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Crystals For Third Eye Chakra: Vital Stones For Ajna Clarity

crystal for opening third eye chakra

Explore the power of crystals for Third Eye Chakra healing. Learn how specific stones can bring clarity and balance to your Ajna, enhancing spiritual awareness.

Here are the lists of the best crystals for third eye chakra:

  1. Amethyst
  2. Lapis Lazuli
  3. Labradorite
  4. Sodalite
  5. Azurite
  6. Black Obsidian
  7. Citrine
  8. Clear Quartz
  9. Iolite
  10. Lepidolite
  11. Moonstone
  12. Black Tourmaline
  13. Kyanite
  14. Turquoise
  15. Fluorite

We approach using these crystals to harmonize our inner vision and cognitive processes. By incorporating third eye chakra crystals into our daily practices, whether through meditation or simply wearing them as jewelry, we aim to align ourselves with a higher state of consciousness. Our focus is not to rely on the stones as the sole agents of change but to use them as tools in our broader quest for balance and energy alignment.

Understanding the Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

In exploring the third eye chakra, we unlock deeper dimensions of our consciousness, honing our intuition and accessing inner wisdom. Let us delve into its role, the symptoms of its imbalance, and the significance of Ajna.

The Role of the Third Eye

Our third eye chakra, known as Ajna in Sanskrit, plays a pivotal role in our energy system. Located in the center of the forehead, it is often associated with the color indigo and is the master of our intuition and wisdom. This chakra is a gateway to truth, enhances our awareness, and allows us to see beyond the physical.

Symptoms of Imbalance

When our third eye chakra is unbalanced, we might experience a range of symptoms:

  • Mental: Confusion, difficulty concentrating, trouble distinguishing truth from illusion.
  • Emotional: Fear of the unknown, lack of clarity, skepticism.
  • Physical: Headaches centered in the forehead, eye strain, issue with the pineal gland.

An imbalance might manifest as either an overstimulation, leading to an excessive absorption in fantasy, or as a blockage, leading to a lack of imagination and intuition.

The Significance of Ajna

The word 'Ajna' translates to 'command' or 'perceive,' which aptly describes its significant influence over our ability to gain insight and perceive subtle energies. It has a strong connection to the pineal gland, a small hormone-producing gland in the brain that some see as the third eye chakra's physical equivalent. Maintaining the balance of Ajna is crucial for clarity on our spiritual path.

Best Crystals For Third Eye Chakra

In the chakra system, the Third Eye Chakra is where intuition and foresight reside. It is also a key part of mental clarity and psychic powers. We can tap into its potential using specific gemstones known for their affinity with this energy center.



  • Appearance: A serene stone with purple hues.
  • Benefits: Calms frustrations, alleviates headaches, promotes blissful sleep, and awakens psychic abilities.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Enhances spirituality and self-awareness.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

  • Appearance: Glittering blue and gold shades.
  • Benefits: Encourages truth and awareness, boosts intellect and problem-solving.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Enhances open and honest communication, aiding vision and clarity.



  • Appearance: Mirrored surface with a play of colors.
  • Benefits: Aids in transformation, offers protection, enhances inner power and understanding.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Connects the mortal self with the universe, aiding psychic development.



  • Appearance: Oceanic energy with deep blue hues.
  • Benefits: Promotes logic and positive thinking, connects to inner truth.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Balances right and left brain, aiding in clear thinking.



  • Appearance: Vibrant blue.
  • Benefits: Emotional cleansing enhances psychic abilities.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Connects heart and third eye chakras, promoting inner wisdom.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

  • Appearance: Dark, mirror-like.
  • Benefits: Removes negative vibes, enhances aura, promotes truth.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Encourages embracing wisdom and seeing deeper truths.



  • Appearance: Sunny and bright golden.
  • Benefits: Stimulates joy, creativity, and self-confidence.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Leads to deeper self-understanding and wisdom.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz

  • Appearance: Clear and luminous.
  • Benefits: Enhances clarity, intuition, and overall energy flow.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Promotes higher consciousness and bliss.



  • Appearance: Sparkling violet or blue.
  • Benefits: Balances emotions and encourages exploration and astral travel.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Opens the third eye, aiding self-discovery.



  • Appearance: Pink and purple hues.
  • Benefits: Soothes anxiety, stabilizes mind and body, enhances intuition.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Promotes higher thinking and finding one's cosmic place.



  • Appearance: Luminescent with light and shadow play.
  • Benefits: Encourages new beginnings, harmony, and calm.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Connects to wisdom and truth.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

  • Appearance: Dark and solid.
  • Benefits: Grounding brings focus and mental clarity.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Aids in moving from survival mode to higher thinking.



  • Appearance: Sky blue with shifting shades.
  • Benefits: Supports self-discovery and enhances meditation and memory.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Awakens the third eye, promoting perception shifts.



  • Appearance: Lush water-like blue and green.
  • Benefits: Calms worries and encourages owning one's voice.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: Values wisdom, truth, and higher communication.



