a perfect match for you. With bright hues of red and orange, this fiery stone is known as the endurance stone that will keep you going. Endurance is essential especially if you feel like you are running out of energy and strength to get through most days which is caused by depression. 

This healing stone is also known for giving off radiant warmth which helps to keep anxious thoughts away.


Considered as a favorite healing crystal among those who are experienced in this matter, Malachite brings out your inner peace and empowers you to accept yourself. 

Past traumatic events and constant negative energy can lead to depression and stress, Malachite can help bring a sense of balance back in your life that can dispel any ill feelings towards your past.



Like the moon that is always changing and going from one phase to another, Moonstone serves as a great reminder that change is constant. 

If you are feeling lost and stuck in a phase, this master healer gemstone will help you think about the changes that are coming and can help clear your mind. Deriving its energy from the moon, this healing crystal brings out feminine energy that is nurturing and loving.


Also known as the great healing stone, it is no surprise that Obsidian is also a great tool to counter depression and anxiety. There are different kinds of Obsidian that you can use like black, rainbow, and gold.

This gemstone will help you take a gentle approach when it comes to going after the desires of your heart.



Like the radiant sun which is a giver and nurturer of life, Sunstone is a great gemstone when you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck in a place of darkness. This healing crystal will give you the light that you need to wake up every day and be in a better place, free from stress, emotional wounds and anxious thoughts.


Having the right stones to help you deal with stress and anxiety can mean a huge difference in your day-to-day life. With the right stones, you will be able to mitigate the stress and anxiety of everyday life. Being able to find a tool to help battle through these debilitating issues can mean all the difference in the world.

Finding the right stones to help you can give you the boost that you need to improve your life and live better than you ever knew how to before.

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