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Libra Birthstones: Your Complete Guide

Libra Zodiac Sign

Libra Birthstone and Traits 


The October birthstone, opal, is the most energetic of all the stones and compliments many Libras. Just because the Libra zodiac sign is balanced doesn’t mean that they don’t have struggles, which is what their opal birthstone aims to do. Its’ milky, white composition is calming and soothing all at once. Plus, the presence of light brown and darker shades within help surround the Libra with protection from anxiety, negativity, and more

Why Opal Is the Primary Libra BirthstoneOpal Gemstone

Opal, with its mesmerizing play-of-color, is the primary birthstone for Libras. This gem is not just about beauty; it's deeply connected with Libra's quest for balance and harmony.

Opal's Unique Characteristics

  • Displays a range of colors.
  • Represents hope and purity.

Historical Significance of Opal

  • Ancient Romans saw it as a symbol of hope and purity.
  • Associated with love and passion in some cultures.

Benefits of Wearing Opal for Libras

  • Enhances self-worth.
  • Strengthens memory.
  • Encourages spontaneity.


Libras’ Strengths 


The Libra zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Venus, which is a close match to Earth. That's where part of their balancing nature comes from, as they are naturally closely related to our sister planet. Due to Libras' need to search for equality, they are great at fighting for causes and do their duty to make all those around them feel equal and heard.

Librans spend a lot of time thinking about different perspectives, attempting to see both sides, and often attempting to bring the gaps closer in mending issues between others. You may see them around heated individuals or situations often as they love to mend broken relationships and help others see eye to eye. They are great friends and avid listeners, always trying to make more sense of the world.

Libras’ Weaknesses


Though the Libra has many strengths, they are not void of weaknesses. Apart from being our sister planet, Venus is also the goddess of love and beauty, something that the Libra is fascinated by. Their attraction to the finer and more beautiful things in life is attributed to their elegance, which can get in the way from time to time. The dire need to chase expensive things leaves them unfulfilled and chasing more.

This vanity can get in the way of their humanitarian nature to help others, standing in the way of one of their deepest instincts. They also have an insatiable need to please, making them go above and beyond, even if the situation is toxic.

Libra Gemstones 

Libra Birthstones

Apart from the Libra birthstone opal, there are many other gemstones that help to bring out the best and tame the worst. The key for every Libra is healing while promoting clear and direct communication. There is also a need to calm down and step away from the beauties of luxuries to live a more fulfilled life through the presence of those they love. 



The air sign of the Libra makes them highly moveable but, they could use the calming and soothing motions of the water. The pristine color of the aquamarine gemstone is the perfect complement to the Libra, reminding them to go with the flow and trust their inner voice.

Because the aquamarine is closely linked to the throat chakra, the Libra can use it to enhance their ability to communicate, even in uncomfortable situations. It’s not always easy for the Libra to be confrontational but, to keep them from getting taken advantage of, they need to find their voice and let it be heard.

  • Meaning: Courage and communication.
  • Uses: Reduces stress, calms the mind, and clarifies perception.
  • Significance: Enhances intuition.



Looking at the labradorite from afar, you can see the presence of blue hues mixed with grey smoky smolders. Starting deeply within, it gives the appearance of transformative magic, one that the Libra zodiac sign can definitely benefit from. It's a stone that provides those who hold it close with courage and release a calming and soothing sensation for those that get anxious or nervous. It is also said that the Labradorite has healing properties.

Without the anxiety or the need to please all those around them, Libra can focus on the things that make them the happiest and really do great things for all of those around them.

  • Meaning: Transformation and intuition.
  • Uses: Enhances psychic abilities, fosters self-discovery, and stimulates imagination.
  • Significance: Facilitates balance between reason and intuition.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Libras are already so full of love and are willing to give themselves fully to those who need them. This love can be romantic or friendship, bordering the lines of giving too much without also receiving. While that’s not always a bad thing, the Libra must be equipped with strong defenses, just in case things don’t go as planned.

That’s where the rose quartz can help, promoting a strong heart that is full of healthy love to give. The rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra, reminding the Libra to spend the most time loving themselves before they can expect to love others. This is perhaps the best lesson that the Libra can learn, remembering they have to be strong and love strong before they can give.

  • Meaning: Unconditional love and compassion.
  • Uses: Promotes self-love, friendship, and deep inner healing.
  • Significance: Encourages peace and harmony.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Libras are in no short supply of spiritual thinking. Often up in the cloud, the lapis lazuli is a stone that promotes their intuitive thinking and helps to connect them deeper with their spiritual beings. Because the Libra is often concerned with others, they sometimes mute their inner voice, something that leads them down a detrimental path.

With lapis lazuli by their side, they will be able to hear their inner voice clearer and activate cleansing energy to their third eye which will help them like clearer, love harder, and keep a logical mind when helping those who need it the most.

