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Experience the Mysterious Woody Charm of Coriander - Kumi Oils

Experience the Mysterious Woody Charm of Coriander

Just like black pepper and other well-known spices, coriander is famous for its distinct taste and aroma. Its seed, dried up to a tee, is used as a flavoring agent especially in savory curries and pickled vegetables. The ancient people have discovered its many medicinal properties, being a great digestive. However, its health benefits do not end there.

Derived from the seed of coriander, coriander oil is composed of powerful compounds such as Phellendrene, Terpineol, Cymene and Cineole. The liquid form plays many roles in one's health, and through this blog post, we'll take a look at its advantages.

  1. It facilitates weight loss. If you're trying to lose weight and you're tired of using so many methods for you to shed off those pounds, maybe the use of coriander oil might help. It promotes lipolysis, which breaks down fats and cholesterol in your body. No need for liposuction; you can get your dream waistline without the adverse effects of chemical based procedures that are costly! Simply add coriander oil to your regimen and lose weight, the natural way.
  2. It is a powerful carminative. Among the many way coriander oil aids the body is that it pushes the gasses out into a healthy outlet. Gas can be dangerous especially when it rises upwards than downwards, causing severe pain in the chest, stomach, intestines and the muscles. This essential oil eliminates gas from your system so that you don't have to suffer from it.
  3. It heals cramps and spasms. Alongside its carminative benefits is its antispasmodic properties. Muscle and spasmodic cramps, aches in the limbs as well as in the intestines can be healed through the help of coriander oil. It relaxes your body and smoothens out the convulsions, giving you relief from pain.
  4. It cures other types of body ache. Headache, toothache and sting in the joints and muscles can be relieved with the help of coriander. Why? The terpineol and terpinolene properties in this oil makes it an analgesic, which is effective in reducing pain in the affected part.
  5. It deodorizes your body. No more body odor with coriander. Be free from bad breath and other unwanted scents with this oil. Use it internally or externally; ingesting coriander oil fights the odor coming from your stomach and inhibits bacterial growth around your sweat glands. Use it as a mouthwash for a healthy alternative.
  6. It is a great stimulant. Ever feel gloomy, tired and depressed? Coriander oil boosts the body organs and their functions by warming up the body, stirring proper hormone secretion, good digestion, clear brain functions and ensures proper regulation in the stomach. It can act as an appetizer and also makes a great aphrodisiac.

The spell binding power of coriander oil can be magically used https://gem-3910432.netas a middle note, thanks to its spicy, woody blend. Use it along with cinnamon, bergamot, black pepper, grapefruit, pine and sandalwood as blending choices. Pack it up with your other favorite oils; store it in a pretty case which you can easily bring wherever, whenever! Visit our store and browse our products today.

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