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Scorpio Birthstones: Your Complete Guide

scorpio zodiac sign 

As a product expert in the field of gemstones, I am here to provide you with accurate and informative information about the birthstone for Scorpio. If you or someone you know is a Scorpio, you may be curious to discover the birthstone associated with this powerful sign.


What Is The Birthstone For Scorpio?

Yellow Topaz Gemstone

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac. The birthstone associated with Scorpio zodiac sign is Topaz. This gemstone comes in many colors but the specific Scorpio birthstone color is the Yellow Topaz. Scorpios are individuals who are born from October 23rd to November 21st.

Topaz is a beautiful stone available in many different kinds of colors, such as yellow, brown, blue, pink, and orange. This fiery hue perfectly complements the intense and passionate nature of Scorpios.

The gemstone Topaz means empathy and sincerity which are great characteristics that personify the Scorpio sign. Water is the element of Scorpio and the ruling planet is Pluto and Mars.

Interesting Facts about Scorpio Birthstone Topaz

Property Description
Colors Blue, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Orange
Hardness 8 on Mohs scale
Origin Brazil, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Russia, and Pakistan
Symbolism Love and affection

The Personality of a Scorpio

It is a common misconception that Scorpio is categorized as a fire sign because it is characterized by a scorpion with its stinger in motion and ready to attack anything that attempts to come close. This misconception translates as Scorpios being all feisty and forceful. But this is far from the truth. Scorpio is a sign governed by the element of water, which makes them quite emotional and more sensitive than how people perceive them to be.

When it comes to complexity, Scorpios are one of the most complex signs in all zodiac signs because they are ruled by Pluto and Mars. Pluto is the God of the underworld and represents the darker side of Scorpios whereas Mars is the God of War which embodies the dangerous energy of the sign.

Dangerous and dark might be negative attributes that the planets give off to the sign but there are positive attributes as well. Pluto is also considered the God of Wealth and this is why Scorpios are more ambitious and driven to succeed.

The fact that darkness and war have a negative connotation is the reason why there are a lot of misconceptions about this sign. On the contrary, darkness and war can symbolize a Scorpio differently. Scorpios can be described as brave, strong-willed, fearless, and creative.

They will take it upon themselves to fulfill a task from beginning to end. They are very loyal companions and will be with you through the end.

The bravery of a Scorpio has no bounds. They will be the first ones to spring into action when it comes to coming up with a solution to solve a problem. They do not give up easily and will stay with the problem until it is solved the right way. This sheer determination to get things done is a great, positive attribute but can turn negative because it might lead to frustration, burnout, and overwhelming feelings.


Best Healing Crystals and Gemstones for a Scorpio

Scorpio Birthstones

The best Scorpio birthstones are specific gems that can balance their intensity. Since there can be a lot of darkness shrouding a Scorpio such as negative energy, a gemstone that will bring lightness and positivity will also complement their personality well.

The Scorpio’s greatest asset is the stinger which can also lead to its downfall. Because of this, it is important that the Scorpio is well-balanced and keeps their emotions in check so that they can let down their stinger even for a little bit and not strike anytime they feel like they have to protect themselves.



The main Scorpio stone is the Topaz birthstone. There are a lot of different kinds of Topazes that can bring out the positive Scorpio element. Blue Topaz is a symbol of great energy and communication. This is a great match to the Scorpio sign because they are all about action.

Scorpios are very active individuals who refuse to sit still, they want to be in the middle of the action at all times because they do not have a passive bone in their body. Because of this, Topaz is a good gemstone for a Scorpio because it will help taper the feelings of being in action all the time and help with the feelings of being overwhelmed.

This Scorpio gemstone is also strengthened by the throat chakra which will help with Scorpio’s communication needs. A Scorpio persona can be too frank or straightforward with the way they communicate which oftentimes can hurt other people’s feelings. The Topaz gemstone can lessen the callousness of how they communicate and help them be gentle with their words.

Yellow Topaz helps with improving relationships, healing energy blockages, and combating the feelings of jealousy that a Scorpio might feel.



The water energy that this gemstone possesses is a great match to the water attributes of Scorpio. With its enchanting bluish hue that is reminiscent of ocean water, Aquamarine brings lightness, good vibes, and a sense of easiness.

This lucky stone gives off easygoing energy and a softer tone used in communicating that is needed by a Scorpio. All these great qualities are reasons why this gemstone will work well with a Scorpio.

Aquamarine is also considered a lucky gemstone. It is a perfect stone to be used by Scorpios who are on the serious side. This gemstone is a gentle reminder to always go with the flow, follow the direction of where the journey decides to take you and be open to change.