  • Appearance: Comes in various colors, often with bands of different hues in the same crystal. Common colors include purple, green, and blue.
  • Benefits: Known for its ability to enhance mental clarity and reduce chaos, Fluorite is excellent for focusing the mind and stabilizing emotions.
  • Why for Third Eye Chakra: It aids in clear thinking and concentration, making it easier to access intuitive insights and connect with higher levels of consciousness.

These crystals are chosen for the Third Eye Chakra due to their properties that align with intuition, wisdom, and higher consciousness. They aid in enhancing psychic abilities, promoting clarity of thought, and fostering a deeper connection with one's inner self. Watch this video to understand more about the best crystals for the Third Eye Chakra.

Meditative Practices for Activation

In our journey towards activating the third eye chakra, we embrace meditative practices that cultivate clarity, focus, and wisdom. These exercises promote balance in our bodies and minds, enhancing our overall awareness and energy.

Meditation Techniques

Guided Visualization: We start with a guided visualization meditation, envisioning a deep indigo light at the center of our forehead. This practice sharpens our focus and paves the way for heightened awareness.

Mantra Meditation: We recite specific mantras associated with the third eye, such as "Om," to streamline our thoughts and energy towards awakening the chakra. This form of meditation supports mental clarity and inner wisdom.

Yoga Poses for Alignment

Child's Pose (Balasana): As we rest our forehead on the ground, we allow gentle pressure to stimulate the third eye area, encouraging balance and calmness in our minds.

  • Seated Yoga Mudra: In this pose, we clasp our hands behind our backs and bow forward, activating the third eye chakra and enhancing our inner harmony.

Breathing Exercises

Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anulom Vilom): We practice this breathing technique to equalize the energy flowing through our bodies. It aids in balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, the key to unlocking our third eye chakra.

  • Breath of Fire (Kapalbhati): This rapid breathing exercise helps us clear mental fog and build the energy necessary to stimulate the third eye. We approach this practice carefully to maintain our focus and amplify our meditative state.

How To Use Crystals For Third Eye Chakra

When incorporating crystals into your life to enhance the Third Eye Chakra, it's essential to use them with intention and focus. We can carry them, create grids, wear them as jewelry, or place them as decorative pieces to promote truth, harmony, and protection.

Carrying Crystals

Carrying crystals with you allows their energy to interact with your aura throughout the day. For the Third Eye Chakra, stones like Sodalite and Lapis Lazuli can be kept in your pocket or purse to support balanced thinking and heightened intuition.

  • Intention: Have a clear intention when you choose to carry a crystal. This directs its energy more effectively.
  • Harmony: Consistent proximity helps align your energy with the crystal, promoting emotional balance.

Crystal Grids for Focus

Creating a crystal grid helps amplify the energy of your crystals, focusing on opening and aligning the Third Eye Chakra.

  • Specifics: Place an Amethyst at the center to foster clarity, and surround it with Clear Quartz to amplify intention.
  • Method: Arrange in a pattern that speaks to you within a sacred space to maintain a resonant energy field.

Jewelry and Wearable Stones

Wearing crystals as jewelry serves as a style statement and provides constant energetic support. A Lapis Lazuli pendant, for example, can aid in expressing your truth and foster confidence.

  • Protection: Wearing crystal jewelry can act as a protective barrier against negative energies.
  • Confidence: Direct skin contact can boost self-assurance and align emotional states.

Decorative Pieces for the Environment

Placing decorative pieces imbued with Third Eye Chakra energies transforms your space. A strategically placed Iolite sphere can be a focal point for meditation and intention-setting.

  • Energy: Large crystal geodes or clusters can serve as an energy reservoir, affecting the whole room.
  • Emotion: Smooth, polished stones bring a sense of calm and can be placed where emotional balance is needed most.

Chakra Synergy and Balancing

In exploring crystals for the third eye chakra, it's important to consider how this energy center interacts and harmonizes with other chakras. When discussing synergy and balancing, we focus on how the insight and light of the third eye chakra can enhance our overall chakra health—especially regarding connection, communication, and higher consciousness.

Connecting with the Crown Chakra

The third eye and crown chakra are intimately linked, as both are pivotal in our journey towards higher consciousness. Crystals like Amethyst play a vital role in fostering this connection. This stone is not only attuned to the third eye chakra but also resonates with the crown chakra, our gateway to spiritual elevation.

Harmonizing the Brow Chakra

Our brow chakra, or the third eye chakra, is the center of insight and intuition. Balancing this chakra involves clearing the path for perceptions and understanding. Iolite is regarded for strengthening and bringing harmony to the brow chakra, empowering us to align our vision with reality.

Aligning with the Throat Chakra

For us to express our insights effectively, our third eye chakra must align with our throat chakra, the chakra of communication. With its deep blue hue, Sodalite helps bridge these two centers, encouraging honest expression that resonates with our innermost thoughts and intuitions.

Enhancing the Heart Chakra Connection

Finally, harmonizing the third eye chakra with the heart chakra is essential for embodying love and connection. A balanced third eye chakra permits us to see with compassion and empathy, while a tuned heart chakra enables us to live these truths. Crystals such as Clear Quartz can enhance this relationship, fostering a sense of unity between our insight and our capacity to love.

