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Hematite Stone: Healing Benefits and Cleaning Your Stone

 Hematite stones

This black and glossy stone may not look like much when you first take a glance, but in reality, it is going to provide so many benefits to all parts of the body and mind. It will quickly become one of your favorite stones in the whole mix. This is a stone made out of iron oxide, which is an important ore of iron and is often found in soil and rocks. It does come with a metallic-like luster and colors that are from black to silver and gray. Some even have a reddish brown to them as well. This is a stone that has been used for grounding and protection for many years.

The ancient Greeks were some of the first to discover this stone, and they became obsessed with it. They gave it the name of Haima, which is the Greek word for blood, showing that the Hematite properties of iron are easy to see. The pleasant weight in the hand and the shot-through with metallic silver inside provided a stone that a lot of people loved.

Hematite has been known to provide a lot of healing power as well as a providing protective cloak around those who used it the most. It is also made out of a harder material than some of the other crystals that you can choose, making it a sturdy piece to use to provide some more of the protection that you will need. It has been used for years to help provide the wearer with the grounding they need and provides more healing than most of the other stones.

There are a lot of great healing properties that come with the Hematite stone and it is a great option that many people will choose to add to their crystal collections. Whether you are intrigued by the look of this stone or some of the healing properties of Hematite, you will quickly agree that this is a unique stone to learn more about.

Hematite Healing Properties

One of the first things to look for when choosing a stone for your collection is some of the healing properties that come with it. And there are so many that users are going to enjoy when it comes to hematite. It is almost like taking a protective cloak and throwing it on top of you while grabbing a sword and shield as you head out the door. While we may not do that as much in our modern world, this is the amount of protection that you can expect from this stone. Some of the different healing properties that you can enjoy from the Hematite healing stone will include:

Mental And Emotional Healing

Hematite and Snowflake Obsidian

First, we will take a look at how this stone is able to help you mentally and emotionally. This stone is a strength bringer and a stone for the mind. If you often find that you are at the mercy of bad moods and vibes from other people, then you need to keep the hematite stone nearby to prevent you from sponging in all that negative energy. For someone who is a high empath and just seems to absorb and take on all of the negative energy in the room, the hematite stone is one of the first ones you should grab and use.

For those who feel that they are a bit timid and do not take a lot of risks, this is the stone that will give that confidence some of the boost that it needs. This strength of character can be a little bit shocking when you first get started, but it will help you take on the world and overcome everything that life wants to throw at you. All the bad traits that you may have, including addictions, poor patterns, and even being a people pleaser, can be thrown out the window with this stone.

Physical Healing

Hematite necklace

Thanks to the higher iron content that is in this stone, the Hematite stone is going to connect to the blood in the body. This should help us see that this is a great stone for amping up the healthy circulation that is inside the body. For those who have any health condition that connects to the blood flow, whether it is heavy periods, heart conditions, or blood pressure that is high, this is the stone that you should keep nearby. Hematite will keep the body in top shape and can help you detox along the way.

Many individuals have worked with crystal therapists in order to get some of the physical healing that this crystal is able to provide to them. If you have high blood pressure, leaving the stone near the heart and meditating could be a good option to help. or you can use it to help out just by keeping it near you. Many people will use crystals in order to have a piece of jewelry to give them all the healing powers that they need throughout the day.

Metaphysical Healing

Tumbled Hematite Stone

While it may already seem like this stone is doing a lot when it comes to your health and how good you feel, there is more that it is able to do as well. Since this is a strong rooting stone, the Hematite is going to easily connect to both the Solar Plexus and the Root chakra to name a few. These are considered the base chakras where confidence, feelings of security, and belief in self are found.

When both of these chakras are activated the way that they should, it is going to help us make good decisions, ones we can be happy with and align well with our own souls. This is a good soul for balancing out the body, helping provide the yin-yang balancing that we are looking for. This stone can be helpful to the nervous system and the spiritual system, helping to merge both of these parts together into the alignment that we need the most.

How Hematite Matches With Zodiac Signs

Hematite is a great stone to use for those who are Aquarius zodiac signs. These individuals are original thinkers, easy to get along with, and independent. But they also live mostly within their own heads. This floating around can sometimes make them more open to overthinking things and taking on the bad vibes that others send out as their own. Because of these issues, the individual may decide to use this stone to help them to keep their spirit strong and stay chilled and relaxed.

Aries tend to benefit from the Hematite stone too. The earth and firestone that has some unique hues of silver and brown can be a great match for the fire spirit of this sign. And while the Aries usually do not need a lot of courage added to the mix, they can benefit more from the yin energy so they are not so pushy and can find more harmony in their lives as well.

Do I Need To Cleanse My Hematite Crystal?

You do need to cleanse the Hematite crystal to make sure that it is going to last a long time and will give off the energy that you would like. Since it is taking on a lot of negative energy for you, leaving you free and clear to have your own emotions, it can get cloudy and not take as much of the negativity in the future. It is easy for these crystals to get blocked or overstuffed, which means you will need to clear them out.

This is a stone that likes water. The problem is that water could cause the Hematite crystal to rust because of the amount of iron oxide that is inside. While it would be easy enough to just wash off the stone with water, it will ruin the stone and make it hard to use. Instead of using water and ruining the stone, you can use a soft bristle brush, like your toothbrush. Use that to rub down the stone and shake it free of some of the trapped energy.

When it comes to charging up the Hematite stone, you will need to utilize some of the other stones on your list. You can add the Hematite stone and place it on top of some of the other rock crystals. This will help to infuse the Hematite stone with some of the energy that it needs before you try to use it again.

Is The Hematite Stone Right For Me?

There are many different crystals that you can choose to use to add to your crystal collection. Whether you are a beginner in this field or you have been doing it for some time, you will quickly find that this stone has a lot of healing and a lot of protection that you are sure to love. It is definitely one of the best stones to put into any collection, no matter what your goals are for this crystal collection.