Clear Quartz Meaning and Healing Properties

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The beauty of crystals and gemstones is unmistaken. These stones hold such wonderful aesthetic qualities that it’s no wonder individuals love to collect these items and wear them as jewelry pieces. But, did you know they offer a wide array of healing powers? They also have extraordinary meanings attached to each. All this is true with clear quartz crystal as well.

What is Clear Quartz?

Clear quartz is a mineral that’s found in many areas throughout the world. This eye-catching crystal is white/clear in color tone and the master healer of all stones. Known as the light bringer, when you apply your clear quartz to your dreams and goals you can attempt to reach all new heights.

This stone is filled with silicon dioxide and is easily identifiable due to its clear crystal qualities. This crystal is a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, a scale that ranges from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the hardest.

Labradorite stone by kumioils blogs

History of Clear Quartz

The first noted appearance of clear quartz occurred back in Ancient Greece when the crystal was known as krystallos. The name quartz has an unknown origin but it’s a German name that was first used in 1530 by Georgius Agricola.

Clear quartz can be found on many continents and in a wide array of countries. Some spots you can look for clear quartz include Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, and the United States, to name a few.

Meaning of Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a highly applauded crystal which offers a heartfelt meaning and plenty of wonderful healing properties. It has been called the universal crystal as well as a master healer crystal. If you’re looking for a crystal or gemstone that offers many excellent benefits, the quartz crystal is it.

This crystal is known to bring light to mankind, which is why many healers and crystal collectors make sure to include this crystal in their collection.

Healing Properties of Clear Quartz

The healing properties of clear quartz are great in number. From stimulating the immune system to acting as a shield against negative energy, you can use your beautiful clear quartz for many reasons.

As for the mental and emotional healing properties of clear quartz, this crystal provides positive vibes to the holder. It disperses any negative energy you might feel which holds you back from being positive and provides you with a new sense of purpose. It takes small amounts of joy and maximizes this joy exponentially.

The clear quartz also provides a way to channel energy. It will take the energy you possess and distribute it through your body, focusing on those key areas that need the most attention.

With the clear quartz you can also achieve spiritual growth. Using this alongside your chakras will provide easy clearing of any chakras that may have become blocked. Once your chakras are cleared, these chakras can heal the areas they are meant to focus on.

When it comes to the physical healing properties of clear quartz, this crystal helps with speeding up the metabolism to aid you in achieving weight loss goals. It’s also effective for helping clear your body of toxins.

How to Use Clear Quartz

When you’re ready to put your clear quartz to use, rest assured there are many ways to do so. You can create a crystal display with clear quartz at the pinnacle of it all or you can wear mala beads that have clear quartz on them. However you choose to display and use your clear quartz, know that there is no bad way to do so!


Clear quartz is a beautiful addition to any jewelry item. Place this crystal on a chain and wear it as a necklace. Or, if you’d rather buy your clear quartz jewelry item already made, you can purchase a wide array of crystal jewelry, including clear quartz. Clear quartz looks especially lovely when it’s in the form of a bracelet made from many small clear quartz pieces.

Chakra Balancing

As a master healing crystal, clear quartz plays a primary role in chakra balancing. Certain crystals are used with one or two specific chakras. On the other hand, clear quartz can be used with all seven chakras.

Clear quartz is used in chakra balancing for its ability to harmonize the chakras and align each one with the others. You can work with each chakra individually or use your clear quartz to focus on all the chakras at once.


Meditating provides a way to find inner balance and get away from it all for a while. It’s a way to find your center and work on areas that need some tender loving care. Clear quartz comes in handy while meditating by opening your mind and heart and pursuing higher guidance.

To use clear quartz in meditation, hold this crystal in your hand as you meditate or place it on the floor close by. Just having this crystal by your side will help you to gain focus during your meditation and feel a sense of balance once your meditation session is over.

Feng Shui

Clear quartz is a holder of light and a purifier of energy. Both of these characteristics can be put to good use in the practice of feng shui. When you use clear quartz in your feng shui placement, you can use this helpful crystal to create harmony within a room and clear negative energy.

Since clear quartz has an earth element to it, this crystal should be placed in the Bagua region of your home that needs this type of energy.

A clear quartz cluster makes a lovely display, that’s powerful too. You can also lay out separate clear quartz crystals and pair them with accompanying crystals to help you achieve your feng shui-related goals.

Crystal Displays

Clear quartz crystal displays, whether related to feng shui or not, are wonderful additions to any room. You can add these items to your home or office for their powerful energy components. You might also just want to place a clear quartz crystal display in your home or office simply because they brighten up each and every room due to their aesthetic qualities.

You can find small, subtle clear quartz crystal displays or ones that are a bit larger and noticeable. Whichever you choose, your new clear quartz addition is sure to receive rave reviews from all who see it.

How to Care for Clear Quartz

When you start collecting clear quartz, you’ll want to know exactly how to store and care for these items. After all, you want your clear quartz collection to look as lovely as possible for as long as possible. This type of crystal looks best when kept clean and it’s ideal that it’s protected when not in use.

To clean your clear quartz, you want to use warm water that’s slightly soapy. Soak your clear quartz in the soapy water until any and all dirt is removed. If some of the dirt is still on there or you just want to clean it a bit more thoroughly, use a cloth or soft toothbrush to help the process along. Once your clear quartz is clean, dry it with a soft cloth and store it away or put it out on display.

If you’re ready to store your clear quartz jewelry or individual quartz crystal, put it in a soft pouch or cloth to separate it from other crystals. Even though this crystal is a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale and sturdier than some other crystals, it still might scratch or chip if it comes in contact with other crystals or gemstones.

To remove any bad energy from your clear quartz, there are a few ways to do so. You can soak your clear quartz in water and sea salt overnight to clear the crystal. Another method is to place your clear quartz on the windowsill overnight when there is a full moon. The moonlight will add the right type of energy to your beloved crystal.

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Let Clear Quartz Guide the Way

Clear quartz has many beneficial qualities associated with it. This crystal is a master healer, light bringer, and energy booster. With so many wonderful benefits of the clear quartz, you likely are interested in adding this crystal to your collection as soon as possible, if you don’t already have a clear quartz item.

As you survey your clear quartz options, you should consider how you want to use your clear quartz. Do you want to use it to add to the feng shui placement within your home or office or would you like to turn some clear quartz into appealing jewelry? Whichever way you want to display your clear quartz, your options are wide and varied. And, remember, you can purchase a few different clear quartz items to put to good use.

Add one or more clear quartz items to your collection and let this lovely crystal guide the way.