Blue Lace Agate

This gemstone is another type that comes in a multitude of colors so you can take your pick. Blue Lace Agate (pictured above) exudes a luscious vibe that is made to soften the hardness of a Scorpio.

Moss Agate will help make you more in tune with nature and has both rich and earthy elements to it. It is also described as a soul soother that will make you feel more at ease and relaxed within yourself.

Fire Agate is a burning symbol of pure positivity which is certainly helpful in countering the darkness and war that can rage within a Scorpio.



Like other Scorpio birthstones, the Opal gemstone is also lightness and brightness personified. These are attributes that the darker Scorpio needs to be a more balanced human being. The color of Opal is similar to moonstone and has milky and pearly attributes to it. These characteristics are all on the feminine side which brings about psychic abilities and good luck. It also helps with healing feminine energy that is imbalanced.

Opal can also bring you clarity and peace, which is perfect for Scorpios who are battling heavy feelings and bouts of possessiveness.



This gem is pale green that exudes feelings of subtlety and softness. This gemstone will bring an air of calm when a Scorpio is feeling overwhelmed and rundown. Known as the soulful heart chakra stone, Beryl will bring calming sensations that are needed so that you can simplify and declutter your life.

The manifestations of calm do not only apply to physical spaces but can translate into your relationships as well. Beryl can help get rid of toxic people or harmful and meaningless relationships that are not beneficial to you. It will give you a clear way of thinking so that you can make sound decisions about your well-being and live a fuller and lighter life free of baggage and toxicity.

Scorpios are a determined and hardworking bunch and this gemstone will help them find the mental strength to get the job done no matter how challenging it is.



The raging red and fiery Ruby gemstone can bring out the inner passion of a Scorpio. Scorpios are passionate people already, and this gemstone can uplift this passion and turn it into something positive and fulfilling. This regal stone will bring you power, self-control, and armor of protection against people who have ill wishes toward you.

You might think that Scorpio's passion combined with the fiery Ruby might not be the greatest match, but on the contrary, Ruby can turn this big passion into a place of compassion and caring.



Since Scorpios are considered dark creatures, it comes as no surprise that a dark gemstone-like Obsidian is a perfect match for this zodiac sign. Obsidian offers a calming darker presence as opposed to a sinister one, that will make Scorpions at home and feel like they belong.

Considered a grounding stone, Obsidian is known for providing a layer of protection that Scorpios need to eliminate their bullishness. Scorpions tend to throw themselves without having a safety net to catch them and they just throw all caution to the wind. Obsidians can protect them from harm if they are doing this and will help them find the balance between being overly cautious and reckless.



Peridot is a light gem that will surely brighten a Scorpio’s day. This beautiful green stone symbolizes wonder and warmth that will help a Scorpio let go of the things that are bringing them down. Because of the wealth of emotions that it can bring, Peridot can help get rid of the massive mood swings and dark feelings that Scorpios encounter that might make them spiral into nothingness.

Since Scorpios are hardworking individuals, Peridot can help with focusing on the end goal while chipping away the numerous tasks needed to be done to make it to the end. This gem also feeds into the natural determination that is innate in Scorpios.



This gemstone is bright and sunny, which is a perfect complement to the dark attributes of a Scorpio. Since Scorpios tend to be hard on themselves, this gemstone will help them focus on the positive things and bring lightness to their path so that they can get out of the darkness in them.

Citrine exemplifies summer and is also a solar plexus chakra that helps Scorpios gain more confidence and have the energy needed to complete their tasks.

Colors of Scorpio Birthstones


The color of a birthstone can significantly enhance its meaning and benefits. Here are the colors and their meanings for Scorpio birthstones:

  • Blue (Topaz): Brings peace and tranquility
  • Green (Beryl, Aquamarine, Peridot): Enhances harmony and intelligence
  • Red (Ruby): Boosts energy and passion
  • Various (Agate): Offers grounding and balancing properties 

Jewelry Styles For Scorpio Birthstones

Scorpio Birthstones Rings

Traditional styles include:

  • Solitaire: A single, prominent stone that reflects the Scorpio's strong and independent nature. The solitaire setting is timeless and elegant, allowing the beauty of the birthstone to shine through.
  • Halo: A center stone surrounded by smaller stones, complementing the Scorpio's charismatic personality. The halo setting makes the piece look a little more fancy and glamorous.
  • Vintage-inspired: Intricate designs that appeal to the Scorpio's curiosity and love for history. These pieces often feature detailed craftsmanship and unique designs that tell a story.
  • Art Deco: Bold, geometric shapes that resonate with the Scorpio's modern and fashion-forward style. The Art Deco style is characterized by its symmetrical patterns and clean lines, creating a chic and contemporary look. 

