The Alluring Fragrance of Geranium

geranium flowers next to essential oil bottles

The lingering, sweet floral aroma of Geranium has long been used throughout history. Its plant can easily be recognized with its deep magenta tones that shine with distinctive veins. Most of its species are perennials, grown for the beautiful foliage it produces. When used in form of essential oil, Geranium offers many medical and cosmetic effects, and has been a popular choice for many perfumes.

It also comes with many health benefits, one of which is its being an astringent. Geranium oil is capable of inducing contractions in many parts of the body, particularly in the muscles, gums, skin, tissues and blood vessels. This process gives you an improved, toned look (which results to it being widely used as a toner). It helps preventing skin and muscles from sagging, as well as avoiding the loosening of teeth by tightening the area around the gums. A natural anti-aging oil that keeps your skin fresh and young looking, with a floral fragrance to boot!

Geranium also works as a potent antibacterial. Its strong properties help in preventing bacteria and other microbes from forming on open wounds, keeping you protected against developing infection. Its elements help in speeding up the healing process of cuts and even surgical wounds, making it a common ingredient in many medical antiseptic solutions. The best part? It is also a cicatrisant—meaning, it aids in making scars and spots vanish. How it does that? It facilitates proper blood circulation and promotes an equal distribution of melanin for your skin. There's no need to pay thousands of dollars for expensive cosmetic medicine that promises to remove your unwanted blemishes! Go natural with Geranium and save a bunch.

By being cicatrisant, Geranium is also a potent hemostatic. Paired with its astringent properties, it causes contractions of blood vessels and thus stopping the blood flow in a particular area. It also speeds up the clotting of blood that helps in healing of the wounds, also preventing those harmful toxins from entering the body. Other than its blood-beneficial features, it also offers better cell health, encouraging the renewal of dead cells. Consequently, it boosts the immune system by improving the body's defensive cells, warding off internal challenges.

Geranium also offers diuretic properties, increasing urination which is a natural way of removing toxins from the body. Through this, uric acid, bile salts and other unwanted pollutants are removed from your body. And did you know that urination does not only wash away the unwanted toxins from the inside, but also helps you lose weight? About 4% of fat is lost during urination! It also reduces blood pressure as more sodium is eliminated from your blood.

Lastly, Geranium can be alternatively used as a deodorant. The floral fragrance from this essential oil is uplifting, a nice combination of the icy fragrance of mint with rich, floral fragrance. Eliminate body odor naturally with the help of this herbal wonder!

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