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Rhodonite Bracelets and Crystals

Nurture your emotional well-being with our Rhodonite Bracelets and Crystals collection at Kumi Oils. Rhodonite, known for its capacity to balance emotions and foster love and compassion, is a gemstone that brings inner harmony and peace. Each piece in our collection is thoughtfully crafted to embody the soothing and nurturing energy of Rhodonite, making it perfect for those seeking emotional healing and self-love.

Embrace the harmonizing power of Rhodonite with our elegantly crafted items. Explore our collection today and let this heart-centered stone infuse your life with balance, love, and inner peace!

Light Mermaid Diffuser Wrap Bracelet
Save 44%
Colorful Mermaid Diffuser Wrap Bracelet
Save 64%
Rhodochrosite and Amazonite Rosewood Diffuser Bracelet
Deep Sleep & Mermaid Diffuser Wrap Bundle
Self Love Gemstone Bracelet Stack
Save 50%
Rhodonite Gemstone Bracelet
Love & Friendship Gemstone Bracelet Stack
Save 50%
Amazonite & Calm Essential Oil Diffuser Bundle
COURAGE Gemstone Bracelet
BALANCE Gemstone Bracelet