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New Essential Oil Cases

Kumi Oils would like to introduce some more cases to our collection of essential oil cases. As you know the cases that we currently carry come in all shapes and sizes. The new cases that we have added will give you more variety to what you currently love! The first essential oil case being brought to you is our Soft 10 Bottle Essential Oil Case, but this time in tan!

As you can tell this amazing case is durable and perfect for when you just want take a part of your oils with you in your purse or any other bag for the day. The next case we are bringing to you will give your essential oils more protection when you plan on traveling longer distances for longer periods of time. The Hard Shell 10 Oil Case now comes in Purple!

With the space you need for all you favorite oils you can’t go wrong in protecting them in this high quality case! Now if you think that only taking 10 oils gives you anxiety, and that you need MORE space, don’t worry we also added a tan to our Soft 16 Bottle Essential Oil Case!

This large case will allow you to really make sure you are prepared with your time away. Not only can you take all the essential oils you need they will be easily protected by the foam insert to ensure their safety. Don't worry we have more colors to suite any taste if you feel these ones don't quite do it.