(Source: "Jewelry and Gemstone Buying Guide" by Antoinette Matlins and Antonio C. Bonanno)

Modern jewelry styles for Scorpio birthstones include:

  • Infinity: Symbolizing everlasting love and commitment, resonating with the Scorpio's loyal and romantic nature. The infinity style is often represented by a loop that has no beginning or end, symbolizing eternity.
  • Heart: Representing love and passion, perfect for Scorpios who value deep and meaningful relationships. The heart shape is a universal symbol of love and is often used to express affection and devotion.
  • Stackables: Trendy and versatile, allowing Scorpios to express their fashion-conscious personality and unique style. Stackable rings or bracelets can be mixed and matched to create a personalized look.

Benefits of Wearing Scorpio Birthstones

Yellow Topaz Ring

Wearing Scorpio birthstones is believed to bring various benefits to the wearer, such as:

  • Dispelling negativity
  • Enhancing relationships
  • Improving physical health
  • Overcoming anxiety 

Best Practices in Using Gemstones


Now that you’ve read about the different gemstones that work well with the Scorpio sign, it’s time to talk about how you can use the gemstone so that it will give out the maximum benefit and use it to your advantage.

The best and easiest way to choose a gemstone that will truly help you is to find out what attributes you need to be strengthened or what stones can help you hone and sharpen your abilities. Keep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself to one stone. Most people will have a couple of gemstones handy to help them.

Another way that you can choose a gemstone is to find a specific one that is speaking to you. You can read and research gemstones all you want but in person, certain gemstones might be more attractive to you and in a sense, have a pull on you. Concentrate on these stones and it will help you tremendously.

The best way that you can get the power out of a gemstone is by wearing it. With skin-to-skin contact, you can rest assured that your skin will absorb the powers that are stored inside the gemstone and will transfer it over to you. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you can rub the gemstones with your fingers and try to activate them this way so that they will be more powerful.

It is also an important thing to always keep your gemstones clean. Dirty gemstones have less power and by keeping them clean, you will have the right energies and the chakras will be balanced. Cleaning your gemstones is a way that you can keep them recharged and cleanse out the negative energies that might be stuck in them.

You can run the gemstones under lukewarm water or use sage to take off the negativity in them. After cleaning them, you can recharge them by putting them in the natural elements. Let the sun or moon shine directly on them so that it will give them more power. Leave them on the earth for a little bit of time so that they are in direct contact with Mother Nature. You can even let them rinse out in a little bit of rain.


In the beginning, we mentioned that Scorpios are complex human beings and are often misunderstood. Most of them are walking around with a hard exterior shell but inside, they are softer and sensitive creatures who are hardworking and can be emotional. By choosing the right gemstones, Scorpios can be well-balanced individuals who have a stronger grasp on their emotions and can bring lightness to counter the darkness within them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does being a Scorpio Mean?

A: Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac. Scorpios are individuals born between October 23rd to November 22nd.

Q: What is the birthstone for a Scorpio?

A: Yellow Topaz.

Q: What are the personality traits of Scorpios?

A: Scorpios are one of the most intense and complex signs in the Zodiac. They often get a bad wrap because they tend to be blunt, fiery, and passionate. Scorpios are ruled by Mars & Pluto, so they are often mistaken to be dark and dangerous. However, being ruled by Mars and Pluto means they are extremely strong-willed, determined, and have a fierce drive to succeed. They are extremely loyal to those they love and are big risk-takers. Scorpios have no limits and are often after that rush of adrenaline found by pushing the limits set by others. They don’t give up easily and will see things through to the end.

Q: How do I pick the best crystal for a Scorpio?

A: The best crystals for a Scorpio are those that help keep their feet on the ground and balance their intensity. It is very important to work towards balance in everything when it comes to Scorpios. While they can seem distant, that is only because they feel everything in the extremes. It is important to have a stone that will offer protection, to help keep their tender hearts from being hurt and turning stone cold.

Q: As a Scorpio, How do I use Crystals to help me?

A: Crystals can be worn on the body, carried in your pocket or purse, and placed in your surroundings at home or the office. Having them near you will have you reaping the rewards of these powerful crystals. Whether you choose to carry them, wear them, or utilize crystal grids to honor your Scorpio energy, using crystals is all about balance. Crystals are a great tool to have along the path of life.

Q: Which crystals are best for me as a Scorpio?

A: Amethyst brings out the intuition in Scorpios. It helps them fully understand themselves and their life. Black Tourmaline is the master protector and helps with remaining grounded. Aquamarine is a water stone that can help the Scorpio Water sign remain calm, and gentle and have a go-with-the-flow attitude. Rhodochrosite and Rose Quartz are great at supporting Scorpio’s tender heart. It helps them heal and regulate their emotions and inspires forgiveness and compassion.