"First of all the smell is AMAZING!  I have been using Hair Glow for about 10 days now and it has done wonders on my hair.  It feels so much thicker and looks so much more healthy than it did before I started.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

~ Karen A.


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12 All Natural Extracts

Here at Kumi, we take pride in the quality and purity of our essential oils. Your confidence and trust are very important to us. Our essential oils are MS & GC (Mass Spectrometry/Gas Chromatography) tested and are 100% free and pure of contaminants.

Avocado oil

Avocado Oil helps repair damaged hair and support new hair growth.  The oil penetrates deep into the epidermis to work its magic.

Castor oil

Castor Oil will help moisturize your scalp, ease dandruff and leave your hair shiny. 

Argan nut oil

Abundant with natural phenols which are extremely beneficial to hair follicles.  Great for new hair growth.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil not only smells amazing it also helps moisturizes the scalp.  

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil helps stimulate the scalp, fights dandruff and improves hair elasticity.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil helps with hair regrowth by helping improve blood circulation around your hair follicles.

Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass is great for eliminating dandruff-causing bacteria.

Tea Tree oil

Tea Tree oil has proven natural antifungal properties which will help unclog hair follicles and nourish your roots.

Juniper Berry oil

Juniper Berry oil helps with restoring the normal oil balance of the scalp.

Clary Sage oil

Clary sage oil contains the same linalyl acetate that helps make lavender oil so effective in increasing hair growth.

Cedarwood Atlantic oil

Helps clean the scalp by removing excess oil, dirt and dandruff.  It also enhances circulation to the scalp.

Red Thyme oil

Like cedarwood oil, thyme oil is wonderful for helping clean the scalp and improve circulation.


SAVE 75% - All Orders Ship Out Of Our UTAH WAREHOUSE within 24-48 Hours

We gave a few bottles out to loyal customers to try before launching and here is what they had to say:

"I can't believe the results"

"I was skeptical to say the least.  I used it for about 4 days and then started to see real results.  Will be part of my daily routine"  ~ Amber T.

"I love this product"

"What a wonderful product.  It has done wonders to my thinning hair.  At age 65, it is a must have.  The smell is great too!"  ~ Julia W.

"I can't believe the results"

"I was already using a very similar product before receiving Hair Glow.  I love the smell of hair glow so much more and it seems to be working better.  I will be switching over to Kumi's Hair Glow"  ~ Maria S.


Hair Glow using 100% natural and pure ingredients helps nourish brittle, thin, dry, and damaged hair and getting rid of itching and dandruff. 


SAVE 75% - All Orders Ship Out Of Our UTAH WAREHOUSE within 24-48 Hours



SAVE 75% - All Orders Ship Out Of Our UTAH WAREHOUSE within 24-48 Hours