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5 of the Best Essential Oil Blends

5 of the Best Essential Oil Blends - Kumi Oils

Trust me, we know.  We asked the experts

Did you know essential oils serve beneficial purposes for health and wellness? Aside from smelling awesome. There are many different essential oil scents to choose from with their own unique benefits.  

Blending essential oils is even better because you can enjoy several harmonious scents at once and reap the benefits from each oil. Not sure which ones are good to blend or you’re tired of experimenting?  No problem. Our team has conducted extensive research to put together a list of the best essential oil blends and their health benefits.  



Who doesn’t love the smell of flowers, especially in the spring? The floral scent is not difficult to mimic amongst the essential oils.  Blend together three drops of geranium essential oil and three drops of ylang ylang essential oil, then you’re good to go!

Both geranium and ylang ylang oil have a lot to offer.  Research shows that both oils have properties of elevating mood, calming nerves, reducing stress and anxiety, and natural insect repellants.  Peace out mosquitos! 

Ylang ylang oil provides nourishment for hair and skin, wound healing, and reducing scars. It also lessens symptoms associated with depression, acts as an aphrodisiac, and can lower blood pressure.  

Geranium is instrumental in wound and burn healing, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain. 


This is another popular scent, because who doesn’t want to experience the smell of fall throughout the year?  The smell is warm and uplifting and takes you to your favorite pumpkin holidays. There are several ways to successfully achieve this blend; however, one of the best ways is to combine four drops of tangerine essential oil with two drops of black pepper essential oil.  Easy enough, right?  

As it turns out, a tangerine essential oil is eclectic and beneficial.  Tangerine essential oil is great for just about any undesirable skin condition, which is why it’s a popular ingredient in skincare products.  It also assists with treating dandruff and dry scalp. That’s right, you can wear black shirts again! 

Tangerine essential oil is also instrumental in getting rid of toxins in the bloodstream and strengthening immunity, circulation, elevating mood, increasing energy and productivity, and is a great ingredient for cleaning supplies. 

Black pepper essential oil is also well-rounded in contributing to good physical and mental health.  Its benefits include relieving pain and decreasing inflammation, assisting with improving digestion, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, decreasing anxiety, detoxing the body, improving circulation of the body, and increasing focus and concentration. 


Vanilla essential oil blends smell incredible however are sometimes difficult to generate depending on the vanilla essential oil used.  Think of it this way, when you bake you can use vanilla or vanilla extract. But do they deliver the same taste? No. This also proves true when blending essential oils.  

If the vanilla essential oil used is synthetically made, it will not offer the most ideal scent. The best way to successfully make a vanilla essential oil blend is to combine three drops of natural vanilla bean absolute with three drops of premium quality vanilla therapeutic oil.  This results in the most natural of vanilla scents.  

As you probably already have guessed, the vanilla essential oil blend is a good citizen too!  Vanilla essential oils provide benefits such as acting as a sedative and calming agent, antidepressant, and aphrodisiac.  It also has qualities that aid the body in fighting infection, lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and even battling with symptoms associated with PMS.  Did you hear that ladies? The vanilla essential oil blend is a little more on the expensive side, however entirely worth it if you blend it correctly. 


The holiday essential oil blend provides a feeling of warmth and comfort beyond belief.  Its scent takes you straight to the memories of what you love about Christmas time. To make the holiday essential oil blend successfully, combine three drops of cinnamon essential oil, four drops of Siberian Fir essential oil, one drop of natural vanilla essential oil, and one drop of Wild Orange essential oil.  What’s not to love?

We now know the benefits of vanilla and Wild Orange essential oils.  What about Siberian Fir and cinnamon essential oils? The cinnamon essential oil has all the anti-qualities:  antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant. What does this amount to? Fighting infection, alleviating pain and muscle stiffness, getting rid of undesirable skin conditions and helping with dry skin, and promoting circulation.  For mental health purposes, cinnamon essential oil helps with conquering depression acts as an aphrodisiac and decreases feelings of exhaustion. 

Siberian Fir essential oil has no benefits to it, end of discussion. Just kidding, of course, it does!  Siberian Fir essential oil is very well-rounded in making sure your body is up to speed. Siberian Fir essential oil shares most of the same benefits as the beloved cinnamon essential oil. Its unique contribution is assisting the body with overcoming any respiratory issues such as a common cold or even bronchitis.  

Hopefully, this clears up any questions regarding the blending of essential oils.  Happy smells everyone!