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Stone and Gem Jewelry

Gold Stone Ring
Save 83%
Gold Stone Ring
$ 3.00 $ 17.99
Green Jade & Rosewood Diffuser Stacking Bracelets
Save 57%
Amethyst & Rosewood Diffuser Stacking Bracelets
Save 57%
Rose Quartz & Rosewood Diffuser Stacking Bracelets
Save 58%
Sunstone & Rosewood Diffuser Stacking Bracelets
Save 58%
Black Onyx & Rosewood Diffuser Stacking Bracelets
Save 58%
Garnet Gemstone Bracelet - January Birthstone
Save 50%
Peridot Gemstone Bracelet - August Birthstone
Save 50%
Ruby Red Jade Gemstone Bracelet - July Birthstone
Save 50%
Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet - December Birthstone
Save 50%
Moonstone Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Sapphire Gemstone Bracelet - September Birthstone
Save 50%
Aquamarine Agate Gemstone Bracelet - March Birthstone
Save 50%
Green Jade Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Moonstone Gemstone Bracelet - June Birthstone
Save 50%
Sky Blue Jade Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Clear Quartz Gemstone Bracelet - April Birthstone
Save 50%
Amethyst Gemstone Bracelet - February Birthstone
Save 50%
Rainbow Tourmaline Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Pink Aventurine Gemstone Bracelet - October Birthstone
Save 50%
Onyx Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Summer Dreamin' Beaded Bracelet
Save 24%
Pink Opal Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Gold Plated Bead Bracelet
Save 50%
Citrine Gemstone Bracelet - November Birthstone
Save 50%
Pink Aventurine Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Turquoise Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Amethyst Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Rainbow Agate Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Indian Agate Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Pearlescent Jasper Gemstone Wrap Bracelet
Pink Opal 8mm Gemstone Bracelet
Light Amazonite 8mm Gemstone Bracelet
Rainbow Tourmaline 8mm Gemstone Bracelet
Amazonite 8mm Gemstone Bracelet
Amethyst 8mm Gemstone Bracelet
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