  • Meaning: Wisdom and truth.
  • Uses: Encourages self-awareness and allows self-expression without holding back.
  • Significance: Reveals inner truths and promotes clarity.



The bloodstone is said to be the warrior's stone, surrounded by fierce energies that help the Libra stand their ground. Libras are not always ready for battle and often fade into the background when conflict comes around. With this stone in hand, the Libra will feel more powerful and be more equipped to stand their ground, making their voice and thoughts heard by those imposing on their gentle nature. 

  • Meaning: Courage and strength.
  • Uses: Boosts energy, instills courage, and aids in making decisions.
  • Significance: Grounds and protects.



Aventurine is a glowing stone that’s full of mystical goodness that the Libra can take and turn into useful positive energy. The healing powers of the stone are wrapped by a green exterior that promotes luck and nurturing. The aventurine is said to connect the crown and heart chakras, helping the Libra balance their thinking between the two. Because the Libra has a tendency to dive into the situation without thinking about the outcome (especially when it benefits others) they need something to help them think logically while leading with their heart. 

  • Meaning: Prosperity and decision-making.
  • Uses: Attracts wealth, promotes calmness, and enhances creativity.
  • Significance: Balances male-female energy.



This stone is all about helping those who hold it close stay grounded. This is something that Libra can benefit from, helping them consider the outcome before jumping forth and getting too invested. The Libra likes to live with justice in mind, speaking up for those who need it the most. Still, they cannot save everyone, something that the Libra must come to realize.

The peridot has a yellow color that works with the solar plexus to tame the ego of those who wear it. It releases sensations of balancing and awareness, two things that can benefit Libra as they are out there fighting the world around them.

  • Meaning: Clarity and self-expression.
  • Uses: Promotes personal growth, aids in decision-making, and attracts abundance.
  • Significance: Encourages self-confidence and a sense of purpose.



The calming clear blue of the agate is the perfect gemstone to soothe the throat chakra. It helps the Libra speak more crisply, considering their needs too. This gemstone is known to promote courage, especially those that have flickering specs of copper within. Libra can benefit from thinking before they speak and can learn a lesson from calming their mind, relaxing their throat chakra, and speaking from a voice deep within. 

  • Meaning: Stability and balance.
  • Uses: Promotes harmony, soothes emotions, and enhances focus.
  • Significance: Provides strength and protection in times of change.



Libra’s birth toward the end of summer leaves them constantly chasing the warm and joyful rays of the sun. The citrine has a bold yellow-gold color that promotes positivity at first sight. It helps activate the sacral chakra, balancing the Libra and helping them become more decisive and clearer with their own needs and wants.

The brightness and cheerfulness felt by the Citrine are bursting with powers, helping the Libra get in touch with their inner strength and use it for all that is good.

  • Meaning: Joy and abundance.
  • Uses: Attracts wealth, enhances creativity, and boosts self-confidence.
  • Significance: Encourages a positive outlook and empowers manifestation.



Morganite, with its soft pink hue, deeply resonates with Libra's affinity for love and relationships. This gem complements the sign's genuine desire to cultivate love, understanding, and compassion in every bond they form. Emotionally, it provides a healing touch, allowing Libras to resonate even more profoundly with their heart chakra, fostering connections that are both deep and genuine.

  • Meaning: Divine love and compassion.
  • Uses: Heals emotional wounds and cultivates love and compassion.
  • Significance: Resonates with the heart chakra.



Libra's ruling planet, Venus, connects with Moonstone's essence of new beginnings and inner growth. This gem, with its gentle luminescence, complements Libra's calm demeanor and amplifies their intuitive side. It's a reminder of the ever-evolving balance and transformative power that Libras naturally possess.

  • Meaning: New beginnings and inner growth.
  • Uses: Calms emotions, enhances intuition, and promotes inspiration.
  • Significance: Connects with feminine energies.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz, with its grounding properties, complements Libra's quest for balance. Libras, who often seek stability amidst chaos, will find solace in this gem's protective aura. It detoxifies their environment, ensuring that they remain resilient and unswayed by external negativity.

  • Meaning: Grounding and transmutation of negative energies.
  • Uses: Detoxifies, relieves fear, and lifts depression.
  • Significance: Enhances survival instincts.

Activating Libra’s Energies Using Stones 


Setting up different stones on an altar and using them during meditation is a great way to absorb the healing powers of each gemstone. The Libra can do this in a calm and safe environment, using the energy to set them off on the right foot for their day.

If there is something that the Libra needs more help with, they can take the stones and hold them close, letting them come in contact with their skin and chakras. In this way, the energy is directly absorbed and the mind and body will feel their flow from the gemstone to the soul.

Peace Takes Practice 

Libras may be in tune with their inner voice and spirituality but, they don’t often know how to express it. Understanding that peace takes practice and activation, they can work on their ability to love themselves and learn to speak more clearly.

Using gemstones, they can manage their feelings, absorbing negative energies and emitting positive ones to make deeper more meaningful connections.