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Does Aromatherapy Help In Relieving Pain? - Kumi Oils

Does Aromatherapy Help In Relieving Pain?

This may come off as a surprise, but your essential oils can be associated with pain relief, and they are backed with some theories and techniques. While not entirely proven, some patients and professionals swear by these oils. The reality is that these are case-to-case basis, and that the Food and Drug Administration have still yet to give these alternative medicine their stamp of approval.

There are those who have recounted their successful experience with natural oils and aromatherapy. Those suffering from chronic pain are suggested to diffuse essential oils and find relief during their worst days. In some instances, doctors recommend them. Rheumatoid arthritis and other joint sufferers also apply topical solutions to their muscles when sore.

Health consultants, wellness coaches and alternative medicine professionals have insisted that essential oils work. It is not uncommon to see these oils as part of a treatment in chiropractic, massage, psychotherapy and other branches of nutrition. In some countries, especially in Asia, the use of essential oils has been incorporated with traditional medicine.

Patients can use these oils in two ways: topically, and aromatically. Aromatherapy has been proven by the Arthritis Foundation as a potent solution against pain. This is because the fragrance directly affects a person's amygdala, which is the emotional center of the brain.

The result: our brain reduces our sensitivity to pain as our attention is lured to the fragrance. The department of Integrative Medicine Center in Columbia University, New York, has shared that aromatherapy has "important consequences."

It must be noted that the efficacy largely depends on the type of oil used—not all essential oils can be used on one thing. One example would be the anti-inflammatory properties. Oils with large doses of such element are turmeric, frankincense and cinnamon. Some of these are even used as supplement and provides relief for arthritic pain. Frankincense, in particular, helps prevent joint degeneration.

Although there is yet to be conclusive evidence, essential oils are said to help relieve migraine. In one study by the European Journal of Neuroscience, 47 people were divided into group. One section inhaled lavender aromatherapy within 15 minutes. The other, paraffin wax, under the same amount of time. All patients conveyed the severity of their pain after the exercise. Out of about 129 migraine attacks, 92 responded to the scent of lavender. It has been concluded that lavender may be a solution for managing migraines.

Peppermint also serves as a potent relief for headaches. Its calming qualities helps nerves relax and emotions soothe down. Placing it on the tub while taking a bath can be a nice way to prep for sleep. Dabbing a few drops and massaging it into the temples can help alleviate pain. Other oils for headaches are basil and wintergreen.

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