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Aquamarine Bracelets and Crystals

Discover the tranquil beauty of the sea with our Aquamarine Bracelets and Crystals collection at Kumi Oils. Aquamarine, a gemstone renowned for its calming and clarifying properties, is like a breath of fresh ocean air for your mind and spirit. Each piece in our collection is crafted to embody the serene essence of Aquamarine, making it perfect for those seeking tranquility and mental clarity in their lives.

Embrace the calming energy of Aquamarine with our elegantly crafted items. Explore our collection today and let this soothing stone infuse your life with clarity and the tranquility of the sea! 

Inspiration & Balance Gemstone Bracelet Stack
Save 50%
COURAGE Gemstone Bracelet
COURAGE Gemstone Bracelet

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$ 13.99
BALANCE Gemstone Bracelet | Energy Healing Bracelet
VITALITY Gemstone Bracelet | Healing Energy Gemstone Bracelet