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Rosemary Essential Oil

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ROSEMARY: This delicious oil can improve hair growth and increase circulation. This oil is perfect for when you need to boost your immune or nervous system. 

Essential oil blend 100% pure therapeutic grade oil.

Benefits of Rosemary Oil : 

-Reduces headaches 

-Promotes hair growth 

-Increases circulation 

How to use: 

Topical: Add one drop of this oil with one teaspoon of your favorite carrier oil and apply to neck, temples, or chest. 


-Add a few drops to your diffuser. 

-Add few drops to a diffuser or on lava beads of your favorite diffuser jewelry. 

-Inhale a few breaths from the bottle to help boost immunity.

Ingredients: Mentha Piperita

Here at Kumi oils we take pride in the quality and purity of our essential oils. Your confidence and trust is very important to us. Our essential oils are MS & GC  (Mass Spectrometry/Gas Chromatography) tested and are 100% free and pure of contaminants. 
MS/GC are verified tests that guarantee the quality and purity of our essential oils so you can be sure what you’re receiving is the best quality.