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How Does a Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet Work?

 Lava stone and lava bead jewelry

Lava stone and lava bead jewelry can surely complement any outfit or style that you have and at the same time, exude healing properties that can be bestowed upon the wearer. In a spiritual sense, lava bead bracelets can act as an essential oil diffuser bracelet especially when matched with the perfect essential oil that matches your needs.

A Brief History of Lava Stones

Lava stones might be the oldest stones out there and have certainly withstood the test of time. Lava stones start off as actual lava from an active or erupting volcano. With time, it forms shapes, and solidifies, creating unique pieces of rock that are truly one of a kind. Different cultures all over the world incorporate the use of lava rocks in their healing rituals because it is believed that these rocks possess a natural curing ability that can make people feel better.

A lot of people refer to lava stones as the rebirth stone because it starts with the lava which is in liquid form and transforms into solid pieces of lava rocks. This transformation from one state of matter into another is often referred to as a rebirth process.

Lava Stones and EmotionsLava Stone Diffuser Bracelet

There is intrinsic calming energy that emanates from the lava stones and that is because of its close ties to nature. It is a product of one of nature’s greatest wonders which is a volcano erupting or preparing to be active. Since lava comes from the volcano’s underbelly, it is closely held in nature and has natural elements to it that you can’t find anywhere else.

Lava stones are believed to help in increasing energy and protection. It also helps in assertiveness and is known to get rid of negativities and dark energy, replacing it with lightness and clarity.

Lava rocks can greatly help when you are feeling overly anxious, the grounding effect that it has on somebody will help balance the chakras and help with the positive vibes. The stability that these rocks bring can be attributed to their natural connection.

Essential Oils and Lava Stones

Lava rocks are porous stones that have natural holes in them, which makes them the perfect vessel to carry essential oil. Lava rock beads and essential oils make a great combination because the essential oil will enhance the healing abilities of the stones and act as a diffuser. In essence, if you have a lava bead bracelet and you add your favorite essential oil to it, it will turn into a lava stone essential oil diffuser bracelet with more power.

With over 90 essential oil blends to choose from, you will surely find the best match for your needs when wearing your lava stone essential oil diffuser bracelet. The type of oil that you choose is beneficial because it will invoke different emotions and feelings throughout your body. As mentioned above, essential oils are a cheaper and more natural way to combat feelings of stress and anxiety.

How to Wear Lava Stones

lava stone bracelets

Like gemstones, lava stones increase their efficiency when worn in direct contact with your skin. This is why lava stones essential oil diffuser bracelets are a good option because it promotes direct skin-to-skin contact with your body. This increases the effectiveness of the stone because there is no barrier between the stone and your body. At night, you can also keep the stones near you by placing them on your nightstand for constant healing and protection.  Learn how to wear use a diffuser bracelet here!

Benefits of Wearing a Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet

  1. The lava stone itself has natural calming tendencies that can lower your anxiety levels
  2. Lava rock bracelets help in relieving muscle tension from working too hard and will help eliminate the aches and pains that you might have
  3. Lava stones tend to bring the focus back into your life, which is a good thing, especially if you are easily distracted
  4. Lava stones are made out of fire and earth, which makes them a great source of balance. You can use these stones if you are feeling out of sync or imbalanced and you will feel an improvement in no time
  5. Since the lava rocks have a natural calming element, a lava rock essential oil bracelet will help bring a sense of calmness to your life especially when feel conflicted and in turmoil
  6. The stone also works as an immunity boost which will help you fight common illnesses and strengthen your immune system
  7. Lava stones are also beneficial in bringing courage and strength to a person who needs it
  8. Lava rocks will bring an overall improvement in your energy levels needed to tackle any obstacle that life might bring you

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