Advanced Healing Techniques

When we seek to elevate our third eye chakra to its highest functioning, we employ advanced healing techniques that involve targeted energy work, the transformative power of sound, and the exploration of higher states of consciousness. These methods enhance our intuition, promote emotional balance, and foster spiritual connections, serving as a powerful complement to working with crystals for the third eye chakra.

Energy Healing and Reiki

Reiki and other energy healing practices are potent tools for transforming and balancing the energy of the third eye chakra. We want to clear out blockages and bring back a smooth flow of universal life force energy. This can boost our intuition and psychic awareness. Practitioners often use specific hand positions near the forehead to direct healing vibrations to this energy center.

Sound Therapy and Vibrations

Sound therapy utilizes specific frequencies and vibrations to resonate with the third eye chakra, facilitating a deep emotional and spiritual healing response. Tuning forks, singing bowls, and chants are among the sound tools that can cleanse the third eye, inviting clarity of thought and enhancing our imaginative faculties.

Astral Travel and the Third Eye

Astral travel, or out-of-body experiences, represents an advanced spiritual practice closely tied to the third eye chakra. Expanding beyond the physical realm, we explore the astral plane, gaining profound insights and accelerating our spiritual transformation. This practice relies heavily on a strong, balanced third eye and can be a profound way to integrate our energy, emotions, and spirituality into broader realms of existence.

Maintaining and Cleansing Crystals

Proper care and maintenance of our healing crystals are essential to ensure their continued effectiveness. This includes regular cleansing to remove accumulated negative energy, recharging to restore their vibrancy, and correct storage to protect them from physical and energetic harm.

Proper Cleaning Methods

Physical Cleaning:

  • Use of water: We gently rinse our crystals under running water to remove physical dust and residues. It's critical to know which crystals are water-safe.
  • Soft cloth: For those crystals that cannot be submerged, we wipe them gently with a soft, dry cloth.

Energetic Cleaning:

  • Smudging: We utilize sage or palo santo to smudge our crystals, ensuring the smoke passes over each one to clear energy blockages and restore clarity.
  • Sound baths: Exposing crystals to the resonant sound of a singing bowl can cleanse their energy fields.

Charging and Recharging

  • Sunlight/Moonlight: For several hours, we leave our crystals out in the moonlight or direct sunlight to give them new energy. Sunlight is potent for charging most crystals, while moonlight is gentler and suitable for more sensitive stones.
  • Earth Charging: Burying crystals in the earth overnight allows them to reconnect with natural energies and refresh their vibrancy. This is particularly beneficial after heavy use in practice or meditation.

Storing and Handling Crystals

  • Proper Storage: We keep our crystals individually wrapped in soft cloth or stored in a padded box to prevent scratching and energetic cross-contamination.
  • Respectful Handling: With intentional handling and a mindset of respect, we acknowledge the unique energy of each crystal. This attitude enhances our connection and ensures the crystals' readiness for the next use in healing practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we'll explore common inquiries about working with crystals to enhance the third eye chakra, focusing on intuition, associated colors, activation techniques, and signs of imbalance.

What stones enhance the intuition associated with the third eye chakra?

Amethyst is renowned for enhancing intuition and is closely aligned with the third eye chakra. Other powerful stones for intuition include Lapis Lazuli and Sodalite.

What represents the third eye chakra?

Intuition, foresight, and a strong connection to knowledge and understanding are all linked to the sixth chakra, which is the third eye. It's often depicted by indigo and an eye or lotus symbol.

What colors are associated with the third eye chakra when selecting crystals?

Indigo and dark blue are most often associated with the third eye chakra. Crystals like Lapis Lazuli, which feature these colors, are believed to resonate strongly with this chakra.

How do I make my third eye chakra work?

Meditation and focused visualizations on the area between the eyebrows can help activate the third eye chakra. Working with crystals like Amethyst and Clear Quartz during these practices may enhance activation.

How can I strengthen my third eye?

Strengthening the third eye chakra often involves developing your intuition, engaging in regular meditation, and using third eye chakra stones, such as Iolite and Amethyst, to support and balance this energy center.

What balances the third eye chakra?

Achieving balance in the third eye chakra can be supported by yoga, meditation, and the use of balancing stones like Fluorite, which are known to harmonize and stabilize chakra energy.

What happens when 3rd eye opens?

When the third eye chakra opens, individuals may experience a heightened sense of intuition, increased awareness of their inner wisdom, and a deeper connection to their spiritual self.

How do I know if my third eye is blocked?

If the third eye chakra is blocked, you might feel confused, have trouble focusing, or not be able to see beyond this world. You may also feel disconnected from your intuition or inner guidance.

What color does the third eye chakra have?

The color traditionally associated with the third eye chakra is indigo, a deep shade of blue that symbolizes wisdom, intuition, and psychic abilities.

What happens if your third eye is closed?

If your third eye is closed, you might struggle with closed-mindedness, cynicism, and an inability to see the bigger picture. Working with third eye chakra stones and practicing mindfulness can help reopen and rebalance this chakra.