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Vanilla Essential Oil: A Comprehensive Guide

 Vanilla Essential Oil

Vanilla, one of the most prominently known essential oils, is more than a pleasant scent. The Spanish once used flowers from the Vanilla plant as a charm against various diseases. Its beans were made as an antidote against venom. And don't mention how it is greatly used in cooking; the scent of vanilla in chocolate tickles the heart and allegedly heals flatulence. Another secret of this essential oil is that it is used to cure stomach ailments and may even treat the effects of syphilis.

To date, the vanilla oil that we use is extracted from fermented vanilla beans that mainly come from Mexico and its nearby countries. Each drop includes Eugenol, Acetic Acid, Isobutyric Acid, Capric Acid, and its main element, the Vanillin Hydroxybenzaldehyde.

While most of the time, vanilla is commonly seen in kitchen pantries, the benefits behind each portion of this essential oil should not be limited to cooking. To maximize its potential, discover the many health benefits of this luxurious fragrance and indulge in its advantageous healing nature.

A scent of attraction

Have you ever wondered why many people respond to this fragrance? Perhaps it reminds them of their favorite ice cream. Or the whiff of a luxurious body lotion that makes one feel glamorous. Don’t be surprised; vanilla is a scent that reminds one of home, food, pleasure, and comfort. A room with a vanilla aroma is inviting to guests, creating a luxurious setting for a home. This works perfectly well that realtors have started imbibing properties with this scent as they tour potential buyers around the house. Not only that, the romantic property of this fragrance also triggers one's sentiments, stimulating the heart and body. In fact, one of its popular uses is aphrodisiac.

Happy, in and out

But other than its highly luxurious, creamy flavor, the vanilla fragrance also works as a potent antioxidant. This essential oil carries this property to ward off free radicals—toxins that cause the weakening of the immune system, memory loss, macular degeneration, and nervous system malfunction. Regular use of vanilla repairs the body and may even protect it from some forms of cancer.

It is also an anti-depressant. This spirit-lifter aroma gives you an instant boost in one inhale. The sweet and soothing flavor calms people of all ages, from the children to the adults. It sets off a pleasant mood, helping you feel comforted and satisfied in one rub or drop.

This way, vanilla is also used to provide relief from stress, anxiety, and even anger. Its sedative properties give you a tranquil sleep despite a stressful day. Not only that, it also lowers blood pressure, giving you a peaceful, relaxing sleep.

Other than these, vanilla is also associated with treating queasy stomachs and, surprisingly, weight loss! It also helps regulate menstrual cycles and is a powerful febrifuge. A potent oil also reduces inflammations resulting from fevers.

When buying vanilla essential oil, make sure that it is naturally derived. Store it in a cool, safe container, where you can organize your favorite scents in one go—looking for ways to store your favorite scents? Browse our store and discover how!