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Grab a Peace and Calming Essential Oil for Panic Attacks

 woman having panick attack

Peace and calming essential oil may be beneficial to those who suffer from panic attacks. Along with a calming effect use essential oils for positive energy. Millions of people suffer from panic attacks, a very real malady that is caused by physical and mental stimuli.

Often lumped together with anxiety and depression many medical professionals worry that pharmaceuticals prescribed for panic attacks will fuel the next drug crisis in the United States.

In a 2013 study in a Dissertation Presented for the Graduate Studies Council, The University of Tennessee Health Science Center, and written by Elaheh Shirneshan titled, “Cost of Illness Study of Anxiety Disorders for the Ambulatory Adult Population of the United States“, the medical cost of directly treating anxiety and panic disorders was calculated at $33.71 billion in total.

Benzodiazepines are the drugs most prescribed for panic attacks. Along with a long list of common side effects, these drugs have been implicated in turning panic attacks into more serious disorders such as psychosis, delirium, depression, and PTSD. Panic attacks need medical attention, diagnosis, and treatment.

For those suffering from occasional anxiety and stress-induced panic attacks that are not constant and do not prevent participation in life in general the calming effect of essential oil may be beneficial in controlling panic attacks, stress relief, and reducing anxiety.

A peaceful and calming essential oil blend is created through distillation or cold-pressing plants and herbs. Throughout recorded history, herbal remedies, aromatics, and essential oils for positive energy have been effective in controlling and eliminating mild to moderate panic attacks.

Essential oils for focus and calm are powerful and are not for internal ingestion. They can be used as aromatherapy or topically applied to change the mood. Many medical studies have been conducted and continue to be on the effectiveness of peace and calming essential oil for a variety of physical and mental disorders, diseases, and illnesses.

Essential oils for focus and positive energy can be used to reduce anxiety, stress, and panic attack triggers. When panic attacks affect the person’s ability to actively engage in everyday life, it is time to seek the advice and counsel of medical professionals or alternative holistic practitioners.

Peace and Calming Essential Oil: Treat Your Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Each essential oil derived from herbs, flowers, seeds, trees, leaves, berries, fruit, and more are gifts of nature. For thousands of years practitioners, healers, doctors, and spiritualists have used the gifts of nature to treat, alleviate, cure, and control maladies both mental and physical.

Essential oils for positive energy, stress, anxiety, and panic attacks that illicit a calming effect like chamomile essential oil and bergamot essential oil are effective. But these ones on the list are our favorite essential oils that promote relaxation and inner peace.


Valerian essential oil

Its reputation is as a sleep aid, and natural pain reliever. To change the mood and relax at the onset of a panic attack or during times of stress and anxiety, a few drops of Valerian essential oil in a diffuser is a peaceful and calming essential oil.

As a topical two or three drops in a teaspoon of a carrier oil* such as coconut oil, olive, jojoba, or sunflower can be massaged into the abdomen to relieve stress, anxiety, and panic attack stomach cramps. It is also effective in releasing the tension from muscles caused by stress, anxiety, and panic attack.


Lavender essential oil

One of the originally used peace and calming essential oil, lavender has a calming effect. It is now recognized for its properties by the OTC pharmaceutical industry. Lavender essential oil is used in body washes, lotions, and calming aids for sleepless babies. It can also help people fall asleep and can give them a deep sense of relief.

The fragrance of lavender can eliminate nervousness, a precursor to an anxiety or stress-induced panic attack. A peaceful and calming essential oil, lavender can be used in many ways.

A few drops in a hot bath, in a diffuser, or mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed on the neck or forehead can help relieve anxiety and give one a peaceful night's rest. Lavender is a very potent essential oil, only a few drops should be used in any application.


Jasmine essential oil

For centuries Asian cultures have known the benefits of Jasmine when consumed as a tea. Its duplicity as an energizer and calmer can change a stressful time into a productive one.

Many practitioners believe that the relief offered by applying of few drops of Jasmine essential oil in a carrier oil can promote relaxation and a good night's sleep almost instantaneously.

Essential Oils for Positive Energy

The long list of essential oils treats many mental and physical disorders. Although no drugs in the sense of OTC medicines and pharmaceuticals they are powerful curatives provided by the flora of the earth.

A peace and calming essential oil like OTC medicines and pharmaceuticals have effective use as well as side effects and interactions when used in conjunction with each other. If under professional medical care for panic attacks be sure to discuss using peace and calming essential oil with a healthcare professional.

*A peaceful and calming essential oil is typically a powerful concentration of the active ingredients found in plant and their by-products. They should not be ingested. When used topically a few drops mixed with a carrier oil is all that is needed. Do not apply essential oils for focus, calm, and positive energy without diluting them with carrier oil.

Disclaimer: This article is NOT medical advice and should not be taken as such. Consult an Alternative Health Practitioner or Medical Professional before adding any all-natural products, supplements, or peace and calming essential oil, to the diet or daily routine.