Feel Revitalized with Juniper Berry Essential Oil

The essential oil from Juniper berry has been derived from the dried needles and fruit of the Juniperous osteosperma and Juniperus scopulorus family. A powerful booster and detoxifier, this Bulgaria-hailed plant has long been commended in the history for its ability to cure short and long term sickness. This is due to the fact that these berries contain a high measure of flavonoid and polyphenol—two antioxidants that counters free radicals inside the body. Thus, this essential oil is not just made of a fine aroma, but it also protects one's health. History have traces of its use; French hospitals have coupled this with rosemary in order to protect its patients against infections.

Presently, the modern day juniper berry oil has been used as a natural remedy for respiratory infections, sore throat, muscle pains and fatigue. It is a powerful cure for bloating; these berries have long been used to cure bladder conditions, thanks to their antibacterial properties. A tonic of juniper berry can become an alternative to antibiotics when you catch an infection.

It is also a natural diuretic, helping you flush out body fluids and quickly detoxifies body organs from unwanted elements. This is an effective solution, especially when mixed with other known diuretics, such as fennel, cranberries and dandelion. For indigestion, massage this essential oil along with another potent liquid: the coconut oil, and rub it over your stomach, chest and abdomen. It heals and protects the skin; juniper berry has been known as a popular remedy for skin infections and irritations, even acne. It reduces stretch marks and helps skin conditions heal from hormonal imbalances. To use this, mix a few drops with a carrier oil and apply it as an astringent after cleansing your face.

This essential oil is also known to provide emotional relief, helping cure anxiety and comforts one dealing with trauma and pain. Diffuse the scent all throughout your bedroom or carry it as a daily tonic to dab on your wrists or clothes. You can also add a few drops to your laundry so that the scent stays on your clothes and fabrics. This will help you unwind and relieve the tension from your muscles, fostering a peaceful sleep. It is no surprise that juniper oil is a good cure for insomnia and restlessness.

Other than these great benefits, the juniper berry essential oil can be alternatively used as an insect repellent, due to its citrusy effects. It can also be used as an organic cleanser, keeping bacteria from spreading inside your home. To do this, spray the oil over your kitchen surfaces. It also helps purify the air you breathe, making detoxification more powerful when inhaled.

Another great use for this berry? Enhance your food! It can also become a natural preservative; mix it into your drinks and sauces to add a sweet flavor. Intake of this berry helps fight free radical damage, which strengthens your body and boosts your health. Whether you choose to take it aromatically, topically or internally, juniper berry has great advantages you wouldn’t want to miss. Stock on this essential oil and see the difference in your mind and body!